Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 1/30/14-2/4/14

Hi guys,
I know I say it a lot, but all of you need to get out and see some music somewhere in Savannah soon. I was just thinking about the amount of high quality musicians that are playing in Savannah, and we are really a lucky city. And speaking of lucky, I was able to see one of the amazing shows this week.  he Thursday Night Opry at Trinity Methodist Church was one of the most amazing events I have had the pleasure of attending. It was arranged by musical director Jared Hall as a fundraiser for the historic church. The Train Wrecks, The Accomplices, and City Hotel each played a set, followed by a super jam to end the show. It is the first time I attended an event that was consistently described in terms I don’t usually hear to describe shows, such as mystical, magical, and remarkable. I feel blessed to have attended the show. Velvet Caravan is playing there this Saturday at 7pm and I expect this show to be just as good.Jared told me that they will have to skip a month (or two?) for other events, then hope to restart the series. I look forward to this week’s show and wish the series continued success.

It looks like this week will continue the recent spate of high quality shows that have been occurring this year. And since the weather is supposed to be good this weekend, you are going to want to get out of the house, so you may as well check out some of this great music. Now for the picks.

Thursday 30th
Linear Downfall, Fare The Gap, SunglowDollhouse Studios (8p, $5) – This should be a somewhat psychedelic show, I have only seen Fare The Gap, and they are a quite good duo.  If you haven’t made it to the Dollhouse Studios yet, this would be a good chance to head out there.
Hooten HallersJinx (10p) – Two piece blues and hillbilly soul band. I have been looking forward to this show since seeing them last year. This one could cost a few hours sleep.

Friday 31st
Steppin’ StonesWarehouse (8p) – This three piece classic rock band should fit right in at this venue.  They usually play at City Market (and in Hilton Head) to a very appreciative crowd.  They play one of the best versions of CSNY’s “Ohio” I have heard.
HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – This is one of the best party bands around town. Plenty of 60’s garage rock, with a few originals thrown in the mix. This is a band you really want to see.
Lefty HathawayCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Funky jazz soul is how they describe their sound. It sounds worth stopping by for a little while.
Randy Garcia, Signs of Iris (10p) – Jinx – Judging from the clips I heard, Iris sounded kinda dreamy rock. Garcia plays “electronic Nerd Rock.”

Saturday 1st
Velvet CaravanTrinity United Methodist Church (7:30p $10) – This is the church between the Jepson and Telfair Museums. This is an event you do not want to miss. Velvet Caravan is a gyspy jazz band that may actually have people dancing in the aisle at this church.
Orange ConstantCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Jam band from Statesboro
Cusses, Bear Fight, Bronzed ChorusJinx – A night of heavy music night at the Jinx. Cusses always draw an enthusiastic crowd to the Jinx, as well they should.  They are one of the most professional bands around town. This is another band you may one day be saying you remember seeing them in this little bar…

The AccomplicesMolly MacPherson’s
Drivin’ & Cryin’, Big EngineCoach’s Corner ($25-30) – Drivin’ & Cryin’ are one of my favorite bands.They have a lot more hits than you realize. You can register to win tickets on Quality Rock 105.3 website. Just don’t win the tickets that I want to win.
Telfair BabiesBar Food (8p) – If you are at mid-town (Habersham Village), this will be a good show to go see. The Telfair Babies consist of Skip Jennings, Tommy Holland, and Skip Hinely. I have only caught them once, but I hope to see them again soon.

Monday 3rd

New York City Queens, Roses, Sunglow, Fare The GapHang Fire

Tuesday 4th – Tonight is a blues overdose. This will be regular gigs for all of these blues musicians. Suddenly, Tuesday is a good night to go out.
HitmanWarehouse (8p)
Jubal KaneBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe