Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour (10/15-10/22)

Hey guys,
I’m back for another week.  What a fun, LONG weekend, starting with Thursday’s J.J. Grey show, on to the Jinx’s 20th 10th Anniversary with American Aquarium and Murder By Death, and culminating in the Stattsfest at the Muse Arts Warehouse on Sunday.  The Stattsfest organizers did a spectacular job.  It was such a kid-friendly event this year.  I hope this becomes the template for an annual event.

I want to let everyone know that there will be a SECRET SHOW coming up this Saturday at The Wormhole.  Details can’t be announced until Thursday.  I am willing to bet that most of the people who read this blog will really want to go to this show.  Be sure to check back on the hissing lawns site (or “like” it, if you haven’t already) this Thursday for this exciting news and first crack at tickets for this event.  And don’t forget the show is this Saturday.  Tell all of your coolest friends to like this page (don’t tell the uncool ones, maybe even defriend them so they won’t accidentally get here), they will want a shot at the tickets.

Lots of heavy music this week, kinda hit-and-miss on the shows.  Now on to the recommendations

Tuesday 15th
Hitman Warehouse (8p)
Eric Culberson JamBayou (9p)

Mobile DeathcampWormhole (from GWAR); heavy stuff (10p)

Wednesday 16th
Protomen, OmingnomeWormhole; Protomen theatrical rock, sounds pretty good.  I always enjoy seeing Omingnome (10p)
Sara Lee, Dip, Giving Up, RivalsHang Fire (10p)

Thursday 17th
Jason BibleRocks (9p)
Craig TannerMolly’s (10p)
EverymenJinx (10p)

Friday 18th
Bottles & CansJazz’d (9p); blues
Dethlehem, Hot PlateJinx (10p); sounds heavy
Eric Culberson – Molly MacPherson’s (10p); blues from one of Savannah’s best blues guitarists

Saturday 19th
???? – Wormhole – SPECIAL SHOW (check back Thursday or read above)
England In 1819, Each & Every OpusJinx; heavy show
Epic CycleMolly’s; always worth seeing, Molly’s is a good spot for them.
Drivin’ & Cryin’ (8p), Collective Soul (9p) – RH Seafood Fest – If I wasn’t going to Wormhole, this is where I would go.  I love Drivin’ & Cryin’, you will know a lot of their songs.

Tuesday 22nd
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy
Cult Babies, Sauna Heat, Wet SocksHang Fire (10p)

As always, go see some live music THIS week.

Larry Jack