Blitzen Trapper + The Train Wrecks at The Jinx – more photos

First and foremost, a sold out Monday night show in Savannah?!? Nice work everyone, that’s the stuff that will get us more of these quality shows, I promise. The sound at the Jinx was particularly great and word on the street is that there have been some system upgrades. If so, I’m really looking forward to hearing some aggressive music through the new equipment.

The Train Wrecks really were a great choice to open for Blitzen Trapper, and both bands seemed truly appreciative of each other. I’m going to assume that you’ve seen The Train Wrecks before (No? You need to get out more.), and they played a typically great set of indie/alt/country/rock.

I’ve been aware of Blitzen Trapper since 2007’s Wild Mountain Nation and listened to that album and the follow up, Furr, a good bit while they enjoyed the blogosphere/XM spotlight during that same period. I had lost track of them recently, though, and had missed the last few albums. Judging from the show, that was a mistake. Fantastic show, great set list, awesome covers. Hopefully Blitzen Trapper will make it back to the The Hostess City for a future Stopover. Fingers crossed.

Here are the pics, same deal as always, a couple here, more after the jump.

Blitzen Trapper-10

Train Wrecks-1

Blitzen Trapper-3

Blitzen Trapper-4

Blitzen Trapper-5

Blitzen Trapper-6

Train Wrecks-2

Blitzen Trapper-7

Blitzen Trapper-8

Blitzen Trapper-9

Blitzen Trapper-11

Blitzen Trapper-12

Blitzen Trapper-13

Blitzen Trapper-14

Blitzen Trapper-15

Blitzen Trapper-16