Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 10/21/16 – 10/26/16

Hey guys,

There are several chances to catch some local acts at most of the venues downtown this weekend.  I would also recommend trying to see Everymen at the Jinx on Saturday, they are a pretty fun act.  If you have already seen them, I know you are probably already planning on going.  Most of the nights seem to be a good idea to float around downtown and see what catches your ear.  I hope to see ya’ll around soon.

Friday 21st
Damon & The ShitkickersRail Pub  (7p)
Britt Scott BandGrayson Stadium (Sav’h Bicycle Midnight Garden Ride, 8:30ish)
Between Symmetries, Generation Pill Jinx
Grovetown AssaultWild Wing Cafe
Georgia FloodCongress Street Social Club
The Norm, Andrew Scotchie and the River RatsBarrelhouse South
Wood & Steel BandMolly MacPherson’s
Brittany BoscoEl Rocko

Saturday 22nd
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour (6p)
Grinder NovaEl Rocko
Mantras, Orange Constant – Barrelhouse South
Everymen, Sav’h Sweet TeaseJinx ($10/15)

Monday 24th
Main Street TrioCocktail Co
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln
Russian Tsarlag, Justin Clifford Rhody, Jeff ZagersSulfur Studios

Tuesday 25th
Mitchell & Friends Acoustic Happy HourWormhole (6p)
Clouds and Satellites Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 26th
Waits & CoEl-Rocko (7:30-8:30p)

Sex Jams, Mile me deaf, Sunglow at House of Strut – photos

Hurricane Matthew hit the Savannah area late on Friday, October 7th and into the early morning of Saturday. There was widespread damage from the storm, but some areas weren’t hit all that hard. Sure, there were some badly damaged buildings in the downtown area, but most of us came out of the storm unscathed, and my house south of Forsyth Park never even lost power.

So by the Tuesday after the storm, parts of the city felt especially surreal. I saw almost no damage when I walked that evening south to House of Strut for another stacked Dad Joke show, but the streets were almost deserted even hours before the 10 p.m. curfew that was still in effect.

Because of the curfew, I ended up heading off for a quick bite at The Vault nearby before Cray Bags‘ set, but I caught the first three bands — the Savannah-based solo project Sunglow and two badass bands from Vienna — Sex Jams and Mile me deaf.

Sex Jams and Mile me deaf share several members, and their dense, ecstatic, high-energy sets provided a perfect catharsis after a tough few days. There was a little comedy too when Peter the bass player took a call mid-set from his mom and assured her that he was doing fine, even though the bands had continued heading south even as a hurricane was heading north. I obviously had to turn on the flash after sunset to get any sort of shots in the dark courtyard of the super-cool and casual vintage store. Another great night from our friends at Dad Joke.





New & Old on Constant Repeat – links

I’ve only contributed to our New Music Monday feature once, as I must admit that I’m not always up-to-date on the latest stuff coming out, but I thought that I might add to the week by putting together this post of what has been on repeat lately, or is ‘new to me’. It’s easy to get comfortable with the things I listen to regularly, and not step out of my comfort zone, but as a musician I find that every several years I go through a sorting out process & try to find music to get inspired by. In this post you’ll certainly find a few things from across the board, and they might seem a bit random, but for me music usually has a purpose outside of the pure joy of listening. I hope all of you enjoy these picks, nonetheless!

Through various friends in Atlanta I came across Blake Rainey of Young Antiques. Here’s a tune that came out quite a while ago, and surprises me that I never knew about this band when I was still living in Atlanta. This stuff has got a bit of punch & crunch, and definitely runs along the gutsy rock & roll track.

In moving forward, sometimes I have to look back at what was, and try to understand what got me to the place I’m in. My good friend Drew De Man of Pretend Sweethearts was the ringleader of a band that I considered to be one of the best alt-country/Americana acts around, called New River City. I’ve had the good fortune of having Drew join up with Waits & Co. occasionally, and it’s always a pleasure to get him to dust off some of the old chops when he’s with us. Check out this great piece of songwriting from back in the day.

Savannah Film Festival opens this Saturday, and one of the documentaries showing is a project that I’ve been involved with, and recorded an original song for. By clicking on this Happy: A Small Film With A Big Smile highlighted text you can hear the entire score. One of the artists, Telepathic Teddy Bear, is a newfound favorite of mine, and way outside the norm of what I usually listen to.

