Colemania! – A Preview

This coming Sunday, 8-31, a benefit and memorial concert is being held in Atlanta, Ga. featuring a plethora of local and national acts in memory of one of Atlanta’s favorite musicians, Coleman Lewis. My personal involvement with this event, and friendship with Coleman, runs deep, and spanned the entire length of his life. For those of our readers who will be in the Atlanta area or Southern region, this show is going to be a ‘do not miss’ evening with some of Atlanta’s past & present indie-underground-music greats, including a solo performance by Chan Marshall aka Cat Power.

You can find an abridged press release, as well as the band lineup and set times, below. Though the door is only $5 per person, donations for larger amounts will of course be accepted and appreciated. I will be shooting stills of the performances, and writing a review for hissing lawns afterwards.

*PRESS RELEASE: Colemania! Farewell Performances for Coleman Lewis

Fellow musicians and friends of Atlanta guitarist Coleman Lewis (1973‐2014) will take the stage Sunday, August 31 for Colemania!, a night of music in his memory.

Coleman Lewis played in and with a number of bands associated with Atlanta’s independent music scene since the 1990s including Smoke, Smoke That City, Cat Power, Ignitor…Fool!, Grand Fury, Hustler White, Lip Lock Alarm Clock, Ed Splatt, Red Eye Gravy, and Sixty Cycle Hum. Members of these and other friendly bands — almost all of whom have some connection to the storied Cabbagetown/L5P scene — have generously volunteered their time and energy to this farewell performance, community reunion, and fundraiser for Coleman’s ten‐year‐old son. Several are returning to Atlanta from afar.

Colemania! will take place at the The Mammal Gallery in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, August 31, 2014. The cover charge is $5 and doors open at 7:30.

Although Coleman Lewis was an unrepentant smoker, he didn’t mind stepping outside to light up; accordingly, Colemania will be a non‐smoking show.

For more information, contact Claire Lewis Evans at Click here for the Facebook event.

Colemania Final Poster

Colemania lineup