Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 10/19/17 – 10/24/17

Hey guys,
This looks like it could be a pretty good week coming up. The show tonight at Sentient Bean looks like it should be fun. I’ll probably bounce around on Friday and see what interests me. I’d like to catch Willie and Dwight at the Civic Center, but don’t guess I’ll make it (unless Willie gives me a ticket). Saturday starts pretty early, with the Graveface Anniversary show (6 years, congratulations Ryan) and goes all night, ending with a performance by Peelander-Z at the Wormhole. I hope to see you guys around somewhere, be sure to say “hello”.

Thursday 19th
Joe Wilson – Molly MacPherson’s (4-8p)
Rachael Petit (Cold Heart Canyon), Reverend Hylton, Cory Chambers, Jon Wait – Sentient Bean (8p, $5 donation)
Broccoli Samurai – Barrelhouse South
Dolo Jazz Suite – El-Rocko

Friday 20th
Johnny Octane – Rail Pub (6p)
Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam – Savannah Civic Center (8p)
Seth Waller Trio – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $15)
CC Witt, Sarah Poole, STACE, Josephine Johnson – House of Strut (8p, $10)
Emily Kadson (4p), Whiskey & Wine (10p) – Molly MacPherson’s
Tryezz, Atlantis – El-Rocko
Van Gordon Martin, Xuluprophet, Laiken Love – Wormhole
Almost Kings, VillaNova – Barrelhouse South
Dead Oak, Dead Cut – Jinx

Saturday 21st
Matt Eckstine – Warehouse (2-6p)
ATLANTIS (5:30), Dame Darcy (6:30), Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks (7:10), COEDS (8:00), Rich Animals (8:50), Dreamend (9:40) – Graveface 6th Anniversary Block Party
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Stage On Bay (8p)
Tocamos Mas – El-Rocko
Hitman – Molly MacPherson’s
Peelander-Z – Wormhole
Dr Bacon, Sound Experiment – Barrelhouse South
A-Mac and the Height – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 23rd
Night Idea, Garden Giant – El-Rocko
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 24th
Clouds & Satellites – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open MicMolly MacPherson’s

Cusses, Big Jesus, and HOTPLATE at The Jinx – photos

So this was one hell of a lineup at The Jinx. We’re all stoked that Cusses are kicking ass again, Big Jesus is getting…uhh…big, playing Bonnaroo, appearing on Adult Swim, touring with The Sword and Thursday, and HOTPLATE, well, HOTPLATE is the tightest band in Savannah, right? A loud, sweaty, and fun night…all the things a rock show should be.

5 Questions with Rachael Petit of Cold Heart Canyon – interview & photos

In anticipation of another good evening of music coming up this Thursday at Sentient Bean, I asked my buddy, and the ‘Gal’ leading the guys at Gents & Gal In The Round a few questions. She’s got plenty to say, and plenty goin’ on these days. Check it out….

HL: For those not in the know already, what is your musical background & current project(s)?

RP: Oh man, do we want to go all the way back to little Rachie in the choir group? I’ve been doing the damned thang since I was a little girl. Well not the damned thing quite until I was older. I started off in church choirs and worship bands, even have my own CD floating around out there (find it if you dare). But as I came into my own, and decided to start living my life for myself I took up a route that I’d been searching for all along. Cold Heart Canyon is the name and raising hell is the game. We aren’t afraid to write and play about the most raw and real aspects of our lives. The good, the bad, the nitty gritty. Hell, I don’t think we have a single love song. If you’re looking for something to make you feel like … “Yup, I’ve been there before,” we’re here for you! I’ll be playing acoustic at The Sentient Bean, but the folks who play alongside me are some of the best musicians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Christopher Salmon and Jenna Mobley swap between banjo, accordion, mandolin, fiddle, and guitar, making your jaw drop at their finesse and skills. Robert Green is hellion of a bass player! He also takes on the guitar while I have a go at the bass for a few songs. Robert also sings dual/background vocals and he adds such an awesome grit and power. Robert and I have done a lot of the writing, but Christopher (aka the Magical Creature) has brought an entirely new voice to our songwriting and it is killer! Lastly, Ol’ Caleb “Killed This Shit” Probst, is a smooth operator on those drums. Somehow between laying down the most pocketed beats, he manages to finger gun and wink in all the right places. If there is such a category as Darker Americana/ Experimental Bluegrass, that’s where you’ll find Cold Heart Canyon.

