PASSAFIRE upcoming Longshot release – link

The boys of PASSAFIRE are back again with a brand new release slated for May 12th on Easy Star Records. I’ll be doing a Q & A with them soon to discuss tour-life, thoughts on the future, and of course their return to Sonic Ranch, to record their latest effort.

In the meantime, enjoy this ‘teaser’ track….

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/23/17 – 2/29/17

Hey guys,
It should be another good weekend coming up. There are a couple of good shows on Thursday, which is always a good way to start the weekend. I think Friday should be the best night of the weekend. I really look forward to catching the Jinx show, but will try to catch a few of the bands at El Rocko. Saturday looks to be pretty fun too. I hope to make it out early enough to see Lulu the Giant at Tubby’s in Thunderbolt. Then bounce around to several shows on Congress Street later. And it looks like the biggest show of the week will be on Monday!!! I am not sure who will be the headliner at the Jinx, there are several strong bands playing that night. See y’all soon, I hope.

Thursday 23rd
Eric BrittTubby’s Thunderbolt
Machine Dreams, TimeEl Rocko
Groove OrientBarrelhouse South

Friday 24th
Jon Lee & The HexatonesTubby’s Thunderbolt (6-10p)
Jack Love & The Woodside Way BandSavannah’s Music City Bar & Grill
The Go RoundsWormhole ($5-10)
General Patton & The Heads Of StateMolly MacPherson’s
The Movement, Ben Lewis & The Kind DubBarrelhouse South
Faux Ferocious, Soft Option, SamfordEl-Rocko
The Woggles, COEDS, The Lipschitz – Jinx

Saturday 25th
Sonic ShockwaveSavannah’s Music City Bar & Grill
Lulu The GiantTubby’s Thunderbolt (6-10p)
Charlie Fog BandBarrelhouse South
Eric Culberson BandCongress Street Social Club
Scott Kelly (of NEUROSIS), Dead OakJinx ($10, 12)

Sunday 26th
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 27th
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln
Agent Orange, Gutter mouth, The Queers, Atomic AgeJinx

Tuesday 28th
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 29th
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s

New Music Monday – 2/20/17

Another week, another New Music Monday. Enjoy!

Old 97’s
Dallas, TX
“All Who Wander” from their upcoming album Graveyard Whistling out Feb 24th on ATO Records

The J.R.R. Tolkien quote “not all who wonder are lost” is one of my favorite quotes, so I may have already been drawn to this song. Plus, I discovered solo Rhett Miller before I knew he had a band, so this was a nice surprise to hear new music from them. As the song starts out, it gives off a less twangy — but still Southern — feel than their last album. It also sounds much more gloomy at the beginning, but that quickly changes. As Miller says, “a trick the Old 97’s has held on to is to take a song that may have a darker theme and present it as something to be screamed along to in a club.” – Sarah

The Bombpops
Los Angeles, CA
Fear of Missing Out

Pop punk is one of the best exports from California and The Bombpops are a shining example of that. Their debut LP released on Fat Wreck Chords is filled to the brim with sing-songy harmonies and plenty of hooky riffs. They’ve taken a time tested formula and tweaked it just enough to keep the sound reliable, familiar, and, most importantly, fun. – Petee

Cincinnati, Ohio
Bottom of the Barrel

Lung is a band filled with complexity. You’d think a band featuring an electric cello and drums would lean towards a lighter, indie folk feel. And at times, the duo do certainly take their sound that way. However, they use this a a coy technique to really drive home some killer heavier cello riffs lines. Coupled with stellar drum work and vocal harmonies, Lung is certainly unlike any band out today and their latest EP is certainly worth a few spins as will be their upcoming debut LP. – Petee

Mac DeMarco
Alberta, Canada
“My Old Man” off of This Old Dog out May 5th on Captured Tracks

Canadian slacker weirdo Mac DeMarco seems to put this kind of goofy, super catchy indie rock almost effortlessly. Well, if he enjoys making it as much as I like listening to it, I think we can make this relationship work. – tom

Surfer Blood
“Matter of Time” from Snowdonia out now on Joyful Noise Recordings

I’ve listened to the retooled Surfer Blood’s new full length a few times now, and it seems to be a return to form for them. Straight up shimmering, well built indie rock that sounds right at home with Astro Coast and Tarot Classics, and that’s more than alright with me. – Tom

Boston, MA
“Dogs” from their upcoming LP, A Hairshirt of Purpose out March 31st on Exploding in Sound

Pile is a strange band. Weird song structures, off kilter guitars, peculiar lyrics that are delivered in an unexpected way, all these things make Pile unlikely to break through to the mainstream. To those musically adventurous and patient enough the payoff is fantastic, with songs that reward repeated listening and riffs that stay with you all day. I’m looking forward to this album more than any other this year. RIYL: Fugazi, Unwound, LOUDquietLOUD postrock. – tom