I suppose that with the film fest coming up I’ve had a lot of soundtracks running through my head, and this version of There Is An End by The Greenhornes with Holly Golightly from the Jim Jarmusch flick Broken Flowers is one that I keep coming back to.

This next one that I’ll post is something of a guilty pleasure, which Nick Kubley of PASSAFIRE likes to give me grief about, so this one is dedicated especially to him; tongue in cheek. Though my knowledge of Dubstep music is extremely limited, and I usually just wind up picking something from the plethora of material on YouTube, I find that it’s great for late night photo editing, especially when I’m on a deadline. Here’s one mix that I’ve listened to quite frequently for that very purpose.

Speaking of PASSAFIRE, singer & bassist Will Kubley’s other project The Hugeness just released a new album. I haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it yet, but I’m always impressed by the dedication that Will puts into his work, and the seemingly never-ending touring, writing, and recording that he’s involved in.

My last mention would be that ever since The High Divers performed at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts last month this song has been speaking to my current thoughts & feelings. Hopefully we’ll get these folks back down to Savannah in 2017.

In a nutshell I guess this post is a reminder to myself that while it’s easy to get stuck, there’s a whole world of great music out there, and as always…variety keeps me moving, thinking, and feeling. I hope that all of our followers will step out of ‘the usual’ from time to time and see what else is brewing!

Jon Waits

Round 2-15

New Music Monday – 10/17/16

We missed last week’s New Music Monday because of the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Matthew. There were some devastating impacts in the Savannah area, and the hissing lawns contributors feel fortunate to have suffered so few losses compared to so many of our friends and neighbors.

Hope you enjoy a few new tunes — I think there are some fantastic selections in this week’s post.


Kaia Kater
“Paradise Fell” from Nine Pin live at Stringband Spectacular in April 2016, the showcase for the Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar

The finale show of the Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar is one of the festival’s sleepers. The 2016 ensemble performances at the Lucas Theatre were predictably awesome, but Kaia Kater’s arrangement of her own song “Paradise Fell” from her new record Nine Pin was downright electrifying. If you haven’t heard of Kater, just wait, you will. – bill

Shovels & Rope
Charleston, SC
“Botched Execution” off the new album Little Seeds

Shovels & Rope is getting deservedly great reviews for the beautiful and varied new album Little Seeds, but right now I’m all about this crazy video. Just watch. Bonus points if you recognize the brilliant musician playing the escaped convict. – bill

The Weeks
Jackson, Mississippi
“Gold Don’t Rust”

Another new song from The Weeks, one of the best new bands in the new-but-not-all-that-new South. I’m among a throng of fans anxiously awaiting the band’s upcoming third LP. – bill

Jack White & Margo Price
“I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)” – The White Stripes cover on A Prairie Home Companion

Ok, I’m including a video from A Prairie Home Companion. Sue me. In early 2015, I got occasional questions about the “must-see” acts at the upcoming Savannah Stopover, and I always told people to see rising star Margo Price. Maybe we can quit saying “rising” soon. – bill

Hiss Golden Messenger
Durham, NC
Heart Like A Levee

In his sixth album (and second on Merge Records), M.C.Taylor (aka Hiss Golden Messenger) turns what started off as a song cycle for one of Duke University’s “Duke Performances”, which centered around a collection of 1972 black and white photographs of a coal mining camp in eastern Kentucky, into a full blown record. It merges the evocative impressions of William Gedney’s stark photos with issues Taylor was grappling with in his own life; most notably the struggle of supporting a family vs. living his life writing songs and touring as an artist. Taylor’s music always manages to convey both struggle and joy in its’ country-tinged soul, but never more perfectly than here. These are songs that deserve to bring him the praise (and financial rewards) he has long deserved. – Kayne

Nick Waterhouse
San Francisco/LA
Never Twice

Nick Waterhouse has been bubbling on the verge of a breakout for years. People, it’s time. This guy is simply amazing; a throwback neosoul artist stuck in the body of a 30 year old white guy. I want to stay up all night and spin obscure R&B 45’s with him. For his 3rd album Never Twice, released September 30th, he teamed back up with early collaborator and producer Michael McHugh (Black Lips, Ty Segall, Allah-Las). The result? Jazz, soul, blues, funk, boogaloo and rock pour out of every perfectly produced note. It’s both loose and tight if you know what I mean. Don’t miss the duo “Katchi” with Leon Bridges; it’s a standout among standouts. – Kayne

