Athens Popfest – review + photos

After a five year hiatus, Athens Popfest returned with a bang last week. The four day festival began the day before UGA classes started back, and as such, it felt like a last celebration of the townies before the students take everything over again. There were quite a few bands from out of town playing at Popfest, but it had a very local, homey feel — every artist I saw made a point to thank Mike Turner for putting the event on, many attendees had on shirts from local bands, and everyone gushed about what a great city Athens is.

The first act I caught was Nightblonde. The synth group hails from Nashville and were quite entertaining. The lead singer had a (very cool!) tattoo of a yellow submarine on her arm, though their style was way more Bowie than Beatles.  All four members were dressed in all black with flamboyant glittery winged eyeliner.  Their first album just released this summer. My favorite song description was of a poppy track called “Laughing”, which was described by a band member as being about “taking pills and watching your husband burn books.”

1 Nightblonde4

I wasn’t feeling too well and had to work the next day, so I didn’t see anyone else Wednesday, but Thursday I stopped by on my way home from work and caught the tail end of SHEHEHE‘s act. The singers were a bit screamy for my tastes, but for those who like garage/punk rock, they were great. I loved how the main singer stood in the middle of the crowd for a good bit of the set — though you had to how she kept from slamming into crowd members when banging her long hair in her face nonstop.

2 Shehehe8

The Wrecking Ball 2016 Saturday – photos

Well, my original plan was to do all of The Wrecking Ball, VIP, but it didn’t work out that way. Actually, let me back up a bit…my main reason for attending Wrecking Ball was to see Drive Like Jehu, the San Diego noise rock/post hardcore pioneers who were playing a few reunion dates. I almost took the plunge and committed to a trip to the UK in the spring to see the Drive Like Jehu-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, but a nagging doubt about the financial viability of the promoter ended up being spot on, and I was both bummed and relieved when it was cancelled.

Anyway, Wrecking Ball provided me with another opportunity to catch them, and I rolled a Saturday ticket into a non-related work trip, and had a great, if sweltering, day. Almost without fail, the daytime acts commented on the heat from the shade of the stage, as if we weren’t all acutely aware of the laser-like conditions in the park/ex-parking lot beside the decrepit Masquerade. Big Jesus started the day off, and I can see why there was a pretty good buzz around their set at The Jinx recently that I had missed. Rock like Big Jesus is made for a club, but I thought it stood up fairly well under the sun, same with Milemarker, who I’ve somehow never caught either.

At this point I headed inside, if only for some respite from the heat (it was hot, did I mention that?). I caught the last song from Abuse of Power on the Hell stage, and a pretty serious crowd was into it. Cool. Upstairs to Heaven, where Microwave was about to take the stage. I knew nothing of the ATL local emo/rock outfit, but I was definitely in the minority there, with most of the packed room singing along to pretty much every song. After a few songs, I let some of those rabid fans take my place along the stage and again braved the almost shadeless lot between the encroaching gentrification that held the North and South stages.

I caught a few songs from Diarrhea Planet, whose energy plays better on a smaller stage, and then walked the few hundred yards to see Juliette Lewis and the Licks. I had no idea what to expect, to be honest, but it involved an Evel Knievel jumpsuit, some grungy blues rock that was better than I would have guessed, and a lead singer who understood performance. Huh, who knew? Anti-Flag’s catchy anthems work really well for a festival crowd, with sing along choruses and politics that play well with a punk rock crowd. Late in their set, they cleared a small circle in the pit area and set the drums up literally at my feet. Chris No.2 stood atop the kit, singing and playing and generally working fans into a frenzy. Super cool interaction.

I still can’t really buy into Deafheaven’s vocals, and black metal and bright sunshine don’t mix well (I tried, I really did), so I caught parts of sets from Bayside, The Joy Formidable, and somehow ended against the fence for The Bouncing Souls. Old school pop punk with singalong choruses for days, the crowd was super into it, which was pretty infectious, if I’m being honest.

