Caleb Klauder Country Band at ArtLab Sessions – photos

As Savannah’s music scene continues to grow, a brand new avenue for showcasing both local, and touring talent has been created from the minds of Jay Rudd (City Hotel) and Matt Eckstine (The Accomplices) called ArtLab Sessions. The two primary photographer/videographers at present are Kelly Roetto and myself, with Matt skillfully handling the live recordings while Jay works from the producer’s chair.

Recently we had the pleasure of recording a session with Caleb Klauder Country Band who was in town to play a show with The Accomplices. We’ll put a link up when the videos are finished, but in the meantime here are a few still shots from that session.

Caleb Klauder-1

Caleb Klauder-2

Caleb Klauder-3

Caleb Klauder-4

Caleb Klauder-5

Caleb Klauder-6

Caleb Klauder-7