Illegal Drugs
Illegal Drugs, vinyl available for pre-order on Bandcamp, digitally streaming now

I caught Illegal Drugs during the ATL Mess Around, and really dug them. That I dig the new full length too, is no real surprise. Smart, hook laden, punky, garage rock with vocals that you can actually understand will forever be in my wheelhouse. – Tom

J Mascis
Amherst, MA
“Waltz #2” from Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith, out now on American Laundromat Records

Very much a reimagining of Elliott Smith’s classic waltz, Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis changes the lyrics, the tone, almost the whole song, to be honest, and somehow it just works. That’s both a testament to Smith’s impeccable songwriting skills and Mascis’ alt-iconic singing style and always amazing guitar work. – Tom

“Baby Teeth” from Gold, due 10/28 on Entertainment One

Look, I’m going to keep recommending new Whores. tunes until every heavy music fan that reads the blog has it figured out. This one is another pick sliding, mean, bulldozing, caustic, belligerent slab of nastiness. And I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. – Tom

Aaron Zimmer & Isaac Smith at The Sentient Bean – photos

As hissing lawns founder Bill Dawers wrote in a recent Do Savannah column, ‘it’s a great time to support Savannah musicians & establishments’. While the city at large has been reeling from Hurricane Matthew’s passing through the lowcountry, and dealing with related damage, those of us who make our living from performing have taken a second hit by having gigs postponed, and in some cases outright cancelled. We’ve already posted Larry Jack’s list of his live music picks for this weekend, and of course you can also check for more listings in Connect Savannah and Do Savannah.

True to the words he wrote, I ran into Bill as well as a passel of Savannah songwriters & performers at tonight’s acoustic show by Aaron Zimmer of City Hotel and the talented Isaac Smith at The Sentient Bean. These two troubadours & friends put on a great evening of solid songwriting & soulful playing, and their intimate performance was exactly what I needed to feel both ‘back at home’ after evacuating to Atlanta during the storm, and also to get my head in the game for a weekend of playing my own gigs.

Here are a few photos with more after the jump. We hope that all of our followers will get out & support the service industry & live music as Savannah slowly gets back on it’s feet!




Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 10/14/16 – 10/18/16

Hey guys,
Looks like another pretty good weekend of music. Be sure to get out and celebrate the end of The Curfew. If you are able, think about being a little generous this weekend with the cash, most of these bartenders and artists have not had any income since the hurricane. See ya’ll soon.

Friday 14th
Aaron Zimmer, Isaac Smith – Sentient Bean
Pink Floyd Laser Show – Wormhole ($7)
Superbob – Rachel’s 1190
Swamptooth – Molly MacPherson’s
Tropidelic, Treehouse – Barrelhouse South
Versatile – Congress Street Social Club
Sylvie Simmons, Packway Handle Band – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $20)

Saturday 15th
The Mercers – Molly MacPherson’s
Eric Culberson Band – El-Rocko
Chesapeake Sons, Chuck Courtenay – Barrelhouse South
Trae Pierce and the T-Stone Band – Congress Street Social Club

Sunday 16th
Jason Bible, Anders Thomsen – Tybee Post Theater (7p, $15)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 17th
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open Mic– Abe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 18th
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Craig Tanner Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 10/6/16 – 10/11/16

Hey guys,

I am assuming most of you have been keeping up with the storm and most of you have already evacuated. Any shows listed are assuming that the world does not end on Friday.

Thursday 10/6
GumpsEl Rocko Hurricane Party (6:45)

Friday 10/7

Saturday 10/8

Sunday 10/9

Monday 10/10
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 10/11
Mitchell & FriendsWormhole Happy Hour
Ben Keiser BandBay St Blues
Eric Culberson Open MicBayou Cafe
Open MicMolly MacPherson’s

New Music Monday – 10/3/16

And it’s that time of the week again. Click here for an archive of our New Music Monday posts.