Deerhunter was much more serious, with Bradford Cox speaking on Atlanta’s gentrification, and putting together some soulful, well-crafted indie rock with a sizable supporting cast. The Julie Ruin was up next for me, and holy shit, Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill(!!!), Le Tigre) is a force of nature. Speaking out against misogyny between songs, her performance was totally magnetic. As much as I was enjoying the set, I pulled myself away to get a good spot for Drive Like Jehu.

Drive Like Jehu was everything I expected, furious, crushing, and cranking out relatively ancient post-hardcore guitar worship that still sounds totally vital today. Stunning. Ferocious. Savage. Beautiful.

I shuffled over to L7, where a giant crowd was amassed and digging it. The last time I saw L7 (1989? 90?) was with a crowd of 40-50 people and the most notable thing about that set was how bad they smelled. Literally. I mean you could smell them when they walked in the room. BAD. I’m sure their hygiene has improved considerably, as has their crowds over the years. Good for them. I caught a cab hilariously sitting in the middle of tons of people waiting on their UBERs to show up and was happy to be out of the heat, out of a crowd, off my feet, and in a bed in an air conditioned room.



The Bouncing Souls-4

New Music Monday – 8/22/16

We’re back with another New Music Monday — a weekly feature that includes new (and newish) songs and records that our contributors recommend. We’re all over the map again this week. Enjoy.

The Menzingers
Philadelphia, PA

The Menzingers newest single off of their upcoming album, After The Party, is a bit more refined and polished than their prior work but just as heartfelt. Nostalgic punk rock at its best. – Petee

Happy Diving
Oakland, CA
Electric Soul Unity

Happy Diving’s sophomore album, Electric Soul Unity, is a fuzzy-noise laden indie rock jammer for sure. Taking hints from Dinosaur Jr. and contemporary artists like Creepoid, the album is chocked full of sludgy yet complex guitars riffs. – Petee

Against Me!
Gainesville, FL
“Haunting, Haunted, Haunts”

The newest single from Against Me!’s upcoming album, “Shape Shift With Me”, is definitely anthem in the making. It’s raucous punk rock dealing with love and drunkenness and has the makings to be one of the best tracks on the highly anticipated release this September. – Petee

Clouds & Satellites

Markus Kuhlmann’s Clouds & Satellites doesn’t play as many gigs as some other Savannah-based bands, but the ensemble’s music just keeps getting richer. The new EP suggests that the band has many new paths it could choose. – bill

B.J. Barham
Raleigh, North Carolina

The American Aquarium frontman slims things down for this thoughtful, reflective solo collection. – bill

The Tallest Man On Earth

“Rivers” is another new single from The Tallest Man On Earth following June’s “Time of the Blue”; if you give this one a listen, stick with it until those sublime horns kick in. At this point, he’s been mum about a new album release, so maybe he’s trying out the singles approach other artists have been employing. – Jason

Aaron Lee Tasjan
New Albany, OH / Nashville, TN
“Little Movies” fromt the new album Silver Tears due out October 28

Tasjan is simply a damned good songwriter, I was reminded a little of early Matthew Sweet and Freedy Johnston when I first listened to him on Crooked River Burning. And while I wasn’t as crazy about his second album, if “Little Movies” is indicative of the rest of Silver Tears, it’s going to be his best yet. – Jason

Los Angeles, CA
“Hardwired” off of upcoming Hardwired…to Self Destruct double LP

Okay, in case you’re one of the 5 people who doesn’t know that there’s a new Metallica song out…uhh…there’s a new Metallica song out. Throwback, speedy, chugging thrash instrumentation, inane lyrics, so pretty much best case scenario for 2016 Metallica, right? I won’t lie, I’d be fairly happy with a whole album of this. A double album seems like it would be pushing it, though. – Tom

“Position Remote” out now on Reptilian Records (3 song album preview)

