Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 10/22-10/29/13

Hey guys,
Wow!  What a week for music last week.  I saw two excellent shows at a venue that does not get as much mention as the tried and true Congress Street venues.  I saw Protomen at The Wormhole.  A very theatrical show, I did not know the band, but I found it to be very exciting.  The next Wormhole show was the Band Of Horses Secret Show on Saturday.  I didn’t really know BoH, but they now have a new fan.  There are not many shows you go to in Savannah that feel like an “event”, but this was definitely an event.  There was a long line to get in, and there were 10-20 people waiting for spare tickets and a chance to get in.  Happily, I heard that all of those people in the “loser line” (not my term, I think they chose that name themselves) did make it into the show.  This was definitely one of my favorite events in recent memory and I hope that everyone had as good a time as I did.

Enough about last week, let’s talk about this week.  Another hit and miss week, but so was last week.  And it ended up being lots of fun.  Be sure to check back, I will try to keep the site updated, a lot of stuff doesn’t get circulated until later in the week.

Tuesday 10/22/13 – Probably worth just bouncing around to all of theses shows, and find what you like.  Two blues shows (Warehouse and Bayou), the show at Hang Fire will be more rock.
HitmanThe Warehouse (8p)
Eric Culberson Jam – Bayou Café (9p)
Cult Babies, Sauna Heat, Wet SocksHang Fire (10p)

Thursday 10/24

James Lee Smith and Randy CubaWarehouse (8p) – James Lee Smith is an amazing guitarist.  Definitely worth the trip to River Street.
The Accomplices – Rivers Rock! Benefit at Moon River; a fundraiser for the Ogeechee Riverkeeper
Band Of OpportunityMolly MacPherson’s (10p)

Yip Deceiver & Wild MoccasinsJinx (10p) – DJ afterward, so maybe it will end at a decent hour.

Friday 10/25 – Another wandering around night.  City Hotel is always good.  I am looking forward to seeing Dare Dukes again.
City HotelThe Rail Pub Courtyard (6pm)
Dare Dukes, John Wilkes Boothe & The Black Toothe, Viking ProgressSentient Bean (8p)
Bottles & CansJazz’d
Greg WilliamsZunzi’s II    Danielle Hicks – Zunzi’s II (9p)
Aly KatsMolly MacPherson’s (10p)
Tent CityCongress Street Social Club (10p)

Saturday 10/26

Food Day at Daffin Park (1-5p) – Lots of bands, and it’s daytime.  Not sure of order of bands right now, they have listed Accomplices, Eric Culberson, A Nickel Bag Of Funk, Cranford & Son & Basik Lee.  This could be an opportunity for some of you to see these bands that normally play much later at night!

Bottles & CansJinx Happy Hour (6-8:30)
General Patton and The Heads Of State – Dub’s

Bottles & CansRocks On The Roof – you could see them twice tonight!
HitmanMolly MacPherson’s (10p)
JuBee And The Morning AfterCongress Street Social Club (10p)

Monday 10/28
Brett Trammell and Ben KeiserThe Warehouse (7p) – You will find me here most Mondays, enjoying Brett’s regular gig at The Warehouse on River Street.  He is usually joined by his Epic Cycle bandmate, Ben Keiser.  It is basically an acoustic version of one of my favorite local bands, Epic Cycle.  Ben is a phenomenal guitarist and Brett has a unique voice.

Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln (10p) – Another regular Monday stop.  The open mic is run by Craig Tanner, one of the highlights is the opening set by Craig and Mr. Williams, a true blues artist.

Once again, I will ask that you consider going and seeing some live music this week, it is good for your soul.  And if you like it, throw a couple of bucks in the bucket.

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