Cold Heart Canyon by David Parham

HL: The Atlanta to Savannah ‘roadtrip to gig’ seems to be a regular thing with the Americana/Bluegrass/Folk bands these days. You’re also scheduled to perform at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts annual singer-songwriter, 2018 opening show, that a slew of fellow ATL pals came down for last year. How has your experience been with Savannah audiences?

RP: I am so looking forward to that Trinity Sanctuary shindig! I’ve never met a stranger in Savannah that’s for sure. Everyone here loves music, all kinds of music! It’s my home away from home. CHC has played The Jinx a handful of times and walking into there is like seeing an old friend. The people in this town and community are so welcoming and always ready for a good time. That’s all I ever want for anyone at shows!

Rachael Petit by Stephen Crocker

HL: With Cold Heart Canyon you’ve performed multiple times in Savannah, but what brings you down this time, and are you doing more solo gigs these days?

RP: A friend of mine had asked when the next time CHC was playing in Savannah. I’ve been trying to play more music on my days off and figured it was about time to pay Savannah a visit. I looked up a few places for open mics and came across The Sentient Bean. I got the hair brained idea to see what Ol’ Cory Chambers of City Hotel and, yourself, Mr. Jon Waits of Waits & Co. were up to! We get to play songs with our bands and some times there is opportunity to go into a greater detail behind the songs, but I figured let’s really get down to the heart of things and put together a songwriter in the round. Adding my fellow Atlantan, Reverend Justin Hylton in the mix is going to make for a great evening of story swapping and sharing. As far as the solo gigs, I have been doing a few here and there but mostly in the name of Cold Heart Canyon. Trying to spread the word, the love, and the weird whenever I can!

HL: We’ve heard through the grapevine that a new CHC album has already been recorded, and is soon to be released. Any details that you’d like to share with us about that experience, and the new work?

RP: That’s classified!!! Well, I’d love to say it’s already recorded but we are still in the process. CHC’s very own Robert Green is recording and engineering this album over at Unity Studios, and the rest of us get to join in on the production. We are trying to take our time on this album. It’s our full length and we have our complete line up for this one so we want to make sure it is captured to its fullest potential. Not to say we are dragging our feet by any means, we can’t wait to get this out for everyone to hear! But as with any fine aged whiskey, it takes just the right amount of labor of love and time to produce just the right product. Let me tell ya, this album is going to be a-whole-nother animal! Keep an ear out for it!

Rachael Petit by Jenny Thomas

HL: Last, but not least…a completely random question, concerning something that I’ve teased you about before, but…what’s the story behind your trademark raccoon hat?

RP: It’s my good day hat!! It’s impossible to not have a smile on my face in that thing, and it sparks a good bit of conversation too. Whether I’m swimming in a lake, camping, or for example, even the day I got put on probation, I put that hat on and it does it’s job! Not to mention I really love bones and taxidermy. Put a coonskin cap and some bones around my neck over a tiara and sash any day! I’ve also added a wolf tail cap and red fox cap to my collection.

