Larry Jack’s Magical Musical Tour 4/17/14-4/23/14

Hey guys,
I just read today that one of Savannah’s more colorful characters, Savannah Willie, died .  Willie Page was a City Market regular who would jam on air guitar (and later air organ) with many of the local musicians who play in City Market. He was always a crowd favorite, often earning as much in tips as the singers. I loved to see visitors watching the band suddenly realize that “that guy’s guitar doesn’t have any strings!” during a blazing Willie solo. One of my Willie highlights was seeing Willie growl his way through Mustang Sally one afternoon. Thanks for the memories Willie and good luck on the next part of your journey.

There are several chances to catch some good music this weekend. As a matter of fact, as usual for me, there are too many choices. If you are out on Friday for one show, I would make it the Whaleboat/Fare The Gap show at Hang Fire, I am sure it will be good.  If you are going out on Saturday, you have many options, you can’t go wrong with KidSyc@Brandywine at Social, Niche/COEDS at Hang Fire, Megan Jean & The KFB at Abe’s On Lincoln or Triathalon at Graveface.  Don’t forget, most of these shows are free, so drop a couple of bucks in the bucket, musicians need drug money too.

Thursday 4/17/14
House of Gunt (drag show), Linear Downfall (Nashville experimental/pyschedia), Dams (prog/soul/metal/jam) – Hang Fire
TimeCop vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s – Rock from Matt Eckstine and Zac Smith of the Accomplices.  Catch them before they start their Southeast Tour.
Sarah Tollerson (pop/folk/indie-rock) – Treehouse – Sometimes, I just want to see what a band sounds like.  And I have never been to the Treehouse, I hope to check it out tonight.
Greg Williams (10-11:30), Whiskey Wednesday (acoustic ragtime & folk-punk) (12-1:30) – Barrelhouse South – Greg Williams is a long-time Savannah singer-songwriter, I don’t get to see him as often as I would like.  And I am interested in hearing what folk-punk sounds like, especially with a little ragtime thrown in.

Friday 4/18/14
OmingnomeAmpersand Grand Opening (9p) – This is the old Sparetime location.  Planetary Projections is handling the light show for Omingnome, I really enjoyed that a few weeks ago at the Barrelhouse show.
Whaleboat, Fare The Gap, Hudson-K Hang Fire – Just go to this show, it will be great
Epic CycleMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – One of my favorite jam bands at one of my favorite bars.
StokeswoodCongress Street Social Club – I saw them a few years ago at Brewfest on Hutchison Island.  Good dance type rock.
Sweet Tease Burlesque, Old Flings (rock/pop/punk) – Jinx (10p) – A drag show on Thursday, a burlesque show on Friday, what is becoming of downtown?

Saturday 4/19/14
Record Store DayGraveface Records (10a-10p) – I don’t have the details, but it looks like Graveface will be making a day of this.  Triathalon will be playing a record release show sometime during the day (I’ll try to update as I find details).  Plus, this will be an all-ages show.
Smith BrothersBub-Ba-Q (6-10p) – This is the old Blowin’ Smoke location on MLK, good food here.  Get your guitar rock fix from this fine group of musicians.  This is another all-ages show.
Velvet CaravanJazz’d (9p) – Gypsy-jazz from some of Savannah’s finest musicians.  If you haven’t seen them, you are cheating yourself.  They are one of Savannah’s best and more original bands.
Niche, COEDS, Needle Points (Philly psych rock) – Hang Fire – There is gonna be some rockin’ at this show tonight (RIP AC/DC)
Flex, Crazy Bag Lady, Forced Entry, Violent ReactionJinx ($5) – Another punk show at the Jinx, be prepared to slam (is that what they still call it?)
KidSyc@BrandywineCongress Street Social Club – I haven’t caught this group in a while, even if you don’t like hip-hop, you will enjoy seeing this band.  It is amazing to me see how fast KidSyc can rap, much faster than I can hear.
Megan Jean & The KFBAbe’s On Lincoln – One of my favorite locations to see music.  Megan Jean has a powerful voice, and is accompanied by her husband on various instruments.  And you will see a washboard.  It sounds like wild gypsy music to me.

Sunday 4/20/14
Charlie Fog BandBarrelhouse South – Grateful Dead music.
Lyn AvenueWild Wing Café – Contemporary country music from this Savannah band.

Tuesday 4/22/14
Ricardo & SashaFoxy Loxy Café – Two members of Velvet Caravan at this fun location.