The Wormhole announces Man Or Astro-man? show

I’m just going to say it: in terms of live, touring music, 2014 is finally Savannah’s year. It’s been a long time coming through a lot of hard work by a lot of good people, but the show calendars can’t be wrong – Savannah is no longer a sleepy speck on the map for bands to skip over between Atlanta and Jacksonville. It’s March, and not only have we had a tremendous Stopover and a hold-onto-your-hats January and February thanks to high-profile and hard-touring indie acts coming through, but the momentum shows no signs of stopping.

My favorite aspect? These big moments aren’t just happening through Savannah Stopover (though can we get another hand for The MusicFile for booking Charles Bradley?!), Savannah Music Festival, etc.. And they’re not all happening at The Jinx, our rock n’ roll headquarters, or Savannah Civic Center – Art Garfunkel played an intimate show at Dollhouse. Up-and-comers Priests played in our record shop.

And, to the surprise of many, 1990s space-surf rock legends Man Or Astro-man? are playing The Wormhole.

Take that, noise complaints.

After reuniting with their original lineup in 2010, Man Or Astro-man? have toured around the US and Europe, but haven’t made a Savannah stop in over a decade. They’ll return on April 25 with Birmingham’s Wray and our own Crazy Bag Lady.

With a live show that historically revels in the unexpected and unforgettable (they sent a band of MOA? clones out on tour in their place not once, but twice [fun fact: Savannah’s Scott Stanton, aka Panhandle Slim, was a clone!]), longtime fans and newcomers will want to make their way down to 39th Street for this one.

General admission tickets are $15. VIP (“no-wait entry, reserved seating in the Star Deck, waiter service”) are $50 – and it looks like there are only 2 available at this time.

You can find the event on Facebook.