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Christopher Paul Stelling has performed at every year of Savannah Stopover I think, and he’s also in the lineup for Revival Fest 2015, so it goes without saying that the intense and talented singer-songwriter has a big following around these parts.

Stelling’s critically praised Labor Against Waste is now available on Anti Records.

Today, NPR Music released his Tiny Desk Concert:

Bob Boilen writes in part: “I didn’t expect him to nearly implode behind my desk, as the fierceness of his heartfelt songs was set against deft fingerpicking on his beat-to-hell ’64 Gibson gut-string classical guitar.”

A few photos of Christopher by Jon Waits and me, all previously published here:

christopher paul stelling - Sav Stop 4-3

christopher paul stelling - Sav Stop 4-2


Christopher Paul Stelling at Abe's, Savannah Stopover 2013

Christopher Paul Stelling at Abe’s, Savannah Stopover 2013

Never let it be said that Savannah is a city where only the heaviest of bands survive. In the midst of a music scene that spawned acts like Black Tusk and Kylesa, classic 90’s alt-rock acts still have a solidified place in the music scene as well. Case in point: Lullwater, Falling In, and BigBigXtraFace rocking out The Jinx a couple of weeks back. We all know it’s difficult to pack places out during the summer, but these three managed to do it in style. Check out some of the shots below and hit the jump for the full gallery!

falling in1



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Little Tybee will be playing on Monday, 7/6, at Tybee Island Social Club and on Tuesday, 7/7, at Hang Fire with Triathalon and Curbdogs.

I wrote a preview of those shows for Do Savannah and Anna Chandler wrote one for Connect Savannah. We hit a lot of the same notes in our praise of the band, so just click on through for more.

Little Tybee is on tour — playing lots of new music — in July and August:
Little Tybee tour

And here’s the newly released video for “Tuck My Tail”:

As I note in my column in Do, I highly recommend checking out other Little Tybee videos.

A couple of shots from last year’s show at Hang Fire.


The frenetic Man Man and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat filled The Jinx with both music and people last Thursday. I’m almost to the point that I’ll attend any Musicfile Productions show without knowing or listening to the band, their recent track record is that good.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat was a two piece, drum (singular) and bass, but easily held my attention, even with such sparse instrumentation. The uptempo tunes were straight up noise rock, without the abrasiveness that often accompanies the genre. The slower, moodier songs gave both the crowd and artists a bit of a breather. I really enjoyed their set, and even liked the strong white light from below (much of it came from the illuminated drum) that they had on stage, even if it makes for some hard shadows in pictures. At least it was different.

I had heard from several friends in the past that Man Man puts on an amazing show, and they weren’t lying. Energetic multi instrumentalists with legitimately catchy songs is a good start to a great set, add in actual showmanship and a game crowd and you’re there (free flowing beer and liquor doesn’t hurt either). The energy in the room was great, I’d definitely go out of my way to see them again.

Check out some photos from the very entertaining night. More after the jump, as usual.

Ed Schraders Music Beat-1

Man Man-9

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Hey guys,
There were lots of good shows last week, I hope you made it to a few of them.  But as strong as last week was, this week looks even better. There are good shows almost every night. Good thing it’s a short work week, maybe I’ll be able to get some rest.

Wednesday 7/1 – Apparently, the Fucked Up show could be the best show of the year. I am unfamiliar with the band, but I am looking forward to this show. The Rail Pub is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a good line-up.
Danielle Hicks & The Eight-Ohm ResistanceRail Pub (5-8)
AccomplicesRail Pub (8p)
Fucked Up, DOOMSQUAD, Crazy Bag LadySouthern Pines (7:30p, $15/18)
Prone, Rock & Roll BingoJinx

Thursday 7/2 – Tomorrow’s a holiday, no reason not to head down to Molly’s for Les Racquet and then top the evening off with some blues at Bayou.
Les RacquetMolly MacPherson’s
Eric Culberson (Sav’h blues) – Bayou Cafe

Friday 7/3 – It looks like there are a few choices tonight. I am not sure where I will end up tonight, depends on what grabs me. Sometimes a band’s name will draw me in, and I really like the name of the band at Barrelhouse tonight. I will be sure to check them out.
American Hologram (Sav’h gothic) – Molly MacPherson’s
Culture Vulture (Sav’h prog-rock), Vulture Shit, Broken GlowJinx
David Harbuck, Greg Williams BandBayou Cafe
The Get Right Band (Asheville funk-rock-reggae) – Congress Street Social Club
Jubal Kane (Sav’h jukebox blues) – Jazz’d
Love Chunk (St. Augustine groove rock) – Ampersand
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong (Baltimore psychedelic funk) – Barrelhouse South

Saturday 7/4 – Another night of several choices. Any of these shows should be worth checking out.
Hypnotics (Sav’h 60’s garage rock) – River Street  (7-10p)
Velvet Caravan (Sav’h gypsy-jazz) – Kayak Midtown
Sav’h Sweet Tease BurlesqueAmpersand ($5)
BBFXMolly  MacPherson’s
COEDS (Sav’h rawk & roll), Zulu Wave (Tampa new wave rock), Hypnotics (Sav’h 60’s garage rock) – Hang Fire
Crazy Man Crazy (Sav’h rockabilly) – Jinx

