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MusicFile Productions released the Revival Fest schedule earlier today.

Let’s put it simply: September 12th promises to be one of the best days for live music in Savannah in 2015.

RF Schedule 2015 FINAL_Web ver.2

Revival Fest takes place on two stages, which are sponsored this year by Do Savannah and GPB Savannah, inside and outside the old railway paint shops on the western edge of the Georgia State Railroad Museum (aka, The Roundhouse). Capital A Productions will be handling sound, lighting, and staging again this year.

Revival Fest is the only festival gig that Fruit Bats is scheduled to play since the group recently reformed. Southern Culture on the Skids played a raucous and wild show to kick off the 2015 Savannah Stopover, which is also produced by MusicFile, and there’s every reason to expect another exciting set. Those Darlins has embraced a kind of alt-country that feel both intensely “alt” and solidly “country” — no mean feat. Parker Millsap might be the best folk and blues performer that you’ve never heard of.

Missionary Blues and The Grand Gestures are both excellent local choices for the lineup.

And on and on.

The Revival Fest gates open at noon with a performance by the Savannah-based Sweet Thunder Strolling Band, which, like the last two years, will be performing throughout the day between stage sets.

General admission tickets are $45. VIP tickets are $95. Click here to buy tix. (I thought the VIP ticket was a good value last year, and I bought one again this year.) From today’s press release: “Children 10 and under are free. Tickets can also be purchased on site the day of the festival, as available. A portion of proceeds benefit the Coastal Heritage Society and Tricentennial Parks which operates The Railroad Museum.”

The Revival Fest Marketplace, which is sponsored by Creative Approach, will include a variety of vendors, including Barnes XPress Mobile Kitchen, Leopold’s Ice Cream, 13 Bricks Clothing, Art Rise Savannah, WellFED Savannah, Kleo’s Handcrafted Soaps, Batey Rehab Project Inc, Duende Ecofriendly Leather, Deep Earth, and Mamie Ruth | M.Liz Studios and Boutique.

Click here to see the featured beers and liquors.

On Friday, Sept. 11th, from 6 to 9 p.m., there will be a Revival Fest kickoff: Bourbon & Brass On Broughton, which will be hosted by the Savannah Downtown Business Association and Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans.

Meanwhile, around the corner at The Jinx Saturday night, earplugs were being melted by a great lineup of ATL’s Whores. and Dropout, with local support by The Toxic Shock.

I believe it was The Toxic Shock‘s first Jinx show, and the three piece is coming along nicely, with some catchy riffs and short, energetic, punk blasts.

Dropout has played The Jinx before, but I certainly had never seen them. Dealing in pure volume and lock tight riffs, this was hardcore, metal or punk, take your pick. Vocalist Stenvik Mostrom chose to perform at floor level, which led to some great crowd interactions. Gnarly, gnarly, vocals a la Negative Approach/Laughing Hyenas’ John Brannon. Heavy duty.

Speaking of heavy duty, Whores. is leading the charge in the current noise rock resurgence. Huge, hooky, riffs, played at maximum volume by an uncompromisingly tight trio. It’s no surprise that they are gaining national attention and are about to embark on a substantial U.S. tour supporting the mighty Red Fang. If you like your music ugly and punishing (but, you know, in a good way), I highly recommend checking out both of their e.p.’s, Ruiner and Clean, they’re never far from my turntable.



The Toxic Shock
The Toxic Shock-1

Click through for more photos (btw, bill might post even more pics later this week): Continue reading →

We love Wet Socks around here, and I’m sure several contributors to this blog will be at Dollhouse Productions on Thursday, 9/3, as the garage rock duo starts their extensive fall tour in a show with Crazy Bag Lady and Breakers. (Really good to see Dollhouse booking bands again, btw.)

Here’s Wet Socks’ tour as it currently stands. As they get to the West Coast, there are smatterings of open dates, so if you know of clubs, bands, potential fans, etc., in any of those cities, get in touch with Wet Socks via their Facebook page.

HEY PEOPLE OF THE USA!This is our tour schedule! As you can see we do still have a few missing dates (TBA's) so if you…

Posted by Wet Socks on Monday, August 31, 2015

You can purchase Wet Socks’ debut album Drips through Retro Futurist Records on vinyl, CD, and download.

There were rumors on Saturday that Hang Fire’s “last hurrah” might turn out to be premature, and, sure enough, it has been confirmed today by both Do Savannah and Connect Savannah that the club’s lease has been extended through the end of 2015.

Both publications quote a statement by co-owner Heather Flagle, who suggests that things are moving forward on securing a new downtown space that should be ready soon after Hang Fire leaves Whitaker Street.

37 Whitaker Street is still listed on LoopNet for $33.99 SF/YR, which works out to $4,000 per month for 1,412 square feet. It has turned out to be a great location for a small bar that depends heavily on local and repeat business, but that’s a lot of money for a retail shop on a relatively unpleasant street like Whitaker.

Hang Fire will now face a little challenge getting the word out that they’re still open for a while, and another challenge letting touring bands know that the club remains an option for four more months.

So: great news that Hang Fire will be open in its current location a while longer, but even better news that a new space is in the works.

Well today — August 29th — will be your last chance to enjoy the quirky, cozy confines of Hang Fire here in Savannah. The lease is expiring and is not being renewed because of longstanding complaints about noise from owners of condos upstairs. As I understand it, there has been some sort of bar at 37 Whitaker Street since the 19th century, and Hang Fire was open well before anyone tried to move in upstairs.

Wes Daniel and Heather Flagle have both expressed optimism about finding a new space — maybe even two spaces — but nothing has been announced yet.

Anna Chandler (who was a contributor to this blog before become an editor at Connect Savannah) wrote a great piece this week:

“I think we’ve given them a place to start out,” Daniel says. “And there are so many bands now…I remember at the time we opened, there was Kylesa, Black Tusk, Superhorse…it was sparse. The Americana thing hadn’t happened. Then gradually, over the last two, three years, there are so many bands, and so many really, really good bands.”

“I remember back in the day, people would say how much the music scene in Savannah sucked,” Flagle chimes in.

“When I hear that now, I say, ‘you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” says Daniel.

Bradley Mullis wrote about today’s huge 11-act closing day in Do Savannah:

“There are so many great memories,” said Crazy Bag Lady frontman Josh Sterno, as he made a fist, pounding his chest with a flexed arm. “But my fondest is Crazy Bag Lady’s record release.”

He went on to say, “I grew as an artist, a musician and a person there. Wes and Heather gave me the platform and freedom to do whatever I wanted (as a promoter and a performer) … To me, 37 Whitaker St. will always be Hang Fire, and nothing else.”

In my City Talk column on Tuesday, I recalled my interview with Wes in 2006:

“We’re really about the locals,” Daniel said when I asked about opening in the summer when so many college students were out of town and when tourism was waning.

“The mere mention of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ makes our stomachs turn,” he added.

So here’s the crazy lineup for today. Superhorse was the first band to played at Hang Fire’s opening, but the bar didn’t become a major music venue until around 2011 when the small stage at the front was added for the inaugural Savannah Stopover.


Hope to see a lot of you tonight. I could go on and on about good times at Hang Fire over the last nine years, but right now I’m just thinking about today.

Having grown out of the deep roots of heavy music in Savannah, Baroness remains very much identified with the city’s scene even though they haven’t played a gig here for several years. (I’m not really sure about the last date, but was the last Savannah show all the way back at the grand opening of Civvies in 2010? Anyone?)

Anyway, Baroness’ new album Purple will be released on Dec. 18. Here’s an embed from the band’s Facebook page that includes the stunning new video for the lush, dense, and intense “Chlorine & Wine”.

Our new album ‘Purple’ (out December 18) is done. We spent our time writing and refocusing our sound; we developed a…

Posted by Baroness on Friday, August 28, 2015

Hey guys,
This week is kinda strange. There is lots of good music, actually an above average week. The problem with this week is that Hang Fire will be closing its doors Saturday. I am expecting that they will be reopening soon, but it is still the end of the current Hang Fire. I have to say, they know how to close it down though. be sure to stop by sometime, there will be music there starting at 5pm. And some of my favorite acts are playing early (of course, some favorites later too). I would also like to point out that this will be last week to grab a Scorpion Tea. The best $5 you can spend. I am looking forward to the new location, Hang Fire.

