of bodies of bones and breasts and unmapped chambers of hearts

Songs don’t always come easy, and I get the feeling the ten tracks on Field Report’s 2012 debut album were several years in the making. Nearly any time you read about Chris Porterfield and Field Report, there is mention of his past ties to DeYarmond Edison and and his ties to Justin Vernon. While that’s interesting to me, all of that would seem to be merely a means to get Porterfield and company to where they are today. Go ahead and click play on one of those songs below and read on.

The album opens with the track Fergus Falls, and although you know the lyrics and music are new, they feel like an old friend, as if you’ve always known and loved this tune.

 “The lyrics always come first, and then it’s figuring out how to score those lyrics.” 

That statement from Porterfield sums up his songwriting process, and as you listen to the album it is evident it works very well for him. For Field Report’s eponymous debut is one of those rare albums that feels complete, as if it’s one piece of art rather than just a collection of a dozen songs a band managed to put down on tape. You may not haven given it much thought before, but you know these albums… U2’s Joshua Tree, Radiohead’s OK Computer, The Bends, and Kid A, Whiskeytown’s  Stranger’s Almanac, Tom Waits’ Small Change, and I’ll even include Savannah Stopover favorites this mountain’s Future Ghost in the group. Now all of those are just my opinion, chances are you’ll disagree with some or even all of those. No doubt there are hundreds of albums like this, but they in the minority. We’re fortunate to have these guys back in town for Revival Fest this Saturday.

As Savannah Stopover 2013 approached last Spring, Field Report was one of the bands I most looked forward to seeing live. They played in venue that wouldn’t have been my first choice, but despite the challenges of the space, these guys delivered a stellar show that took me to another place for a short while during that hectic few days. Don’t miss them this Saturday at Revival Fest, they’re scheduled to play at 8:00 PM on the Paint Shop Stage. Click here for tickets and more information.