Savannah Stopover 2015 Spotlight – The Prettiots

With March quickly approaching on the horizon, there’s one thing that on the mind of most locals around town. Sure, there’s green beer and shamrocks coming up, but that can wait for a bit. Besides, we all know St. Patrick’s Day is a month long celebration anyway. I’m talking about Savannah’s now 5 year old music festival Savannah Stopover.

Stopover’s come a long way since its inception as any Savannah local will tell you. What began as a waypoint for bands making their way to the musical hotbed SXSW has since come into its own and is now recognized as one of Savannah’s premier music festivals. Previous years featured acts such as of Montreal, Ex Hex, Peelander-Z, Tweens, Grimes, The Love Language, Chelsea Light Moving, Hunters, and way too many more notable bands than I can mention in the couple of paragraphs. When you take into account the combination of stellar acts, the perfect setting of downtown Savannah (never underestimate the appeal of unfettered traversing with beer in hand), the dedicated team backing Stopover, and the awesome local flavor of Savannah, it’s really no wonder that the “little Georgia music festival that could” has come so far. This year’s line up sports over 100 acts and can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated and veterans of the festival alike. Have no fear though, as your friendly guides here at hissing lawns are more than happy to share a few of our favorite acts with you over the next few weeks as we build up to March 5-7.

Our first featured act are The Prettiots (a mouthful I know, it’s pronounced like a mashup of “pretty” and “idiots”), a trio out of New York comprised of Kay Kasparhauser (vocals, ukulele), Rachel Trachtenberg (drums), and Lulu Prat (bass).

Prettiots 1photo by Colin Dodgeson

The indie-pop trio weave saccharine melodies that deal with expected pop subjects like high school lovers in a tongue-in-cheek manner similar to what you’d expect from other acts like Garfunkel and Oates. Don’t let them fool you though, The Prettiots have a certain bite and they’re not afraid to let anyone know it. Throw on top of that the fact that they have a tremendous DIY ethic promoting their show schedule, which is nothing to scoff at itself, and it’s no wonder that even in a cutthroat city like New York, The Prettiots have established themselves as one of the coolest bands around.

Be sure to catch The Prettiots at Hang Fire on March 6th at 7pm. And be sure to keep an eye out here for our previews of the other upcoming acts that you shouldn’t miss at Stopover 2015! See you there!

Prettiots 2photo by Carlos Santolalla