Peelander-Z, COEDS, SHEHEHE, Bent Out of Shape at The Jinx Saturday – preview

Look, don’t ask questions, just show up at The Jinx Saturday night with a sense of humor and experience the lunacy that is Peelander-Z. As a matter of fact, show up early, because I know for a fact that SHEHEHE and COEDS seriously rule. I haven’t caught Bent Out of Shape yet, but let’s assume that they’re amazing too.

I don’t even know how to describe the Peelander-Z set at the 2014 Savannah Stopover, so I won’t try, just look at the pictures and realize that it was more chaotic and colorful than the photos. Don’t screw up, the show (and trust me, it is a SHOW) is at 10pm. I’m even going to guess that it will start sort of, kind of, on time, as there are 4 bands on the bill and there will be a crowd.

Lots of pictures after the jump.

Peelander z-4

Peelander z-5

Peelander z-17

Peelander z-1

Peelander z-2

Peelander z-6

Peelander z-7

Peelander z-9

Peelander z-10

Peelander z-11

Peelander z-12

Peelander z-13

Peelander z-14

Peelander z-15

Peelander z-16

Peelander z-18