Peelander-Z, COEDS, SHEHEHE, Bent Out of Shape at The Jinx – photos

I’m going to keep this brief, there’s a lot of photos to look at. Saturday night at The Jinx was a BLAST.

I’m looking forward to seeing Bent Out of Shape again. I love grunge/noise/protopunk and they fit the bill nicely.

Athens’ SHEHEHE has a fairly unique sound with dual, aggressive, harmonizing female vocals, tight punk rock instrumentation and legit songs. I remember liking them the last time I saw them, this time I loved their set. I have no idea why I didn’t pick up their new vinyl at the show. They’re playing A.U.R.A. Fest in Statesboro soon.

COEDS, as always, ruled.

Peelander-Z……let’s see here….there were costumes, dumb/fun songs (who knew “Old MacDonald” could be so much fun?), crowd participation, human bowling, a wrestling match in the crowd, giant mic stands, whole crowd limboing, walking on the bar, beer coasters were eaten, bartender playing the drums, So Many Mikes…..I don’t know, just chaos and sloppy, messy, noisy, fun. The evening, like some of my pictures, was not always in focus, but it was glorious. Just go with it.

Peelander Z-2

Peelander Z-20

Peelander Z-25

Bent Out of Shape
Bent Out of Shape-1

Bent Out of Shape-2








Peelander Z
Peelander Z-1

Peelander Z-3

Peelander Z-4

Peelander Z-5

Peelander Z-6

Peelander Z-7

Peelander Z-8

Peelander Z-9

Peelander Z-10

Peelander Z-11

Peelander Z-12

Peelander Z-13

Peelander Z-14

Peelander Z-15

Peelander Z-16

Peelander Z-17

Peelander Z-18

Peelander Z-19

Peelander Z-21

Peelander Z-22

Peelander Z-23

Peelander Z-24