Les Racquet returns to Tybee Island Social Club Friday the 13th

Les Racquet didn’t hesitate to adopt Savannah and Tybee island as their home in the South during their initial visit here well over a year ago. They played a mid week show at Tybee Island Social Club last Wednesday, and they’re returning this Friday night. If you’ve never seen these three guys live, I urge you to drive out to Tybee Friday night and hear them in action. Each and every time I see them they’re better than the time before… part of that is simply that they’re phenomenal musicians, but they’re also keeping an insane schedule and honing their chops every night in front of enthusiastic crowds.

Fans of jazz will enjoy the live sets, while they won’t be playing standards, you’ll hear the jazz foundation in a lot of what they do and if you’re lucky they might even quote a little Brubek in the midst of one of their originals. Expect to hear impressive three part harmonies as well.

Their full length debut album Whale Hail  was recorded here in Savannah during the last quarter of 2012 at Elevated Basement Studio. The album art is by Tybee Island Social Club co-owner and chef Kurtis Schumm, who is also a talented musician and singer himself. Don’t be surprised if he joins them on stage at some point in the night. As the dinner crowd thins out, you can expect the crowd to start dancing. Music will likely start around 8:00 PM, Tybee Island Social Club is located at 1311 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328.

There is a Facebook event page for anyone wanting to stay abreast of any last minute changes.