Velvet Caravan at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts – photos

Last night brought about the long-awaited return of hometown honky-tonk, gypsy-jazz favorites Velvet Caravan to a packed house at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts. It was announced from the stage by band-leader Ricardo Ochoa ‘we’re only going to be performing in Savannah several times a year’, as their national touring schedule has picked up, and what downtime they have is rightfully spent with family & friends. As with a lot of the local & regional acts that have been the regular ‘go-to’ entertainment over the last few years, the Savannah scene is changing a bit lately. I personally think it’ll be interesting to see what bands & performers begin to fill those regular ‘working’ spots.

The short of it is to catch both Velvet Caravan, and your other favorites, when the opportunities arise. Support for live music is the only way to keep the ‘scene’ alive, vibrant, and inspired, as well as to let venues & the city know how important music is to our culture.

Here are a few highlight photos, with more after the jump.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/16/17 – 2/23/17

Hey guys,
Wow, this is the most shows I have listed in quite a while.  The weekend starts tonight, highlighted by the Velvet Caravan show at Trinity Church.  I would also like to catch James Chapman’s new band, Goldie, but I think I’ll have to wait until their next show.  I have listed several shows that should be good for those that can stay out later tonight.  Friday presents lots of choices all over town.  I will probably bounce between Col. Bruce Hampton at Barrelhouse and the punk show at El-Rocko (Dad Joke’s 2nd Anniversary Show, congratulations).  The music starts early on Saturday, with an all-day festival at the Ships Of The Sea Museum.  I’m not sure what to do later that night. But I may end up at the Wormhole for their 8th Anniversary Party.  And congratulations to Amy and Jeff, 8 years is tough to do in the bar business.  And, in true Savannah fashion, the weekend doesn’t stop there, there are good shows overflowing into the week. AM Rodriguez continues the roll he has been on lately with a show at the Sentient Bean on Sunday.  El-Rocko has a swing Band on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And, of course, the usual suspects continue for the rest of the week.  I sure hope to see you around somewhere this weekend, be sure to say “hello”.

Thursday 2/16
Velvet CaravanTrinity Church (7:30 – 9:30p, $20)
Taft, Valore & Cunabear, Goldie, Drinking BleachStarlandia (8-11p)
Vibes & DirectBarrelhouse South
San Soma, McLeodEl-Rocko
Joe Buck Yourself, GumpsJinx

Friday 2/17
Damon & The ShitkickersTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Ozone To Your Home Tour (hip hop show) – Sentient Bean ($5, 7p)
Aaron Paul Zimmer (frontman for City Hotel) – Tybee Social Club (8-11p)
Marc & Ted Broussard, Josh JohanssonSavannah’s Music City Bar and Grill ($20-35, 8p)
Golden Pelicans, Dumb Doctors, Cray Bags, Rude Dude & The Creek FreaksEl-Rocko
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express, MammothsBarrelhouse South
Ben Lewis & The Kind DubMolly MacPherson’s
Dope KNife, Clay Hodges, South Indies, Lingua FrancaWormhole ($5)

Saturday 2/18
AURA Fest (underground artists) – Ships Of The Sea Museum (1p, $23/25)
The MustardTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
Sonic ShockwaveSavannah’s Music City Bar and Grill
9th Street Stompers, HypnoticsWormhole
Scott Kelly (NEUROSIS), Dead OakJinx ($10/12)
The Werks, Funk YouBarrelhouse South
Louie Louie, Taze DazeEl-Rocko
AquaducksCongress Street Social Club
The MercersMolly MacPherson’s

Sunday 2/19
Brandon McCoy and A.M. RodriguezSentient Bean (8p)
Big Mean Sound MachineBarrelhouse South
Voodoo Soup Congress Street Social Club

Tuesday 2/21
Cory ChambersFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers (swing band) – El-Rocko
Mimi Oz, The Come On, The Go RoundsWormhole ($5/10, 6-10p)

Wednesday 2/22
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s
Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers (swing band) – El-Rocko
Jonathan Brown (hip Hop) – Wormhole

Thursday 2/23
Machine Dreams, TimeEl-Rocko

Benefit for the Savannah Skatepark @ The Jinx – photos

I’ll make this quick, because there’s a ton of pics in this post and you just want to see if you’re in them.

The Savannah Skatepark needs money to become a reality, punk rock and skateboarding go together like hippies and weed, so a punk rock flea market/benefit show came together at The Jinx to raise funds.

