Safe // Sound presents Sondra Sun-Odeon at The Sparetime on Tuesday

Safe // Sound has brought some eclectic artists to town over the last couple of years — many would not have stopped in Savannah if not for the promoters’ efforts.

Sondra Sun-Odeon will join that interesting list of shows on Tuesday, Nov. 5th when she appears in a free show at The Sparetime at the corner of Congress and MLK.

From the press release:

Sondra Sun-Odeon is a singer and multi-instrumentalist known for intimate and delicate songs about love and loss. Her music plays the boundary between ethereal and haunting noise, to the intensity and sorrow of the real. Collaborating with the makes of Espers, Beach House, Brightblack Morning Light and many others, Sun-Odeon’s debut solo album, “Ætherea”, has already garnered critical acclaim. In describing her process, Sun-Odeon explains the dense limbo in which the songs emerge: “The songs are vehicles for feelings. They weren’t written so much as they just sprang into being, inspired and propelled by the emotions of a given moment,” says Sun-Odeon. “Lyrically, the themes continue to deal with liminality — of bare- ly knowing that threshold between our reality and other states of being… of true being. Abandon, transmutation, temporality, and the desire to commune with — these are other themes.”

It’s a compelling sound:

Corey Hines, an excellent solo performer based here in Savannah, is also on the bill. Hines has a rich voice that is complemented by his excellent work on guitar and harmonica.

Click here for the Facebook invitation. There is no cover.