In Defence, Mother, Shiloh, Trophy Wives and Generation Pill at The Guild Hall – photos

Thursday night was frigid, at least in Savannah terms. After a long day working in the cold I quickly got ready and left the house before I came to my senses and stayed home, and boy, am I glad I didn’t succumb to laziness/comfort, as this Coastal Rock Productions show at The Guild Hall was a lot of fun. Come on, any band with a song named “Veronica Mars, Bringer of War” has to be worth seeing right?

I missed Generation Pill, unfortunately, but arrived shortly before Trophy Wives took the stage. They put out another solid set of old school female fronted punk rock. I’d never seen Shiloh before, and I guess I won’t again, it was apparently the hardcore band’s last show. Mother then played an entertaining set of their own hardcore (“Georgia sludge violence” from their Facebook, seems about right).

I learned right before In Defence came on that their singer had broken his foot the night before, and, sure enough, he hopped up to the stage with a ghetto cast on his foot. Ghetto cast? Apparently you wrap a tee shirt around your foot and then bind it with packing tape. Huh. You learn something every day. He quickly evaluated the situation and grabbed two chairs to possibly use as crutches, but ended up kneeling on them for the entirety of the show. The band ripped through a set of classic thrash/metal/punk/hardcore/something/something with song titles including “No War but Star Wars”, “”Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master”, “Curbside Dentistry”, “LEGOcy of Brutality” and “Reinventing Rob Halford”. The between song banter was equally side splitting, with stories about playing taco restaurants and at one point a giant 20 sided die was rolled, volleyed and kicked around. What were they rolling for? I’m not sure, maybe a Spell of Healing? I’m pretty sure it failed. The set, though, was definitely a success. I would go see In Defence again in a heartbeat.

I took some pictures, check them out after the jump.

In Defence-5

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Trophy Wives
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In Defence
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