Friday at Hang Fire: Ross Fish CD release party, plus Wet Socks, Fare the Gap, Carnivores, and Turf War

Thank heavens that Hang Fire on Whitaker Street started hosting bands again a few months back.

There’s really no place that has quite the same party atmosphere — the diverse crowd, the dancing, the stage barely above audience level, the quirky vibe all the way around.

On Friday, 9/20, Ross Fish will release his CD Young & Naive in a free show that includes four other acts: the garage rock duo Wet Socks, the indie electronica of Fare the Gap, Atlanta’s Carnivores, and Turf War, also based in Atlanta.

Ross Fish:

The Carnivores’ new video “Loom” from their album Second Impulse coming out in October:

Turf War (this is a great track):

Wet Socks:

Fare the Gap:

The party kicks off at 9:30 Friday. If you happen to be in Charleston on Thursday, 9/19, Turf War and the Carnivores are playing the Royal American.