New Music Monday – 10/16/17

For this week’s collection of new work, we have songs and records from:

  • Iron Chic
  • The Lillingtons
  • Screamin’ John and T.D.
  • The Breeders
  • Father John Misty
  • Weaves
  • The Bronzed Chorus


Iron Chic
Long Island, NY
You Can’t Stay Here now available via Side One Dummy Records

Oh boy, it looks like everyone decided to release their contenders for 2017’s Album of the Year a bit late in the season this time around. Iron Chic has been fairly quiet since the release of their last LP, The Constant One, back in 2013 save for a few EPs and singles here and there. Their latest release was definitely worth the wait though. No stranger to songs about failure and messing up, You Can’t Stay Here is far from either. It’s cutting, riff heavy punk rock at it’s core and I love it. ~ Petey

The Lillingtons
Newcastle, Wyoming
Stella Sapiente out now on Fat Wreck Chords

Can I mention Album of the Year contenders twice in one week? I’m going to go for it because Stella Sapiente is a pop-punk masterpiece. Not surprising considering that The Lillingtons have been at it off and on since 1995 and have rarely put out a weak release in their tenure as a band. Stella Sapiente is a beautiful mix of catchy, pop-punk tracks laden with stellar (pun not intended) guitar leads and an overarching album theme dealing with UFOs, Lovecraftian horror, and more occult goodness. The perfect album for pop-punk fans heading into Halloween. ~ Petey

Screamin’ John and T.D.
Louisville, KY
“Bid Bad Coraline” off of the upcoming Gimme More Time on Down the Alley Records

Blues and Rock are a time tested, perfect pair and Screamin’ John and T.D.’s newest relearse, “Big Bad Coraline”, is a shining example of that. Recorded in only three days, the album showcases what happens when two musicians who are experts at their craft and who know each other so intimately get together. – Petey

The Breeders
Dayton, OH
“Wait in the Car” from upcoming full length album

I’m not going to lie, I’m a total Breeders fanboy. The sisters Deal have reconvened the classic Last Splash lineup, and Wait in the Car is our first taste of the new material. It finds the band in a playful mood and seems to find a middle ground between the fairly radio friendly Last Splash tunes and the punky garage rock of Title TK. I’m totally fine with new Breeders anywhere along that spectrum. Bring on the whole album, please.

Father John Misty
“Pure Country”

Did you ever wish you could hear Father John Misty cover his own song Pure Comedy as a country song? Yeah, me neither.

Toronto, Ontario
“Scream” ft. Tanya Tagaq, from Wide Open out October 6, 2017 via Buzz Records, Kanine Records & Memphis Industries.

Did you see Weaves at El Rocko during the 2017 Savannah Stopover? It was weird and interesting, I’ve never really encountered a stage presence quite like Weaves vocalist Jasmyn Burke. Check this out, it is also weird, interesting, and straight up pretty great.

The Bronzed Chorus
Greensboro, NC
“I am the Ram” ,Yearling 7″ vinyl out on Gigantic Noise on Oct 27, 2017

When I saw The Bronzed Chorus the first time I was kinda pissed that no one had told me about them before. A duo playing fairly insane, mathy as hell, sorta noisey rock? Yes, please. The drummer was playing drums better than most bands I see WHILE PLAYING KEYS WITH HIS LEFT HAND! Anyway, check out this overcaffeinated craziness, and seriously, don’t keep stuff like this secret from me again.

Revival Fest 2017 — lots of photos

After going on hiatus in 2016, Revival Fest — another offering from Savannah Stopover parent company MusicFile Productions — returned this year to the old paint shops at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. The sprawling complex feels just right for a day of music.

The palpable sense of history and craft makes a perfect backdrop for the various southern and roots styles that make up much of the Revival Fest lineup.

The day began with the Sweet Thunder Strolling Band — a project spearheaded by Andrew Hartzell — and then the brilliant young singer-songwriter Caleb Caudle performed on the indoor. Savannah blues stalwarts Bottles & Cans and the Charleston-based, Gullah-influenced Ranky Tanky played strong sets on the outdoor stage.