I also wanted to mention two traveling bands that I am looking forward to this week. Funk You is a funk band from Augusta that is good to see if you feel like dancing, they are playing Friday night at Barrelhouse. Hymn For Her is a two piece husband-wife duo. They play punky-country-grungy-rocky stuff. And live in a 1961 Airstream. They will be playing at Sentient Bean on Tuesday. Go see them, you won’t regret it.

Thursday 27th
Blackfoot Gypsies (Nashville blues rock) – Molly MacPherson’s
AM Rodriguez, Lochness Mobsters, The Gun Hoes (Miami surf-garage) – Jinx ($8)
Les Racquet (Sav’h/ Brooklyn rock) – Barrelhouse South

Friday 28th
American Hologram (Sav’h  Americana goth pop) – Jazz’d
Funk You (Augusta funk rock), Piano (Statesboro blues-rock) – Barrelhouse South
Magic Rocks (Sav’h classic rock) – Molly MacPherson’s
Withered (Atlanta doom metal), Order Of The Owl (Atlanta stoner-doom) – Jinx

Saturday 29th
Hang Fire Hasta La VistaCurbdogs, Carpet Coats, Lovely Locks, Superhorse, Red Sea, Blonde Mom, Triathalon, Crazy Bag Lady, White Treasure, House of Gunt, Wax Tan Body (formerly Cheedoh Du$t)
Ben Lewis, Orange Constant, Universal SighBarrelhouse South
Great Barrier ReefsCongress Street Social Club
HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s
Whores, Dropout, Toxic ShockJinx

Sunday 30th
Ray LundyJazz’d

Tuesday 1st
Hymn For Her Sentient Bean
Payne BridgesFoxy Loxy Cafe

Wednesday 2nd
Crud, Wage SlaveJinx

Thursday 3rd
Wet Socks, Crazy Bag Lady, BreakersDollhouse Studios  (free)


To the uninitiated, Valient Thorr may seem to be a joke band, with its very metal logo, backstory about having crash landed their spaceship from Venus, Ramonesesque names (Storm Thorr, Sadat Thorr, Bjorn Thorr, etc.), wrestling boots and denim vests, but a couple songs into their set it becomes very clear that this is no joke, this is rock and roll, man. An energetic and loose (dare I say groovy?) rhythm section, dueling Les Pauls, and one of the most engaging front men in rock, Valient Himself, who WILL overwhelm you with his positive energy, unexpected stamina, unconventional charisma and flat out ability to actually sing. Metalsucks named Valient Himself the #2 modern metal vocalist, hell, even the ever cranky, oh so hip, Pitchfork likes Valient Thorr.

What does all this mean? It means this show was a lot of fun and you should definitely catch them on one of their neverending tours.

What can I say about Crazy Bag Lady that we haven’t said before? Great songs, overflowing energy, super tight set. I can’t remember the last time I saw a sub par Crazy Bag Lady show, and I see them more than a little. Perfect opener for Valient Thorr, who gave Crazy Bag Lady one of the most sincere opening band shout outs that I’ve seen. Really cool stuff all around at The Jinx.

Oh, and bonus points for multiple Athon shout outs and the Van Damme masterpiece Bloodsport playing on the screen during the show. Lots more photos after the jump:

Crazy Bag Lady-4

Valient Thorr-1 Continue reading →

Well this is exciting.

The Music Vault in Hardeeville, just a 10 minute drive from downtown Savannah, has announced a 10/10 gig featuring Insane Clown Posse, P.O.D., Stitches, Young Wicked, and Dope D.O.D.

****CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT****Insane Clown PosseP.O.D.StitchesYoung WickedDope D.O.D.Saturday October 10th 2015 $30 advance $35 day of show Tickets on sale this Friday August 28th @ 10am on etix.com

Posted by Music Vault on Monday, August 24, 2015

Click here to see all the dates on the Marvelous Missing Link Tour.

The Music Vault is still a relatively new venue that has so far specialized in various country acts. Maybe if this show does well — and how could it not do well? — we’ll see the venue expand its programming.