Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/10/14 – 7/16/14

Hey guys,
As I tell you every week, there is plenty of good music going on downtown. This week is full of variety! On Friday alone, there is rap and R&B at Hang Fire (Ambrose, Miggs, Knife, and The Green Seed), dance-rock at Congress Street Social (Stereo Reform), hard rock at the Jinx (Niche w/ Lovely Locks), Americana at Rocks On The Roof (Train Wrecks), and sultry rock music at World Of Beer (Danielle Hicks & The 8-Ohm Band). There is also a big show at Dollhouse Studios, where almost a dozen local rock bands are playing a benefit for the infamous metal show that the headliner was cheated out of their money (if unfamiliar with the story, you can read about it on this site). That is not even mentioning that Fantasia is playing at the Civic Center that night, because anyone wanting to go to that show is probably not reading this blog. So, what are you waiting for, get out there and listen to some of the music downtown Savannah has to offer.

Thursday 10th
Eric CulbersonBayou Cafe (9p)
Sidereal (4-piece reggae from Jacksonville), Domino EffectBarrelhouse South (9:30p)
Sauna Heat, Crazy Bag Lady, Unstoppable Death MachineJinx ($6)
TimeCop vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s
Blackrune, CreepoidsHang Fire (9:30p, $5)

Friday 11th
Lovely Locks (acoustic) – Blowin’ Smoke (7p)
Eyeheart the Savannah Music SceneDollhouse Studios (7p) – Whaleboat, Crazy Bag Lady, Blackrune, Pridemeat, Broken Glow, Doom Salad, The Gumps, Whiskey Wednesday, and Solomon’s Ghost
Ambrose, Knife, Miggs, Green SaladHang Fire ($5)
Danielle Hicks & The 8-Ohm BandWorld Of Beer
Niche, Lovely LocksJinx ($5),
Stereo Reform (dance-a-funk-a-tronic) – Congress Street Social Club
Train WrecksRocks On The Roof

Saturday 12th
AccomplicesMolly MacPherson’s
Megan Jean & The KFBBarrelhouse South
Titanics, Oh Rose, Beneath TreesHang Fire
Train WrecksWorld Of Beer

Tuesday 15th
Charlie & The FoxtrotsSentient Bean
Ricardo & Sasha (of Velvet Caravan) – Foxy Loxy

Wednesday 16th
Downtown Boys, Crazy Bag Lady, Wet Socks, Boy HarsherHang Fire ($5)