Brent Cobb
Ellaville, GA/Nashville
“Shine On Rainy Day”

You know there’s something crazy happening in Country Music when Noisey/Vice is premiering country singles. But such is the case with Brent Cobb, who just might be the next in line for the Sturgill Simpson/Chris Stapleton/Margo Price/Jason Isbell ‘God save country music’ crown! The rural Georgia native has long been a noted songwriter but his 2nd solo album, out October 7th, has got everyone buzzing…and rightly so. Produced by his 2nd cousin Dave Cobb (Waylon Jennings, Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton), it feels like a long weekend drive through rural Georgia. Beautifully written storied songs filled with pathos and heart create a longing for simpler times. The album’s title track (above) was released on 9/30 and NPR’s got the whole album on First Listen. Even if you don’t generally veer toward country, give this one a listen – Kayne

Purchase, NY/Brooklyn, NY
“Hidden Driver” from Return To Love

These Lo-fi indie rockers formed in 2011 in Purchase, NY — the foursome all met at SUNY and two of their members are the guys behind the excellent DIY label Double Double Whammy. After two beloved cult albums and a few EPs, they signed to Sub Pop this summer which just released Return To Love on 9/23/16. I’m loving the Neutral Milk Hotel vibe on this track but the whole album is excellent; a weighty nod to the likes of 90’s era Pavement, the aforementioned NMH and even some early Grandaddy. -Kayne

Brock Scott
“Excited When It Rains”

In under 2 minutes, Atlanta-based Little Tybee frontman Brock Scott channels the memories of growing up down here on the coast. Brock will be playing songs from his upcoming solo effort on 10/6 The Buckhead Theatre. – bill

Muuy Biien
Athens, GA
“Bitter Blessings” off Age of Uncertainty, due Oct. 28 from Autumn Tone Records

Having been thrilled not long ago by Muuy Biien’s kinetic show at The Jinx, I wasn’t prepared for the restrained moodiness of this of this new track from the upcoming Age of Uncertainty. Joshua Evans’ biting vocals are fantastic here, but so is everything else about this song. If the rest of the album is this good, Muuy Biien might be on the verge of a breakout year. – bill

Between Symmetries

We interviewed Adam Jenkins about this project when it was in early stages. Each song is performed in honor of a Savannah venue, and if you scan the titles, you can really get a sense of the importance of the local DIY scene: just two of the titles — “The Jinx” and “The Wormhole” — honor dedicated, above-the-radar, currently operating venues. – bill

Father John Misty
“Real Love Baby”, non album track

So, this song isn’t brand spanking new, having been quietly uploaded to Soundcloud in May, and properly released as a single in August. It’s recently built up a bit of steam on satellite radio and has burrowed deep, deep into my brain. Surprisingly non-snarky compared to Josh Tillman’s other recent output, mellow, catchy, and just flat out beautiful. Certain to be one of my most played tracks of the year. – Tom

Big Jesus
“SP” off of Oneiric out now on Mascot Records

Big Jesus impressed me opening the Wrecking Ball Festival in the blazing midday ATL sun a couple months ago, not an easy feat under those conditions. This single recalls the best of radio friendly alternative rock while still sounding current. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I do know I’m looking forward to digging in to the new album. – Tom

The Coathangers
“Perfume” from the full length Nosebleed Weekend out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

Yet another video off of the very excellent Nosebleed Weekend, this one for one of the slower songs on the album. Pretty much any track on the album could be released as a single. Check it out, and if you like this tune at all, I highly recommend grabbing the album. – Tom

Perpetual Groove with Passafire at Lucas Theatre – photos

Last week Savannah had the pleasure of not just one, but two performances at Lucas Theatre for the Arts by the return of Perpetual Groove and openers, but no less impressive & on the rise Passafire. The concerts were put on by Live Wire and Southbound Brewing Company.

These photos are just a small jwaitsphoto collection from the double-header of groove, and both nights brought different sets & material. I’m choosing to let the photos tell the story & bring the show to you, instead of a ‘review’ this time ’round.