Multicult is a major player in the current noise rock resurgence, and for damn good reason. Heavy, raw, and riffy, I’m a total sucker for this stuff. – Tom

Fullerton, CA/LA

Burger Records So-Cal faves release their latest offering, another psych/garage/ pop blast. With tracks like “Be-Bop-A-Loser” and “Doom Generation”, you pretty much know what you’re getting but that’s just fine by me. – Kayne

Carl Broemel
“Sleepy Lagoon”

My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel released his third solo album Friday with this super chill video for lead single “Sleepy Lagoon”. The album, titled 4th of July, seems oddly timed for late August but the vibe’s got that breezy Indian Summer feel that’s hopefully just around the corner. Broemel hits the road with Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles, playing a slew of southeast and Midwest dates. – Kayne

Pre-Statts Fest at The Jinx with Black Tusk, Bear Fight, Hotplate, Lies in Stone – photos

This year’s Statts Fest will be at Grayson Stadium — click here for our first preview of this great community event — but the folks at The Jinx recently hosted a pre-festival show, with proceeds directly supporting Jason Statts.

It was a tremendous night of heavy music, with Black Tusk finishing things off in a fury. The band had recently returned from a tour of Australia and New Zealand, and maybe the jet lag actually helps their sludge/stoner metal? They were tremendous.

Bear Fight played a relatively short set of their signature heavy and largely instrumental rock. Before that, Hotplate again showed off their mathy, metal brilliance, and the newish band Lies In Stone did another electrifying set.

I took a lot of photos, and they’re really uneven because there were only a couple of decently lit areas of the stage. The light was pretty awesome in a couple of spots though. Lots more photos — especially of Lies In Stone — after the jump.





Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 8/18/16 – 8/24/16

Hey guys,
This looks like a pretty good weekend around town. There are a few shows that are worth pointing out. The show at the Jinx on Thursday must be a big deal, but I think I am a little too old to know about David Liebe Hart. The Jinx looks like the place to be on Friday also, with another cover band night. There are several choices on Saturday, but I would be sure to check out the Hypnotics CD release party (another Jinx show!!!) and if you like the music, be sure to pick up the disc, it sounds just like their show. I will probably be bouncing around on that night. One last show to mention is the Wormhole show on Wednesday, it looks like the nice mixture of styles could make for a good night.

Thursday 18th
David Liebe Hart (Adult Swim, Tim & Eric), Greta O & The Toxic Shock (Sav’h punk), Gumps (Sav’h fraggle-punk), Skippy SpiralJinx (9p, $12/15)
Harbor Pilots (Sav’h singer-songwriters) – Molly MacPherson’s
Yamadeo (FL reggae-rock), Sowflo (FL reggae-rock) – Barrelhouse South

Friday 19th
Charlie Fog Band (Sav’h Grateful Dead covers) – Molly MacPherson’s
Dead 27s (SC rock-soul), Jimkata (NY synth rock & roll) – Barrelhouse South
Sad Wings of Destiny (Judas Priest cover band), Cheap Chick, EZLVR (80’s rock) – Jinx

Saturday 20th
Damon & The Shitkickers (Sav’h outlaw country) – Jinx Happy Hour
Hypnotics CD Release Party (Sav’h garage rock), Shantih Shantih (Atl rock) – Jinx
A Drug Called Tradition (Atl southern psych rock), Chew (Atl fuzz psych) – Congress Street Social Club
General Patton and the Heads of State (Sav’h rock) – Molly MacPherson’s
Vegabonds (TN southern rock), Sumilan (Atl electro rock) – Barrelhouse South
Delta Moon (Atl Americana) – Tybee Post Theater ($25)

Sunday 21st
Johnny Octane (Sav’h rockabilly), Ben Keiser Band (Sav’h rock), CC Witt (Sav’h singer-songwriter) – Tybee Post Theater ($15)
Voodoo Soup (Sav’h rock covers) – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 22nd
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 23rd
Clouds & Satellites (Sav’h rawk) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Craig Tanner Open MicMolly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 24th
Glass Mansions (SC electropop), Pussy Launcher (Sav’h punk), Britt Scott (Sav’h singer-songwriter), Nico and Mitch (Sav’h rock) – Wormhole

New Music Monday – 8/15/16

And here’s another of our New Music Mondays. Please click on through the embedded media to support the artists.

