1st Revival Fest coming up on Saturday, 9/14 at the Roundhouse

I’m really excited to hear some of the 12 bands playing the 1st annual (well, we hope it will be annual) Revival Fest on Saturday, 9/14 at the Roundhouse (officially the Georgia State Railroad Museum) off MLK here in Savannah.

The schedule will has pretty much continuous music on the two stages — one in the old paint shop and another outside. MusicFile Productions is putting on the event, with Capital A Productions handling the staging.

hissing lawns will be posting previews throughout the week of some of the acts we’re excited to hear on Saturday, so first here’s just a Soundcloud playlist of almost all the bands:

Btw, because of permit problems involving the health department, Revival Fest can’t hold the long-planned oyster and pig roasts, but other options are in process. Those who bought the higher-priced $55 tickets can get the food portion of that refunded. All tickets are now priced at $35. (We’ll save our rants about the local bureaucracy for a future post.)

For updates about logistics and other offerings, check out the Revival Fest Facebook page.

UPDATE: Click here for info and links regarding food and drink for Revival Fest.