Primate at The Jinx – photos

As a musician & fan I’m more often found frequenting Americana shows, and metal has never been my go-to on the stereo or in the car, but I had the chance to catch a friend of mine’s band, Primate, at The Jinx this weekend, as part of a larger show featuring Mouth of the Architect, Primate, Set and Setting, and Order of the Owl.

Earplugs in and ready for some noise I actually found myself enjoying their set and not quite as focused on just shooting images. While Bill Kelliher has certainly risen to the top of the metal scene with his other band Mastodon, regularly opening for the major heavyweights and performing for much larger audiences themselves, the guys in Primate are certainly not to be discounted as just his ‘off tour’ side project. They put in the effort, have the chops, and are doing their share of mini-touring as well. It’s great to see old friends doing well, loving what they do, and I look forward to catching them the next time they come through Savannah again.