Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 11/21/14 – 11/26/14

Hey guys,
Sorry I’m a little late on this week’s blog, I’ve been hopping around all week. Once again, there were plenty of shows going on last week, I hope some of you managed to see some live music. I did get to see my first guitar vs accordian head-cutting duel Thursday night at the great Walter Parks show at Trinity last night. There are plenty of more good shows from last week I could talk about, but I am thinking most of you just wanna hear about this weekend. I would like to mention that if you are only going to one show this week, consider Wednesday’s show at the Lucas. It is an all-ages show, a tribute to The Band. Even if you think you don’t know the band (sigh, I’m getting old), I bet you will know several songs. And they are going to be performed by some of Savannah’s finest musicians. This might be a show that you would really regret missing. Here are some other recommendations for the week.

Friday 21st – Lots of choices tonight. If you go anywhere, you will probably see a good show. I plan to stary the night off at the Bean with Eric Sommer, then probably sample the bands up and down Congress Street. If you live on Tybee, you should head over to the Sand Bar and catch Ben Keiser’s new band.
Futurebirds, this mountain, Amythyst Kiah Southbound  Brewery (8p, $28)
Eric SommerSentient Bean (8p)
Rotten Blush, Forced Entry, Wizard Rifle (Portland stoner-doom metal) – Jinx
Blackfoot Gypsies (Nashville blues rock) – Congress Street Social Club
Les RaquetBarrelhouse South
Magic Rocks Molly MacPherson’s
Velvet CaravanJazz’d
Ben Keiser Band (Savannah blues) – Sand Bar (Tybee, 9p)

Saturday 22nd – I plan on spending most of my night at the Train Wreck’s CD release party at the Jinx. As an added bonus, Everymen, a wild gypsy music band, is playing with them. This may be a show to write home about.
Train Wrecks, City HotelSouthbound Brewery (2-6p, $20/25, includes some beer samples)
Train Wrecks, EverymenJinx ($5)
Psychomagic, Santoros, Crazy Bag LadyAmpersand ($5)

Sunday 23rd
Savannah Songwriters (Arsena Schroeder, Ben Wells, Pete Love and Jon Waits)Johnny Harris (6p)

Tuesday – 25th
Ricardo & Sasha (of Velvet Caravan) – Foxy Loxy Cafe

Wednesday 26th – As I said, the Lucas show is the draw of the week, in a week with many good shows. I am expecting a really good show tonight. After the Lucas show, I hope to catch most of the show at the Jinx. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Life Is A Carnival – Lucas TheaterAccomplices, Train Wrecks, many guest stars ($20, all ages, 7p)
Passafire, Niche, Hip AbductionJinx ($10)