Lucas Theatre

Lucas Theatre









New Music Monday – 9/26/16

And we’re back with our weekly series of new songs and records that hissing lawns contributors are listening to. If you’ve got your own recommendations add them in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

“So High”

Starbenders’ Facebook page describes their genre as “ATL glam”, and that feels about right. Mixing psychedelia, driving hard rock, biting vocals, and a hard-to-pin-down manic edge, this new single — not too polished, not too raw — captures the energy of the band’s live sets. – bill

Lovely Bad Things
La Mirada, CA
“Teenage Grownups” off of the upcoming album of the same name

Combining a bit of modern pop punk with the aesthetics of 90’s garage and indie rock, Lovely Bad Things are quickly gaining attention in the California music scene as well as nationally. Their latest single “Teenage Grownups” showcases some influences from the likes of The Pixies but with a decidedly more West Coast sound. – Petee

American Football
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
“Give Me The Gun”

The Kinsella brothers, the core members of American Football, are no strangers to emo rock. American Football has been a staple of sad mixtapes everywhere since the release of their debut, self-titled album over 16 years ago. Now, the current resurgence of emo has spurred one of the most influential bands of the late 90’s back into action. – Petee

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
Brooklyn, NY/L.A.
“I Had A Dream That You Were Mine”

Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend have teamed up for an unlikely collaboration that navigates old territory with wonderful new twists. Leithauser’s trademark pleading howl is still there but under the spell of Rostam’s producing prowess, every track is a surprise — from retro doo-wops, to folk ballads to crooning indie rock. The collaboration gives one of today’s most recognizable rock voices enough space to breathe and layers and layers of music to envelop it. -Kayne

Los Angeles, CA
Head’s Up

It’s been two years since the four women of Warpaint have released an album. All have been busy with solo and side projects and the space apart seems to have opened things up musically.There’s a little less brooding and a lot more shimmer and confidence on this, their 3rd album… but lead single “New Song” may have actually confused fans into thinking they were journeying into pop. That track is the outlier on an otherwise ambitious record filled with brilliant rhythmic grooves and beats (and it cements Stella Mozgawa as one of the coolest drummers on planet earth). – Kayne

Nocturnal Habits
Olympia, WA
“Good Grief” from New Skin For Old Children due Oct. 28 on Glacial Pace

Great new post rock from Justin Trosper of the enormously influential and almost equally underappreciated Unwound. Highly recommended for fans of later Fugazi, Polvo, and similar meticulously constructed post rock. – Tom

The Powder Room
Athens, GA
“Sycophant” from Lucky out now on Learning Curve Records

A sweaty, hazy, video for a very Nirvanaesque track from their excellent recently released full length. Don’t miss them the next time they steamroll through The Jinx. – Tom

The Bronzed Chorus
Greensboro, NC

I was angry after seeing The Bronzed Chorus at Hang Fire. Angry, because no one had told me how great they are. A mad scientist duo constructing insane, mathy, instrumental music from looped guitar and off kilter, odd time signature drumming. I’m not sure how they keep track of everything going on in the songs, but I love it. RIYL Battles, Don Caballero, Tristeza. – Tom

The High Divers, Pretend Sweethearts, Aaron Zimmer at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts – photos

This past week brought Savannah the return of the quarterly Thursday Night Opry at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts. The Fall Edition was a great example of the variety of music that’s being presented in this historic ‘listening room’. Aaron Zimmer of City Hotel opened with a beautiful solo set, followed by Atlanta’s dynamic duo Pretend Sweethearts, and then Charleston, South Carolina’s The High Divers absolutely killed it as the headliners.

Here are a few photos with more after the jump….



7th annual Statts Fest at Grayson Stadium – photos

The 7th annual Statts Fest — a grand community gathering to support Jason Statts, who was paralyzed in a senseless Savannah shooting — was held last weekend at Grayson Stadium. Check out Friends of Statts on Facebook for tons more info.

It was a big space for this year’s party, but hundreds enjoyed the excellent lineup of musicians on a stage in right field, the food trucks behind home plate, the petting zoo and games down the 3rd base line, the silent auction under the stands, and — most importantly — a time to gather with friends. Great day, great cause.

Check out this post with predictably awesome photos by Geoff L. Johnson:

And here are some photos I took — click on through for shots of Joe Nelson and James Pittman, City Hotel, Bottles and Cans, Damon and the Shitkickers, Waits & Co., and The Train Wrecks (joined on stage by Jason’s son Jack):