Tom’s Savannah Stopover Day 2 – photos

I heard “Happy Stopover!” more than a few times over the weekend and I think we’re on to something here. I’ve attended all 5 Stopovers, and have slowly started treating it as a holiday. A three day weekend holiday, as a matter of fact. So, after miraculously waking up Friday morning unscathed from the night before, I took in a relaxed brunch, browsed some vinyl at Graveface, and enjoyed a nap before heading into Day 2.

The music started with a couple of my favorite local acts, COEDS at Hang Fire, and then Velvet Caravan at Trinity United. Both bands deserved better crowds for the great sets they played, but it was early, and apparently not every employer recognizes the Savannah Stopover holiday yet. Then I caught a surprisingly fun performance at Congress Street Social Club from Needle Points. Philadelphia seems to be producing quality rock bands at a staggering rate currently. Due to the schedule shuffling a bit, I stumbled into a bit of the Turbo Fruits 2nd set of the weekend at some point, too. Always good.

After some VIP lounging (what a weird/funky/cool/goofy space), I planted myself at The Jinx for a night of rock on the heavier side of things. Crazy Bag Lady continues to kill every time I see them, Capsula‘s set may have been better than when they opened for Os Mutantes at The Dollhouse, and that’s saying something. I had planned to catch a bit of All Them Witches and then scoot around the corner for some Young Buffalo, but became entranced with the Witches’ stoner/desert/psych rock grooves and stayed for the entirety of the show.

It was a great day, as holidays tend to be. Happy Stopover, indeed.

All Them Witches-6



Crazy Bag Lady-5

Velvet Caravan-2

VIP lounge
Lounge -1


Velvet Caravan
Velvet Caravan-1

Velvet Caravan-2

Velvet Caravan-3

Needle Points
Needle Points-1

Needle Points-2

Needle Points-4

Turbo Fruits
turbo fruits-1

Crazy Bag Lady
Crazy Bag Lady-1

Crazy Bag Lady-7

Crazy Bag Lady-7

Crazy Bag Lady-9

Crazy Bag Lady-11

Crazy Bag Lady-14







All Them Witches
All Them Witches-1

All Them Witches-5

All Them Witches-6

All Them Witches-7

All Them Witches-8

All Them Witches-9