Hiss Golden Messenger
Durham, NC
“Biloxi” from Heart Like a Levee out October 7 on Merge Records

Right about now, you’re likely thinking my musical taste is all over the place. You’d be right. My favorite musicians / bands come from all over the musical landscape. MC Taylor and Hiss Golden Messenger pull from country, soul, jazz, punk, gospel, and more. You name a genre, they’re probably putting it in the mix at some point or another. What better way to write great music than to build on everything you’ve encountered in life? – Jason

Angela McCluskey
“You and Me”

A new single from this incredible California based Scottish singer. Angela was in town doing a bit of cabaret with her composer husband Paul Cantelon and a rotating cast of high caliber musicians during last year’s Savannah Film Festival, and I made sure to drop in every night. While it was a film festival, these intimate shows were definitely a highlight for me. If you’re thinking she sounds familiar, you’ve defintely heard her voice before, whether it was during a commercial for AMEX or when she’s worked with Dr. John, Cindy Lauper, Deep Forest, Tryptich, Paul Oakenfold, or Télépopmusik. Take a few minutes to go through her body of work and you may just get sucked in. All that and she was gracious and kind each time we chatted. – Jason

Arum Rae
“Wasn’t My Time” from her new EP Loners

I don’t know how many of you remember her from her time here in Savannah playing Sentient Bean and The Jinx, but Arum’s lead track from her recently released EP is one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard this year. It sounds different than most of her previous work to my ears and I hope her fans give it a chance. – Jason

Daniela Andrade
Toronto / Montreal
“Digital Age” from her recent EP Shore

While I found this song on a Spotify playlist of a friend, apparently Daniela grew her fan base via YouTube and other social media channels. All I know is this song is now in one of my weird, late night playlists. Maybe I’ll share one of those here on hissing lawns one day. – Jason

You Once Were
Savannah GA
b side for a tape that has our old stuff on the A side

Self-described as “emoviolence” and that makes sense on the first track, “tired, can’t forgive”, all feedback and laid bare anger and aggression of youth. The following track, though, retains a bit of the feedback over a slow chord progression and some found samples. Kinda cool all around. – Tom

JEFF the Brotherhood
Zone out now on Dine Alone Records

The brothers Orrall have created an album of tight, yet fuzzy psyche/grunge that would have sounded great in 1991 and that you’d still be spinning today. I saw them open for Weezer a couple years ago, and it totally made sense. – Tom

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 8/11/16 – 8/16/16

Hey guys,
Another big week around town. No time to talk about it, I am getting ready to head out tonight. A few quick shows to take note of this week: Independents at Wormhole, the Jinx show on Saturday, Trae Pierce & The T-Stone Band at Social Club on Saturday.

Thursday 11th
Mobley, McLeod, Isaac EnenWormhole
Savi FernandezBarrelhouse South
Matt EckstineMolly MacPherson’s
Wave Slaves, Woolly Bushmen, Michael Martin & The Beautiful MessJinx
Uniform, Cray Bags, DROSE, The DeathDollhouse Studios (8p)

Friday 12th
BBFXMolly MacPherson’s
Benobi, Five40Barrelhouse South
The Independents – Wormhole
The Norm – Congress Street Social Club
ClayBankRandy Wood Guitars  ($23, 8p)
Isaac Smith, Clay James & The Southern Playas, Little John Roberts & DJ AktiveJinx