Savannah’s The Train Wrecks — one of Savannah’s top bands for many years — had the kids dancing inside, and then Cale Tyson played an especially strong set. I am not familiar with Tyson’s work, but I’m looking forward to listening to a lot more of it.

Next up were two stellar acts — one that I know and one that I don’t. T. Hardy Morris and the Hardknocks have gotten a lot of praise on this blog, and their live sets are always intense and tight. Morris and company have a new album in the works — we loved the previous records Drownin’ On A Mountaintop and Audition Tapes — that should be out within a few months.

And Blackfoot Gypsies wowed me both during their daytime set and in their post-fest set at The Jinx after midnight. The Nashville-based band has so many interesting elements that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try to do a longer post about Blackfoot Gypsies soon.

Big Sam’s Funky Nation from New Orleans proved a great choice for the inside stage — Savannah audiences aren’t often treated to funk bands of that caliber — and then Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics made a ton of new fans outside. The night was capped by longtime indie rockers Blitzen Trapper, an immensely talented band from Portland, Oregon.

I took a lot of photos, but if you want to see much better ones, you should check out the work of Geoff L. Johnson on the Revival Fest Facebook page. A few here, with lots more after the jump:

Totally Worth It Show: Surfer Blood and COEDS tonight (10/11) at The Jinx.

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that there’s an almost certainly great EARLY (don’t say I didn’t warn you) show tonight, Wednesday, October 11 at The Jinx. West Palm’s Surfer Blood are finally coming through town. I caught them opening for The Pixies a few years ago and honestly thought they were every bit as good as the headliners that night. They’ve gone through some ups and downs since then, but never stopped writing super catchy, organic, indie rock gems. MusicFile Productions, the crew behind Savannah Stopover, is putting on the show, so you know it’s going to be quality stuff. Plus, COEDS, one of our best local bands don’t play out nearly as often as they use to, so you need to catch them every chance you get. Check out a couple videos below if you need convincing. See you there.

What? Surfer Blood with COEDS

Where? The Jinx 912
127 W Congress St, Savannah, Georgia 31401

When? Wed. October 11. 9 p.m. (I think they’re serious about starting early, so you can be in bed at a reasonable hour!)

Who? Surfer Blood and COEDS. Watch:

New Music Monday – 10/9/2017

We decided not to post our usual Monday update last week amidst horrible news from Las Vegas — our sympathy to all affected by the shooting — and the death of Tom Petty, but we’re back this week with some really great new music from:

  • Kewl
  • Greco
  • Death From Above
  • J. Roddy Walston & The Business
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Angel Vivaldi
  • Ty Segall
  • Wavves
  • L7


Who is John Deluxe and what has he done with John Zimmerman? JZ is best known to Savannah clubgoers as the drummer for the garage rock duo Wet Socks — wow, we were lucky to get to see a live act with that much talent and spirit so often — but he also started doing slightly surreal shows as Kewl before he moved away (boo). Kewl lives on, and this new self-titled record is even better than Zimmerman’s fans could have expected. If you don’t trust me, you can take John Deluxe’s word for it: “LISTEN TO IT LOUD WHILE YOUR DRUNK.” – bill

Athens/Atlanta, GA
“Half As Bad”

Greco defines their band with four core words: Sing. Dance. Sweat. Sex.The band of 4 brothers certainly lives up to their claim and their single, “Half As Bad” is a prime example of it. Sultry, catchy, and pretty damn sexy, their video only gives a glimpse into what the band is capable of live. ~ Petey

Death From Above
Toronto, Ontario
Outrage! Is Now

This album dropped about a month ago, but it’s still worth a mention. The Canadian dance-punk duo, who can’t seem to make up their mind about the project, or the name, have put out one of their strongest efforts to date. Filled with thick, noisy bass riffs, perpetually interesting rhythms, and synthy hooks for days, Outrage! Is Now should be played as loud as possible. —Joshua

