This Friday: Synesthesia: Sensory Saturation

You don’t have to be Larry Jack to know that there’s plenty going on music wise this weekend in Savannah (although, I’d still consult his advice if you’re looking for a show!). Luckily, your decision may have gotten a just a tiny bit easier this week. The great people at Ampersand are hosting what seems to be nothing short of a miniature festival this Friday, making excellent use of their second and third floor space. The event, Synesthesia: Sensory Saturation, not only includes both local and touring bands but visual artists and acrobatics/choreography to encompass every mode of expression you can think of.

This may seem a bit confusing to some of you out there who follow Savannah’s heavier scene and were expecting the visceral sounds of Forced Entry, Mourning Cloak, and Torch Runner this Friday at Ampersand as they were also scheduled to play in one of Ampersand’s upper floors. Never fear, however, as in true Savannah fashion, the solidarity of the music scene trumps all obstacles.

Synesthesia’s prior four band bill has now been joined with Torch Runner’s headlining show to create an exhibition of sound that’ll be hard to rival. For those of you keeping track at home, that brings Synesthesia’s line up to a whopping 7 bands including local favorites like Broken Glow, Culture Vulture, and Forced Entry alongside touring acts like hardcore heavyweights Torch Runner as well as the jam/funk ensemble that is Quimby Mountain Band. There’s a bit of something for everyone, from hardcore and doom metal all the way to acoustic and jazz inspired prog rock.

That’s without even mentioning visual arts created by local artists such as Danielle Sperandeo, Courtney Fredette, and Eric Braun along with and projections via Planetary Projections as well as aerials and performances from the dancers of In-Tent-City to top things off. Check out some tracks below from some of the featured bands below and be sure to check the Facebook event for the full line up of acts.