Saturday 13th
Black Tusk, Bear Fight, Hot Plate, Lies In StoneJinx
Night ShiftsMolly MacPherson’s
Row Jomah, Holey Miss MoleyBarrelhouse South
Trae Pierce & The T-StonesCongress Street Social Club
Sunday Is Coming, Enslaved Armada, Kerry WalshWormhole

Sunday 14th
Bucky & Barry, Train WrecksWild Wing Cafe
Chubby Carrier Zydeco Dance PartyTybee Post Theater  ($25, 7-9p)
Melissa Brooks & Aquadolls, Wave SlavesSentient Bean ($6, 7:30)
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 15th
Main Street TrioCocktail Co (8-11p)
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 16th
City Hotel Solo SessionsFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Time to get ready for 7th Annual Statts Fest

On September 17th, Statts Fest Goes Bananas.

And now is the time for supporters and live music lovers in general to tune in, buy advance tickets, consider donations to the silent auction, and generally help spread the word about this extraordinary event, which is celebrating its 7th year. Click here to visit the Friends of Statts website and see how you can help. hissing lawns is proud to be among the many sponsors.

If you’re not familiar with the backstory, read Jason’s essay “Strength Beyond Strength: The Jason Statts Story” in Decibel Magazine. Despite being paralyzed from a senseless shooting in 2008, Jason lives a remarkably independent life, and the ongoing efforts of Friends of Statts are critical to secure Jason’s quality of life.

Statts Fest has been in a variety of venues over the years, but this year the event moves to Grayson Stadium for the first time.

Before reading more about the full festival, you should mark your calendar for a special pre-Statts Fest party at The Jinx: the Saturday, August 13th show headlined by Black Tusk. Bear Fight, Hotplate, and Lies in Stone are also on the bill.

From the Statts Fest Facebook event:

We are excited to announce this year’s 7th Annual Statts Fest – it is going to be bigger & better than ever! Mark September 17th on your calendar now. Join us at Grayson Stadium for live local music, food trucks from Savannah Food Truck Festival, silent auction and kids’ activities.

Advanced tickets can be purchased online for $15 or the day of for $20, children 12 & under free w/ adult. Savannah Bicycle Campaign will be providing bike valet and Savannah Food Truck Association will be on-hand with a variety of food trucks.

Bring your chairs and blankets and enjoy live music on the infield. Confirmed bands include Joe Nelson and James Pittman, Damon and the Shitkickers, Bottles & Cans, Waits & Co., The Train Wrecks and City Hotel

If you need any additional information, or want to get more involved, drop us a line at

We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark on September 17th!

Because Grayson creates the possibility of a larger scale event than in years past, the organizers are hoping to get a significant number of ticket presales so that they can give a good head count to the food trucks and other vendors. The Parkside Neighborhood Association is on board and will have a table at the event. Like in the past, there will surely be a great collection of items in the silent auction, including gift certificates and fine art.

And if you know anything about the local music scene, you can see that the event will include some of the best Americana, bluegrass, blues, and alt-country acts in Savannah. It’s going to be quite a party. Since the event goes from 3 to 8 p.m. on a Saturday, it should be a good time for kids and for people with other afternoon and evening commitments.

Let’s not do the usual Savannah thing and wait till the last minute, so hustle on over to Friends of Statts and get your advance tickets.

Women Of The Year – The Best of 2016 (So Far!)


“That MSG tastes good to me
I disagree with all your warnings
It can’t be true that they use glue to
Keep the noodles stuck together”

So sings Courtney Barnett about her love affair with Mi Goreng instant soup in “Three Packs A Day”, another sublime song about the simply mundane from the young Australian songwriter who has taken the world by storm.

It begins our Savannah Stopover mid-year playlist of the best new music, one that started off coed but ended up all female. There were so many female artists making the list that we decided to go “all in” because the women are seriously kicking ass this year.

