The Queers at The Jinx – photos

The Queers came back through Savannah on Friday night, this time playing The Jinx.

The club filled up for the show but wasn’t overflowing. Opening act SHEHEHE from Athens showed some great promise as they tore through their set — sure hope to see them agains — and then Flat Tires from North Carolina stormed onstage with their sort of hillbilly punk. Last year when The Queers played The Wormhole, they were traveling with The Wild, a great folk punk band then based in Atlanta.

When it comes to opening acts, The Queers don’t screw around.

And Joe Queer is still electric on stage, even after all these years. Despite have a brand new bass player, the set was tight and fast with a couple of encores.

Joe said that he really needed to get down to Savannah from Atlanta more often. We agree.

I got a snippet of shitty video, but you get it:

Here’s one pic:


More pics after the jump, first of The Queers, then Flat Tires, and then SHEHEHE.











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  1. September 15, 2013 at 22:34

    It was a really fun night, good to see you there. Shehehe reminded me of a very good female fronted Fat Wreck Chords band, I’d definitely go see them again. Then, during Flat Tires set, some drunk punk threw about $47 in various bills on the stage and someone was dancing barefoot in the pit. Barefoot. There was also a pipe wrench on stage because….. ummm, well I’m not sure why there was a pipe wrench. Maybe to make the garage rock thing more literal, I guess? Anyway, The Queers were predictably great, blasting through 25+ hilarious songs in front of a slippery pit full of people singing along. They should definitely come back more often. Here’s a pic of the setlist, though they played a bunch of songs after these.

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