J. Roddy Walston & The Business
Richmond, Virginia
Destroyers of Soft Life

Savannah Stopover alum J. Roddy Walston & The Business released their fourth studio album last week. The particular cross-section of gospel, country, roots rock and southern rock inherent of J. Roddy’s hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee, has given him a deep well of influence to draw on. Destroyers of Soft Life seamlessly weaves together a wide patchwork of sounds, creating a unique, often uplifting, album that shifts through T. Rex jams, Spoon-soaked rockers, a Tom Petty side adventure and even a gospel-infused lament. Really good stuff. I am on listen #25. (Aside: My parents met and were married in Cleveland, which is like a second home to me. It’s an odd city, for sure. I recommend never visiting. It leaves a peculiar stain on your soul, that you can never wash out.) —Joshua

Marilyn Manson
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
“KILL4ME” a new single

Here’s something surprising, the new Marilyn Manson is dark and twisted. I think people have always taken him way more serious than they should. It’s entertainment, people. Manson’s new single is well, entertaining. That is, if you dig the shock-rock-industrial thing, or if you enjoy the soundtracks to Rob Zombie films. Happy Halloween, ghouls. —Joshua

Angel Vivaldi
New Jersey

Guitar nerds: Do you enjoy nigh-impossible pick work and scale destruction, encased in instrumental metal guitar that is as beautiful and articulate as it is heavy and melodic? Then this Neoclassical/metallurgy is for you. It also works well as background music for creative projects. And while listening is fun, check out Angel’s videos, because watching this guy play guitar is more fascinating than hearing it. If you really dig this kind of stuff, I recommend falling into a YouTube black hole of his videos. Start here. (My old college buddy Ben Eller makes a cameo in a couple of Angel’s videos. Both of these guys are at the top of their guitar game. Check out Ben’s “Why you suck at guitar” channel too. It’s informative and hilarious.) — Joshua

Ty Segall
L.A., CA
“Alta”, out now on Bandcamp, seems to be a stand alone single

Proudly classic, yet entirely modern, rock. The hyper prolific Ty Segall seems to have melodies, harmonies, and riffs for days. In a different era Segall would rule the airways, in this era the bulk of his output is worth seeking out.

L.A., CA
“The Lung” from the Adult Swim Singles Program, 52 weeks of new music

Wavves contribution to the Adult Swim project is pretty much what I would expect…catchy, kinda sunny, lo-fi pop. I don’t like every single song Nathan Williams puts out, but most of his stuff is pretty damn good, and this falls on the pretty damn good side of the fence.

L.A., CA
“Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago”, single out now on Don Giovanni

L7 is back together, and thankfully this single doesn’t stink as bad as the band did when I saw them back in the day. Literally, I mean they smelled bad. So bad, in fact, that I’m still talking about how bad they smelled 30 years later. Anyway, this song is pretty catchy and fun and will appeal to you if you liked them during their original run. Seriously, they smelled soooo bad. Really, really bad.

Cedric Burnside Project at the Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room in Bluffton – photos

Despite regular urging from friends and area music lovers, I didn’t make it to the
Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room until a couple weeks ago. What prompted me to finally head to Bluffton to check out the space?

Cedric Burnside. The Cedric Burnside Project includes Burnside’s longtime collaborator Trenton Ayers. Based in Holly Springs, the two men play traditional North Mississippi blues — Burnside is the grandson of the legendary R.L. Burnside — but the sound sprawls across the decades into funk.

The Roasting Room’s second floor bourbon bar made a perfect venue for this sometimes-intimate, sometimes-raucous show, which was part of the Concert Series. The show began with Burnside solo, singing and playing guitar, and then he was joined by Ayers. With such great energy in the room, the pair seemed reluctant to take a break, so the first set alone was well over an hour. No one left between sets either — in fact, the crowd seemed to get even bigger. What a great night of music from electrifying (and very photogenic) pair of musicians.