This isn’t a new thing, women have been dominating commercial country and pop for years, but it is a growing trend in indie music, long the perceived bastion of predominantly white, bearded, flanneled men. We listen with our ears not our eyes and in this day and age, we really shouldn’t have to make any gender distinctions; no one ever says “here’s a great new band that’s all male”. But I think this class of 2016 females deserves some strong attention and if separating them out helps that, let’s do it!

What do these women have in common? They’re all gifted songwriters and lyricists and they’re fierce, often without ever having to raise their voice, and in our opinion, most possess what I call a singular voice. Within the first several seconds, they are identifiable. They sound like no other. That’s a harder qualifier than you might think until you start putting it to the test. In many cases it applies as much to lyrical style as it does to musical style. When Eleanor Friedberger opens her mouth, I know it’s her. Instantly. I’m not scratching my head and saying “wait, wait, who is this?”. Ditto for Beth Orton, Thao Nguyen, Haley Fohr (aka Circuit Des Yeux), Adia Victoria and of course Barnett, to name just a few. (Caveat: you won’t find any Beyoncé/Kesha/Adele here, this playlist’s for the curious explorer of the non-mainstream.)

While the list skews to American artists, the rest of the world is in on the trend and in some markets leading it: Australia (Barnett and Julia Jacklin), New Zealand ( Yumi Zouma, Tash Sultana), England (Beth Orton- who’s been at this for years!, She Drew The Gun, Alice Jemima), Spain (Hinds), Denmark (Agnes Obel) and Ecuador (Maria Usbeck).

Many of these artists may be new to you; there’s a slew of newcomers who made the cut, many of whom are garnering much deserved praise -Lucy Dacus, Margaret Glaspy, Japanese Breakfast, Big Thief, Tash Sultana, Julia Jacklin, etc.

I hope you love it as much as we loved putting it together and that you find a few new favorites ~~from folk to punk and back.

Special thanks to Peter Robaudo who kicks ass every day helping with all things Savannah Stopover and MusicFile Productions and loves female artists as much as I do. He helped me both cull down and add to this list.

Here’s the full list:

New Music Monday – 8/8/16

It’s that time of the week again. Here are some new songs and records that our contributors are listening to. Click on through to find more by the artists and to follow them on social media. Enjoy!

Blind Pilot
Portland, OR
“And Then Like Lions”

It’s too early for me to have a favorite from Blind Pilot’s new album due out on August 12, but after listening one time through I can tell this one of those albums I’ll put on and let play all of the way through while hanging around the house. That’s a good thing, I can’t say that about most bands I like these days. – Jason

Mandolin Orange
Chapel Hill, NC
“Wildfire” from the new album Blindfaller due out September 30 on Yep Roc Records

I had never even heard of Mandolin Orange until a few weeks ago when this song appeared on a new music playlist I follow. If it were on vinyl I’d have worn it out by now. Mandolin Orange is touring this fall, and although they’re not stopping in Savannah, you can catch them in Charleston, Athens, or Atlanta in October. – Jason

Big Scary
Melbourne, VIC Australia
“The Opposite of Us” from the new LP Animal due out on Pieater September 2

What can I say, this is one of several songs Big Scary released ahead of the upcoming LP and I’m liking the groove. – Jason

“Horseshoe Crab” off the forthcoming album Everyone Else

Slothrust really impressed in their set opening for Highly Suspect recently at The Jinx here in Savannah, and I’m ever more enthralled by the density and variation of the music and the penetrating lyrics. – bill

San Francisco,CA
“Six Years on Dope” off First Ditch Effort due Oct. 7 on Fat Wreck Chords

NOFX has never been shy about their love of illicit substances, having written such….uhhh…. classics as “Drugs Are Good”, “Pharmacist’s Daughter”, and “Whoops, I OD’ed”, but now Fat Mike and Eric Melvin are in the uncharted territory of relative sobriety. Six Years on Dope retains their by now signature NOFX sound but finds Mike and Melvin trading lines that don’t make drugs sound nearly as fun as before. – Tom

Chicago, IL
“If I Ever Was A Child” from Schmilco (yes, seriously) out Sept. 9th on Anti Records.

