Furious Hooves releases Halloween split with songs from Sauna Heat and Hallucinex

The indie label Furious Hooves has just released its third annual Halloween Split Series: Ghost Vibrations with “Spooky World” by Hallucinex and “Whisper In The Wind” by Sauna Heat:

Sauna Heat is a hard-charging garage rock band based here in Savannah. Hallucinex is the project of former Savannah resident Taylor Noll. You can download the split for free.

I lobbed a few questions at Furious Hooves’ Ryan McCardle. Ryan is a member of mumbledust (great music) and a designer whose work includes album covers and the like for Captured Tracks.

hissing lawns: So tell us a little about Furious Hooves — its past, present, future.

furhoof: Birth: Furious Hooves officially began in the summer of 2011 when TJ Hatcher (my childhood best friend) came to me with the proposition of starting a label together… I immediately said yes, of course! And there we had it. Our very own label focusing on the limited and handmade – and 90s hoops of course. We were constantly surrounded by all our awesome friends who just so happened to be amazing musicians… so we began to look at it more so as a collective – a furhoof family.

Present: Furhoof is now based out of Savannah, GA and Southwestern VA. We have had a somewhat “busy” release year, amazingly, amidst our day-job hustle and bustle. We just released a slew of Savannah items: Blackrune’s 2nd EP, the debut EP from former-Savannite Hallucinex and a compilation for Cassette Store Day (CSD) called STAY RAD featuring 14 songs from our friends and furhoof family all across the world (from Savannah to Virginia to London). We even teamed up with Graveface to make an extremely limited number of 5 tapes for his own CSD comp.

Future: There will be a lot to come in the future of furhoof. There will be a lot continuing out of Savannah such as the debut solo album from Heavy Boots, aka mumbleust’s Rachael Perisho, which will be released in a very unique cassette package; a new mumbledust EP; and a cassette-split featuring Sauna Heat & Wet Socks in the new year. We’ll also be releasing some more debut albums from many of the artists featured on the STAY RAD compilation such as: Moss Kingdom, Hemikrania, The Hair Cuts, Some, Blood Cousin and some more secrets that must be kept so.

hissing lawns: Furious Hooves has done Halloween splits before. What’s the history of that?

Furhoof: This is the third in the series of Furhoof Halloween Splits where we team up two of our artists to collaborate on a halloween-inspired set of songs. Personally I like setting it up so that the artists can just discuss among themselves the direction they want to take it. No.01 with mumbledust & Blood Cousin (FH-002) sounded like you were going through the radio after some sort of apocalypse. No.02 with Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune (FH-010) sounded like the soundtrack to your most terrifying nightmare turned film. I can’t wait to hear how No.03 makes people feel.

hissing lawns: What do the artists have to say about these songs?

Michael Younker of Sauna Heat: For our track, I brought back a vibe from the early, dreamy days of Sauna Heat. Day-dreaming nothing in particular, with overwhelming vertigo and a heavy dose of apathy, this tune is apart from the garage-rock fervor held by contemporary Sauna Heat.

Mom, of Taylor Noll (Hallucinex):