The first shot here is from Jamie Smith Arkins, one of a number of other Savannahians who made the trip for this extraordinary show.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 10/5/17 – 10/11/17

Thursday – 10/5
Matt Eckstine –
Molly MacPherson’s (4-8p)
The Mercers –
Treehouse (5-9p)
Velvet Caravan –
Rancho Allegro (7p)
The Mammoths –
Barrelhouse South
Daikaiju –
El Rocko ($5, 10p)
The Vibrators, Rocket 77, The Pauses –
Jinx ($15)

Friday – 10/6
Savanna Bassett – Rail Pub (7p)
Solo Collective – House of Strut (7p)
Jonathan Brown, Basik Lee, Perpetual Care, Cunabear, Valore – Wormhole
The Mercers – Molly MacPherson’s
Sammy J, Lespeical – Barrelhouse South
Stronger Sex, Hudson K, Tommy Techno –
El Rocko
The Head –
Congress Street Social Club
Isaac Smith Album Release, Reuben Bidez, Gin House –

Saturday – 10/7
Machine Dreams, Orange Doors, Date Stuff – El Rocko
Jason Courtney Band, American Hologram, Bill Hodgson – Wild Wing Cafe
Bottles & Cans – Jinx
Outlaws, Scooter Brown Band – Stage on Bay (8p)                                         
The Heavy Pets, Kick The Robot – Barrelhouse South
Five Shot Jack – Congress Street Social Club
Whisky & Wine – Totally Awesome Bar
Liquid Ginger –

Sunday – 10/8
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday – 10/9
Open Mic – Abe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday – 10/10
Ben Keiser Band –
Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam –
Bayou Cafe
Open Jam –
Molly MacPherson’s
Particle –

Wednesday – 10/11
Height Keech, Valore, Cunabear, Obamabo – El Rocko
Surfer Blood, COEDS – Jinx
Eric Culberson Band – Boomy’s

preview: Revival Fest in Savannah on Saturday, 9/30

There’s something magical about Revival Fest, which takes place on 9/30 on stages inside and outside the old paint shops at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. (For years, the complex was just called “The Roundhouse” but there is much more to the property than just the roundhouse itself.)

MusicFile Productions, which produces Savannah Stopover, launched Revival Fest in 2013 but took a break in 2016. The event has come back with a vengeance this year — and a killer lineup.

From Josh Peacock’s Revival Fest, an all-Southern celebration, returns to Georgia State Railroad Museum in this week’s Do Savannah:

The single-day festival, which focuses on a showcase of Southern-infused vintage music complemented by bourbon, beer, cocktails and food, will once again take over the the grounds at the historic Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah.

In the past three iterations, a host of great acts have shared the festival’s two stages. Those Darlins, Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Southern Culture on the Skids, Futurebirds and Roadkill Ghost Choir are just a few of the great bands to play.

This year, the lineup continues the festival’s ethos, with rock, country, blues and soul. New lineup additions include more funk and even a celebration of Gullah culture.

From Anna Chandler’s preview of headliner Blitzen Trapper in Revival Fest returns; Savannah’s Lowcountry hoedown brings bands, booze, and bites in this week’s Connect Savannah:

Portland’s own Blitzen Trapper returns to Savannah. Music File Productions has previously brought the beloved folk-rock five-piece to town to perform a one-off show at The Jinx and headline Savannah Stopover Music Festival in 2016.

The band has released eight studio albums via Lidkercow Ltd., Sub Pop, and Vagrant and three live albums. In 2017, Blitzen Trapper will release Wild and Reckless, the anticipated follow-up to 2015’s All Across This Land.

From my Unplugged column in this week’s Do: “As someone who attends a lot of shows around town, I can say unequivocally that those festivals presented three of the best individual days of live music that I have experienced in Savannah.”

And the cost for general admission is just $34.50, with free admission for children 10 and under.