Do you like Wilco? Yeah? Then you pretty much know exactly what this is going to sound like, it’s a mellow, acoustic based Wilco song. Tweedy sounds great, the vibe is upbeat, and, hell, it’s Wilco, so, you know, you’re going to get some pretty solid Dad Rock. – Tom


This one is electric, and a little quirkier, maybe in the vein of some of the stuff off of last year’s Star Wars. Circular verses build to a repeating chorus that sounds a lot like Wilco tends to sound, which, in general, is pretty cool. – Tom

Los Angeles
“New Song”

Warpaint’s heavily dream pop inspired indie rock sound has been captivating groove enthusiast worldwide for quite a while now. Their tracks range from something you’d expect to hear in a sultry lounge to those that you’d imagine at the chillest of coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. “New Song” emphasizes the former of the two using their trademark combo of synths and infectious guitar riffs. – Petee

Dinosaur Jr.
Amherst, Massachusetts
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Many things change over time but Dinosaur Jr.’s classic 80’s slacker rock sound isn’t one of them. Complex and engaging guitar lines are the bread and butter of the the 30+ year old band and their newest album holds on to that tried and true formula. – Petee

Dog Party
Sacramento, CA
‘Til You’re Mine

Good things come in pairs, right? Well, the Giles sisters that comprise Sacramento’s Dog Party are a prime example of that. Their Ramones influenced indie punk sound is totally engrossing and their fifth album to date, ‘Til You’re Mine, is a beast of a good time. For two artists who haven’t even hit the legal drinking age, Dog Party is easily one of the hardest working and best sounding bands out right now. -Petee

Valore releases new album “Gritty Marsha Brady”

From “Valore’s Eurotrip; Savannah’s Gritty Marsha Brady takes spoken word/hip-hop skills overseas” by Anna Chandler in this week’s Connect Savannah:

With a musical journey propelled forward by constant motion and a new album, the hustling spoken word/hip-hop artist took a big leap this week: quitting her day job to pursue music full-time.

Valore’s taken her one-woman show on the road previously, but she’ll kick off her fresh musical start with a benchmark accomplishment: a European tour.

As a committed DIY musician, Valore’s orchestrated her tour without the aid of booking agents or management, preferring a casual, take-it-as-it-comes approach to her itinerary.

“I just want to find a bunch of weirdos to jam with and find some new sounds,” she says. “That’s my whole goal: find weird DJs and dance in dirty bars.”

None of the hissing lawns crew could make it, but Valore released the new album Gritty Marsha Brady with a big show on Thursday night at The Jinx. Check out the stream on Bandcamp:

It’s hard to know if there’s a lasting trend in place, but Savannah’s hip hop scene seems to finding new outlets. The longtime label Dope Sandwich is still active, and we’ve also got individual artists like Valore and lots of new work poised to be released by The Garage and Aphelion Records.

Bragg Jam 2016 in Macon – a 2nd review + more photos

Came to type up my Bragg Jam review & saw Bill beat me to it, but we did catch different bands, so hopefully a second review isn’t one too many!

I had never been to Bragg Jam before, so upon arriving in Macon, I spent a little time figuring out where all the venues were & reacquainting myself with the schedule. There were a lot of neat venues on display, all easily accessible via walking, & tons of great bands — my only complaint is that it was often tough to decide what bands to miss & what bands to see!

I started off with the New Orleans-based Motel Radio. The young up and comers were playing outdoors at the shady Bearfoot Tavern. They put on a good set. I love their drummer, he often fills in for a lot of other acts (Tedo Stone for one) & he always has a ton of enthusiasm & looks thrilled to be on stage.

IMG_6110 IMG_6115