The Love Language, Anchor Bends, Triathalon, Whaleboat and Sunglow at The Jinx/Hangfire – photos

Well, I had wanted to make it out a little more over the last week, but I did see a great night of music Friday night. Both Hangfire and The Jinx had lineups that were interesting to me, so I did the back and forth walk that is becoming more and more common to downtown Savannah music fans (that’s a good thing).

Highlights included Merge Records artist and Savannah Stopover alum The Love Language, Atlanta’s Anchor Bends, and my first Whaleboat sighting since they started playing around again. It was a great night of music and hopefully audiences will start growing now that the weather is cooling (kinda?) and school is back in full swing, all of the artists that I saw Friday night deserve a full house.

I took a few shots of every artist, please click through for the full set.

Anchor Bends-4

Whale Boat-2

Sun Glow-1

Whale Boat-1

Whale Boat-3



Anchor Bends
Anchor Bends-3

Anchor Bends-2

Anchor Bends-1

The Love Language
The Love Language-1

The Love Language-2

The Love Language-3

The Love Language-4