I missed the flea market and Damon and The Shitkickers, but Greta O. and The Toxic Shock, Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains, Burns Like Fire, Cray Bags and Order of the Owl all ripped. In addition to the music there was (off the top of my head) crowd surfing, raffles, beer throwing, wrestling in the pit (complete with belt), a single string guitar solo, drunkenness, crotch grabbing, on stage pizza eating, a song called “Rock the Cash Bar”, an insanely low microphone, lots of black tee shirts, wrestling onstage, climbing/jumping from things that aren’t meant for that, hilarity, and a warm, fuzzy, general feeling of community.

I’ll shut up now, here’s a ton of pictures to look for yourself in — photos of all the bands are after the jump.

Coy Campbell’s “Nuevo Serape” – song + video premiere

We’re thrilled to premiere yet another new song this week: “Nuevo Serape” by Coy Campbell, frontman of Nightingale News.

Coy tells us that the song “was written from a place of new purpose and love last spring and speaks to being in place and doing the work ahead. Sometimes it sounds like a mother’s words to a child. It was a poem written from sleep and into a walk in a morning rain.”

For this beautiful video, the song accompanies images from the Women’s March on Washington and from related Savannah gatherings. There’s an ample dose of the provocative paintings of Savannah-based Panhandle Slim as well.


New Music Monday – 2/13/17

We’ve got a small selection for this week’s New Music Monday, but as always some really solid new songs from bands you might know and some you might not. Enjoy.

Iron Reagan
Richmond, Virginia
Crossover Ministry

Blazing fast riffs, sharp breakdowns, loud vocals, and all the hardcore glory one expects from a new Iron Reagan album. The punk/thrash metal, Relapse-Records-titans are back with their third studio album. How fast is this album? They cover 18 tracks in 28 minutes. So, fast. It’s hard not expect good things from former members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and Cannabis Corpse. As one YouTube comment so eloquently put it, “right in the nuts.” Yep. Perfect review YouTube commenter. Perfect review. —Joshua

Real Estate
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Indie-rock darlings Real Estate are back with their fourth studio album. “In Mind” is set to drop on March 17, joining the fray of album releases ahead of festival season. The boys unfurled a new single, trademarked with their soft-core, indie-rock riffs and high-strung vocals. Fun, danceable track. I really dig this band’s rhythm section. Those guys are tight. Check mark this as another, probably great, album coming out next month. Maybe, an impeachment will make March the best month ever. Dream big kiddos. Also, the horse in this video is awesome. — Joshua

Spiral Stairs
Stockton, California
“Dundee Man”

Pavement founding member Scott Kannberg’s solo project, Spiral Stairs, released this rad tune recently. “Dundee Man” is the second single off the forthcoming “Doris and the Daggers,” due out March 24. Sounds like Pavement, without the other members. I dig it. — Joshua

Lulu the Giant
Kingdoms Fall

We previewed and covered the release show for this wonderful debut album from Rachael Shaner, aka Lulu the Giant, so quit reading and hit play. Let’s hope this is the first of many albums from this talented songwriter, singer and bassist/multi-instrumentalist. – bill

Caleb And The Gents, A.M. Rodriguez at the Roasting Room – photos

The more I get out on the local scene, the more I really dig (ok, love) catching acts at the Roasting Room Lounge across the bridge in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Full disclosure: I’m a musician and songwriter having but recently relocated to Savannah.

The Roasting Room is a solo/duo/trio kind of venue that pairs quality local artists with regional and national touring acts. It’s so up close and personal — a crowd of 75 packs the place — you can see every breath, emotion, bead of sweat on an artist’s brow. The sound rocks (Isaac Smith OWNS it), and the room’s badass lighting makes almost anyone a pro picture-taker.

It’s a listening room, so people are really there for the music which makes for a super-attentive audience — gold beyond measure to any musician. Magical stuff.

The February 10 show, true to form, delivered its weight in sonic gold. A.M. Rodriguez kicked it off with his guy-style confessional folk-iness. His sound, a little Dylan, Van Zandt, some growly Waits occasionally peppered in. Not always in key. Often dark and moody, sexually-charged and brooding.

Rodriguez can also hit the mark on funny. In one tune (un-named from the stage) he sang about his girl running off.

Rodriguez’s delivery, matter of fact and with a smile, made me laugh out loud—oh, the truth of it! Because musicians and our constant hustle. And Rodriguez’s subtext (!), “Come on, you left ME for him, how great a musician can HE be? He makes pizza at MY gig.”

Rodriguez recorded an album last year with Jason Bible, “Dead Dogs and Dried Up Dreams. See? Dark and moody, cut-to-the-bone emotion hinting at black truths. Click the link to listen/purchase for yourself.

Headlining was Caleb And The Gents — a three-piece iteration of Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen. Typically a six-piece band, this power-grass trio is pure Southern sound — Warren from Chattanooga, Dave Aitken (guitar) and Ian Blanton (bass) both from Atlanta.

