The Accomplices at Congress Street Social Club – photos

Downtown Savannah on a Saturday night is always a spectacle in itself, but the lowcountry’s own The Accomplices, back from their performances in Wrangle, Alaska were prepared and ready to give it their best. The crowd, while a bit slow to come in during the first set, were ready to throw down by the second and into the third.

Our very own Larry Jack Sammons was in attendance, not surprisingly, and remarked on some minor improvements that the establishment has made, providing for a better stage and perhaps making Social a better indoor live music venue. By the time I left the band were obviously back to taking care of business in their hometown and the crowd was loving every minute of it.

accomplices-social congress-1

accomplices-social congress-2

accomplices-social congress-3

accomplices-social congress-4

accomplices-social congress-7

accomplices-social congress-6

accomplices-social congress-5