The music kicks off at 2:00 with a very short set by the Sweet Thunder Strolling Band followed by Savannah blues stalwarts Bottles & Cans, and performances go almost nonstop till 11. Here’s the order:

  • Bottles & Cans, Savannah
  • Caleb Caudle, Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Ranky Tanky, Charleston, S.C.
  • The Train Wrecks, Savannah
  • Cale Tyson, Cleburne, Texas
  • Blackfoot Gypsies, Nashville
  • Hardy & The Hardknocks, Athens
  • Big Sam’s Funky Nation, New Orleans
  • Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, Atlanta
  • Blitzen Trapper, Portland, Ore.

For general info, check out the festival FAQ. I’ll see a lot of you Saturday

The paint shops at the Georgia State Railroad Museum at the 2014 Revival Fest

New Music Monday – 9/25/17

This week’s lean, mean post features just three artists:

    • Blacklisters
    • Shopping
    • Ted Leo
    • Daniele Luppi/Parquet Courts


London, UK
“The Hype” on Fat Cat Records

London post- punk dance trio Shopping return with their first new track since 2015’s LP Why Choose. Socially conscious, heavy lyrics in a flat out dance track? Why not. A little party might be what we all need on a Monday. Catchy and addictive as hell. -Kayne

Leeds, UK
“Dart” from their upcoming e.p. out 9/29 on Too Pure Singles Club.

Menacing noise rock of the Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, Young Widows ilk. If you like those bands, this is totally worth your time.

Ted Leo
“Can’t Go Back” from The Hanged Man, out now.

Look, I’ll admit it, I’m totally biased, I love Ted Leo. He’s a super nice guy, and a fantastic songwriter. The Hanged Man, his first output under his name since 2010, showcases the songwriting prowess while maintaining the punk ethics and fire that his career is built upon. Sure, he’s getting older, and the songs are more mature, too (Is that a piano I hear?!?), but everything still rocks, particularly live. Long live Ted Leo.

Daniele Luppi/Parquet Courts
“Talisa” [ft. Karen O] off MILANO, due out October 27 via Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s appear to be teasing some upcoming activity on social media, but if you’re itching for new Karen O vocals, here you go. Short and sweet.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 9/21/17 – 9/26/17

Hey guys,
This should be a pretty good week to check out some music downtown.  The Jazz Festival is getting in full swing this week with shows at Forsyth Park.  Another big highlight this week will be the Statts Fest at Grayson Stadium, a family-friendly event with some of Savannah’s best bands.  I think any of these shows listed will be worth checking out. I hope to see you around sometime this weekend.

Thursday 9/21
Jason BibleMolly MacPherson’s (4p)
SSU Wesleyan Gospel Choir, Eric Culberson Band, Selwyn Birchwood, Victor WainwrightSavannah Jazz Festival at Forsyth Park (6p)
Bottles & CansBayou Cafe (9p)
McLovinsBarrelhouse South

Friday 9/22
In For A PennyRail Pub (6:30p)
Abbey Road LIVE!Tybee Post Theater (8p)
Jackyl, WaylandStage On Bay (8p)
Mary J. BligeSavannah Civic Center (8p)
The MustardMolly MacPherson’s
Treehouse!, Sol SeedBarrelhouse South

Saturday 9/23
Kellen Heller, Blood Bath & Beyond, Days to Come, Lillakk, FAQ, Dead City ClownsStage On Bay (1p)
Bottles & Cans, Clouds & Satelites, Train Wrecks, Damon & The ShitkickersStattsfest at Grayson Stadium (3p)
Warrior Lift Benefit Blues Show w/ Big Mike and the Booty Papas, Missionary Blues BandAmerican Legion (6p, $30/40)
HitmanMolly MacPherson’s
Porch 40, SumilanBarrelhouse South
Chew Congress Street Social Club

Sunday 9/24
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 9/25
Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 9/26
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 9/27
XEB (members of Third Eye Blind)Barrelhouse South ($15)
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s