Monday 7/6 – Savannah’s premiere 80’s cover band will be playing at this Bayou tonight.
EZ LVRBayou Cafe
Jason BibleWarehouse

Wednesday 7/8 – This is another show that you don’t want to miss. BJ Barham is the lead singer of American Aquarium. I have seen him several tiems, it is always a good show.  If you have seen Everymen, I know you are already planning on seeing them again. If you have never seen them, you need to go and be sure to hang around for the finale, it is pretty awesome.
Everymen, BJ BarhamJinx ($8)


None of our usual photographers were able to make it to the first Stopover In The Yard, a new collaboration between Savannah Stopover and The Grey, but Geoff L. Johnson was officially shooting the event. And no surprise: Geoff got some great photos.

I take a few pictures, and I can say that space is a tricky one to photography in — bright sunlight, deep shade, odd backdrops here and there, the bands largely in shadow. Geoff makes it look easy. If you want to see why he is one of the most highly regarded photographers in town, check out Geoff L. Johnson Photography. And click on through for this gallery posted by Savannah Stopover:

photo credit: Geoff L. Johnson

Posted by Savannah Stopover on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Next up in the Stopover In The Yard series: Thomas Wynn and The Believers on July 11.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the deal…I’ve seen 1000+ bands in my life and Fucked Up is very near the top of the list of greatest live acts I’ve experienced. No joke, up there with Fugazi, Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, pre insane HR Bad Brains, Black Tusk, Metallica…you get the idea. If you like indie, punk, metal, any kind of heavy music, great live bands, experimental rock, energy, all ages shows or things that don’t suck, you would be crazy to not show up at Southern Pine Company of Georgia Wednesday night with an open mind (and possibly ear plugs). $15 advance purchase, $18 at the door. Crazy Bag Lady and Doomsquad open, music starts at 7 sharp. Musicfile Productions is killing it this summer. Check the event page for more info.

Check out Queen of Hearts from their rock opera (yep, rock opera) David Comes to Life.

Need more convincing or more info? Are you really just bored? Okay, here we go.

Fucked Up formed as a hardcore punk band out of Toronto in early 2001, what they’ve morphed into since then is, well, something entirely different and unique. Don’t even try to wade through their discography, as it consists of 80+ releases..full lengths, e.p.’s, 7″s, mixtapes, split singles, covers..you name it. Here, I’ll oversimplify it for you.

An early performance at CBGB’s.

By the time the band recorded Hidden World, their first full length album, the speedy hardcore punk blasts started to stretch out, a third guitarist was added and the album showed more than a few signs of the experimentation to come. Several of the songs featured strings, a little spoken word, but still crushing, rabid vocals punk rock.

Baiting of the Public on MTV Live, which got them banned from MTV the first time.

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Savannah’s musician/creative DIY collaborative ArtLab Sessions has been picking up steam, and getting some attention lately. As we’ve begun to learn our parts, and work in concert with one another the feeling around the Waters Ave. compound is that of excitement & anticipation. In addition to having a few bigger name, touring artists stopping in we’ve also got a local production schedule that’s booked through the end of summer.

Check out these two latest releases, the last from Caleb Klauder Country Band, and the first from Bottles & Cans. Then click on the link below to read an article by Josh Peacock of DoSavannah, and get his ‘behind the scenes’ take on our work.

To read the DoSavannah article, interview, and more photos click here.

Hey guys,
This is another good week for shows downtown.  There is not quite the volume of shows this weekend, but almost every night has a couple of quality ones to choose from. There are two shows that many people are looking forward to, Man Man at the Jinx and Fucked Up at Southern Pines. I am apparently a little too old to know them, but it sounds like you want to try to catch at least one of these acts. And you can always trust that a MusicFile Productions show will be worth checking out. Here is some other music I would recommend this week.

Thursday 6/25
Main St TrioGoorin Brothers Hats – 230 W. Broughton (6-8p)
Man Man, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Baltimore rock) – Jinx ($15)
Sister Helen (Brooklyn prog-rock), Wet Socks (Sav’h garage punk), Toxic Shock (Sav’h punk) – Hang Fire
Xuluprophet, Street ClothesBarrelhouse South

Friday 6/26
OmingnomeSentient Bean  (7:30p)
Holy Ghost Tent Revival (soul rock from Ashville),  Brave Baby, Missionary Blues Duo (Sav’h blues) – Jinx ($8/10)
Kota Mundi (Sav’h reggae) – Molly MacPherson’s
MaradineCongess Street Social Club

Saturday 6/27
RosiesBarrelhouse South (4p)
Wild WisteriaMoon River (6p)
Jim Lauderdale, AccomplicesMars Theater
Autumn Attics (Atlanta rock) – Congess Street Social Club
City Hotel (Sav’h bluegrass) – Molly MacPherson’s
Parker Urban Band (Jacksonville organic) – Barrelhouse South
Peewee Moore (outlaw country), Rod Hamdallah (garage/ soul/ blues) – Jinx ($7)

Wednesday 7/1
Fucked Up (Canadian punk legends), DOOMSQUAD, Crazy Bag Lady (Sav’h punk legends) – Southern Pines ($15/18)