The three of them beautifully spun country swing, country blues, a little gypsy jazz into into a new yet familiar dance. My toes were tapping. Folks around the room were definitely bobbing and swaying. Lots of smiles. Mostly, uptempo and moving.

Caleb And The Gents make you feel pretty good. Heck, even the stormier, minor chord songs couldn’t stymie people from tapping along.

A highlight of their set was a cover of “Things Have Gone To Pieces” by George Jones. The synergy among these guys was palpable as they breathed new life into this old-time country classic.

Blanton’s bass playing held the song steady, and Aitken’s leads were intricate without being overdone. The room was riveted. All eyes, ears, and minds were on that song and the players on the stage. Audience and artists together as one fantastic creature. Pure magic.

You know, Savannah needs some of that Roasting Room sparkle. Just one venue, one listening room on this side of the bridge where artists and music lovers can woo and enchant.

Until then, enjoy these glimmers of magic.

A.M. Rodriguez
photo Josephine Johnson


A.M. Rodriguez
photo Josephine Johnson

A.M. Rodriguez
photo Josephine Johnson

A.M. Rodriguez
photo Josephine Johnson

photo Josephine Johnson

Caleb And The Gents

premiere: “Broken Bodies” by The Winter Sounds

The new single “Broken Bodies” from The Winter Sounds was written and recorded for Rory Scovel‘s new comedy special being produced by Third Man Records.

“Broken Bodies” shows the work of The Winter Sounds and frontman Patrick Keenan at their best. Provocative lyrics, complex and even delicate instrumentation, a certain catchy and almost anthemic quality — the song feels perfectly in keeping with the band’s rich discography and feels at the same time like a new direction. The band continues to be “creatively dynamic”, as Keenan told us in a summer 2016 interview.

Check out the new track:

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/9/17 – 2/14/17

Hey guys,

This weekend looks pretty good, and I bet it won’t let us down like the Falcons did. There are several good show choices coming up all weekend, starting on Thursday. I plan to make it down to the Jinx later for the singer songwriter night. Probably the highlight of the week is the return of the CUSSES at the Jinx on Friday. I hope to catch the early Hypnotics/COEDS show on Saturday in the Starland District. There are also a few shows on Congress Street later that night. I have listed those and several other choices below.  I hope to see you out enjoying some music soon.

Thursday 2/9
Ben Keiser BandTubby’s Thunderbolt Oyster Roast (6p)
Ray LundyRuth’s Chris Steakhouse Happy Hour
Cloud9 Vibes, Ellameno BeatBarrelhouse South
AM Rodriguez, Mike Wheeler, Coy Campbell, Brandon Nelson McCoyJinx Singer Songwriters in the Round

Friday 2/10
City HotelRail Pub (6-9p)
SilversedSavannah’s Music City Bar & Grill
SuperbobRachaels 1190
Downtown SheiksWarehouse
Mandy BarnettMars Theater (8p, $25)
The Metal Destruction TourWormhole ($9-15)
Listen 2 ThreeCongress Street Social Club
Charlie Fog BandMolly MacPhersons
Roshambeaux, Wood & SteelBarrelhouse South
CUSSES, Hank & The Cupcakes, Twisty CatsJinx

Saturday 2/11
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
COEDS, Hypnotics, DieAlpsStarlandia Supplies SpaceStation Annex (7p, all ages)
Edgar Loudermilk Band ft Jeff AutryRandy Wood Guitar (8p, $23)
Atlas Road CrewBarrelhouse South
The NormCongress Street Social Club
Cassie Elle, Valore, Allen Thomas, WhoaaJinx

Sunday 2/12
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 2/13
Craig Tanner & Mr. Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 2/14
Charlotte BergFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open MicBayou Cafe

Cray Bags – “Sexy Bully” video premiere

For months we’d heard rumors and whispers in the back rooms of seedy rock venues, caught blips on the internet, overheard fleeting comments that maybe, just maybe, Cray Bags (née Crazy Bag Lady) had created a music video so powerful, so brain melting, so singular that it couldn’t be released in good conscience. Well, after a dark web search that still to this day produces nightmares, we unearthed an awe-inspiring 99 seconds of pure punk rock bliss. Or maybe they sent us a link, it was probably one of the two.

You know the song “Sexy Bully” from Cray Bags’ 2015 Retro Futurist release Hunks, but you’re not ready for the amount of video graininess, rollerblading prowess, amazing sunglasses, beer drinking, rad tricks, visors and, well….if you think you can handle it…..just check out our premiere of Sexy Bully by Cray Bags.

CRAYBAGS-SexyBully from Nothing New on Vimeo.