Columbia’s Can’t Kids release “Ennui Go”

Do y’all remember last January, when Whaleboat released their “Socialist” single at The Jinx? Remember how Cusses played, too? Remember the spitball of energy that was the out-of-towner, self-described Southern-Gothic-Depression-Era-Cheerleader-Metal band Can’t Kids?
Yeah. That was fun.

Columbia’s Can’t Kids released a new album, Ennui Go (Fork & Spoon Records) on May 6. Following 2012’s Brushes, Touches, Tongues, the four-piece remains inventive & surprising. Lush cello warms the ground for barbaric yawps dripping in wit. I love the it-just-works-disparity of Ennui Go — you’ve got the quick, folkish lilt of “O Mama,” reminiscent of early Modest Mouse, then “More Soda” comes careening in with fists swinging. A little pop, a little punk, a little college rock, a smidge of Appalachia. Rad.

Ennui Go is available on 10″ vinyl and CD via Fork & Spoon Records.

Check out the video for “The Twist”: