Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 3/27/14 – 4/1/14

Hey guys,
Every weekend, I am amazed at the amount of high quality live music that you can find in this great city of ours. You can walk for about six or seven blocks downtown and pass about 8-10 different places where you can hear live music being played. On most nights, you are able to see at least one band that will really get you excited. If you try hard, you can see two or three that will trip your trigger. And you can carry a to-go cup while you do it! Be sure to do that walk in the next few weeks and take advantage of the unique place that you have chosen to live. It won’t be long before we will be in the dog days of summer.

One last request, if you vote in the Connect Savannah Best Of Contest, and you vote for me for best blogger, I could go to the cool Best of Party.  Or at least cast a vote for my wife, Dr. Susan Sammons (Ga Southern) for best nurse and let her take me.

Enough of me soliciting, on to the musical picks. There are too many good shows this week to catch them all, but I will do my best.

Thursday 3/27/14
Smith BrothersMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – One of Savannah’s better up and coming bands.
Fare The Gap, Ancient River (Reverb soaked noir-psychedelic), Shapes And Their Names (Old-fashioned Indie-Power-Pop Trio) – Hang Fire (9p) – The first of several good shows at Hang Fire this week.

Friday 3/28/14
Telfair BabiesBlick Art Supply (6-8p) The Savannah Rocks! Art Show closing.
Big Daddy Love (Appalachian Rock from NC) – Congress Street Social Club (10p)
Wave Slaves (instrumental surf rock), Hermits Of Suburbia (post-post-modern semi-melodic folk-ska-musical humor-core from Atlanta), Lovely Locks (Folk Girl Group Pop Rock) – Hang Fire Jinx(10p) – It’s a prom party.

Saturday 3/29/14
City Hotel (bluegrass), American Hologram (americana goth pop), Waits & Co. (Americana/Alt-Country) – Jinx (10p)
Deadfields (Steam-rollin Rock-icana, Stupidfun Folk-Rock) – Wild Wing Café – I have seen these guys a few times, they will be worth stopping by Wild Wing Café for a short time.
Forced Entry, Hotplate, Blackrune (dream drone), Crazy Bag Lady (fracas) – Hang Fire (10p) – I am sure this will be a wild show.  I have to stop by to get a Crazy Bag Lady t-shirt, fresh off the presses.
Whaleboat, Omingnome, CO, TontoDollhouse Studios (9p, $5) – EP release party for Whaleboat

Sunday 3/30/14
Steppin’ Stones (classic rock covers) – Wild Wing Courtyard (5-8p)

Monday 3/31/14
Victoria VoxSentient Bean – Ukulele player from Maryland.

Tuesday 4/1/14
Danielle Hicks & The 8-Ohm BandFoxy Loxy Cafe

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