Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 8/28/14 – 9/3/14

Hey guys,
Happy Labor Day Weekend. It looks like a good weekend for the downtown music scene. I have been saying for a few weeks that I thought the very brief (2 week?) summer slowdown was over, now I am sure. I don’t understand why City Council didn’t fix the whole Bars Open On The Sunday Before A Monday Holiday problem this year (they made an exception for St. Pat’s Day, not the other holidays), it would be nice to see how packed the weekend wound be if the Jinx, etc were open this Sunday. But there are plenty of choices all weekend long. And, don’t forget, in Savannah, the weekend starts on Thursday!

Thursday – 8/28If you have never seen Everymen, think about heading to the Jinx tonight. It is a wild gypsy-type show, unlike anything you have never seen before.  I got to staple a dollar to the bass players’ chest the last time I saw them. Be sure to stay until the end, it is an amazing spectacle. And opening the show is Savannah’s newest country singer, AM Rodriguez. I plan to try to catch TimeCop vs Dangersnake (of the Accomplices) during the breaks.
Domino EffectBarrelhouse South
Everymen, AM RodriguezJinx ($5)
Steppin’ StonesWild Wing (10:30-1:30)
TimeCop vs DangersnakeMolly MacPherson’s

Friday – 8/29A very busy Friday tonight. I hope to make it out early for Accomplices at Dub’s. You should try to catch the Accomplices whenever you can, they are one of Savannah’s best bands. There are so many tough musical choices for the rest of the night. I figured it was best to list them all, I’ll probably bounce around to (at least) a few of these bands.
Indigo Boys (members of City Hotel) – Blowin’ Smoke (7p)
AccomplicesDub’s Pub (8p)
Whaleboat, Anchor BendsJinx (guitar rock)
MeteorEYES, Sunglow, Fare The GapAmpersand (electro-moody rock)
Heavy PetsCongress Street Social Club (“kinda like the Stones”, I love it!)
Kota MundiMolly MacPherson’s (reggae)
Love Language, Sunglow, TriathalonHang Fire (guitar rock)

Saturday – 8/30Another night of really good music. I expect I will spend most of the night at the Hang Fire, but I hope to make it to some of these other shows for a bit too.
2 Tone FishBoomy’s (guitar rock)
Andy Vaughan & DrivelineJinx ($5, honky tonk-country)
Bottles & CansRocks On The Roof (blues)
Crazy Bag Lady, Triathalon, Hotplate, AM RodriguezHang Fire (punk, guitar rock, & country)
Danielle Hicks & the Eight Ohm BandWorld of Beer (rock)
Omingnome, The LiesBarrelhouse South (weird rock)

Sunday – 8/31 If you are off on Monday, you kind of have to go out tonight, don’t you? I’m not sure what time Bottles & Cans are playing, but I hope to see them at Moon River. If I make it to City Market on Sunday night, I will probably bounce around and see a few of these bands. And the Bayou seems like a good place to end up on a Sunday night.
Bottles & Cans – Moon River (blues)
The SyndicateBarrelhouse South (guitar rock)
Liquid GingerWild Wing (rock)
Don CoyerBayou Cafe (rock)

Monday – 9/1This looks like a good show. Another show with multiple genres. I hope I am able to attend. I wish it was on Sunday!
City Mouse, City Hotel, Wave Slaves, Jeff Two Names & The Born AgainsHang Fire (americana, bluegrass, surf-rock, and punk)

Tuesday – 9/2Foxy Loxy Cafe is one of my favorite places to go. It has one of the nicest staffs and warmest environments to relax and catch some tunes. And Ray Lundy (of Bottles & Cans) is one of the most unique singers you will see in town.
Ray LundyFoxy Loxy Cafe (blues)


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