The Silver Palms opening for Jake Bugg six dates in June

More good news from The Silver Palms, who will be playing some pretty good sized rooms in June with Jake Bugg in the Southeast and Midwest:

The young band from Camden County, Ga. opened several dates earlier in the year for Jake Bugg in the UK, where the latter is a big star (20 years old and more than 1.5 million albums sole and 586,000 fans on Facebook — not too shabby). I like both Jake Bugg and The Silver Palms so much that I’m hoping to make it to one of these June gigs. I’m such a fan of Bugg’s unique vocals and beautiful songwriting that I caught his appearance at Monster Records & Movies in Charleston in March.

If Jake Bugg is a new name to you, check out the video for “Messed Up Kids”:

The Silver Palms’ debut album is still months away, but a couple of excellent videos have already been released. Here are “Superstar” and “Georgia Boy”:

The Silver Palms played The Jinx back in January and Savannah Stopover in March. A couple shots from the gig at The Jinx.