Shovels & Rope: Tiny Desk Concert at NPR

Shovels & Rope from Charleston have a new Tiny Desk Concert up at NPR Music today featuring “Carnival”, “Birmingham” and “Bad Luck”.

From NPR:

Shovels & Rope’s presence in the NPR Music offices attracted plenty of interest; many in attendance had long since fallen in love with the husband-and-wife duo’s mix of rowdy folk-rock and rootsy balladeering. But once Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent showed up, the office quickly lost sight of the approaching performance, as the murmurs began: “There’s a dog in the office there’s a dog in the office there’s a dog in the office!” You could practically see our coworkers’ brains short out from a combination of cognitive dissonance and canine adoration.

It seems forever since Shovels & Rope made their way to Savannah. I’m thinking their most recent gigs here were at The Jinx in 2011 and with The Unchained Tour in early 2012.

But however long it’s been, it’s been too long.