Burning Mansions, The Hotels, and Sins of Godless Men at The Jinx – photos

Following last Thursday’s show at Hang Fire came Friday night’s rock blowout at The Jinx. Starting things up were Burning Mansions, a local group of musicians that played a slightly bluesy, slightly jam inspired style of rock that was a good starter for the night. Next up, The Hotels out of Atlanta who delivered a poppier sound that seemed to take some heavy influences from the garage rock sound of the 90’s. Closing out the night was Savannah’s own Sins of Godless Men. Sins brought the heavy and furious sound that they’re known for and executed with their familiar blistering style. Check out some of pics below and see for yourself! Be sure to hit the jump for the entire set and check back tomorrow for a few additional photos of Saturday’s long awaited show at Hang Fire featuring the thrashy, noise punk outfit Perfect Pussy.

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