Turbo Fruits, Hot Hands, Whitegold, and Wet Socks at Dollhouse Productions

Last Monday was a great night for music in Savannah by far. If you missed out on catching Lucero at The Jinx, you really did yourself a disservice if you missed the stacked show that rocked Dollhouse Productions, one of the best midsized venues in town for catching shows. Following up on their stellar set at Stopover last year, Nashville’s wild rock and roll outfit Turbo Fruits returned to Savannah to put on another exhibition of ripping, guitar heavy rock.

The night started out with sets from Atlanta’s White Gold and Savannah’s own Wet Socks. Admittedly, I got to the show a little late because of work, so I missed their sets, although, I’ve written about both bands before and I’m sure that they’re sets were just as awesome as last time. By the time I got to the show, the third band, Hot Hands, was just starting up. Coming up from Orlando, the duo of Hot Hands dished out some noisy, scrappy garage rock tunes that were the perfect set up for Turbo Fruits. Rounding out the night, Turbo Fruits rocked the house in style. Raucous, wild, loud, and catchy; they definitely lived up to their last show in Savannah! Here’s hoping they stop through again!

Catch some of the shots from Hot Hands and Turbo Fruits Below and be sure to hit the jump for the full set. Also, since things are warming up a bit, be sure to check out Larry’s post about shows going on this weekend and check one or two out!

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