Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 9/10/21

9/10 Friday
Aaron Zimmer- Foxy Loxy Cafe (6p)
Jeremy Riddle- Rail Pub (6-9p)
Ray Lundy – Cockspur Grill (7p)
James Taylor Tribute- Live At The Blue Door (Brunswick)
Phantom Wingo- Warehouse (8p)
Jon Lee & The Apparitions- Churchill’s (7p)
Groove Town Assault – Barrelhouse South
Last Train To Juarez – Wormhole
Joy Division/ New Order Tribute Band – El Rocko

9/11 Saturday
Swamptooth- Plant Riverside (1‐4p)
Anders Thomsen Trio – Service Brewery (5-7:30p)
Blake Tallent, Dustin Price- El Rocko (5-7p)
Jon Lee & The Apparitions- Warehouse (9p)
Klept, Buzzards of Fuzz, Manarovs, Sins of Godless Men – El Rocko ($10)
Jupiter Coyote- Coach’s Corner
SUSTO – District Live
The Discussion, Black Hat, Pink Peugeot – Wormhole
Last Real Circus – Barrelhouse South

9/12 Sunday
Queen Tribute Band- Coach’s Corner

9/16 Thursday
Goddamn Gallows, Soviet Shiksa, Danny Attack – Wormhole

9/17 Friday
Chew, Rev Bro Diddley & The Hips, Psychic Death, Jock Gang. Chipper Bones, Coma Therapy, Black Hat – El Rocko ($12)
Individually Twisted – Barrelhouse South

9/18 Saturday
City Hotel – Service Brewery (2‐4p)
Charlie Fog Band- Barrelhouse South
Obvious Liars, Draucker, Sill Crow – Wormhole
Ides Of Junes, Magnolia Moon – El Rocko

9/19 Sunday
Lisa Kay & The Savannah Boys – Collins Quarters (3-6p)
Ember City – Barrelhouse South (7p)

Tuesdays –
Culberson Open Jam – McDonoughs

Wednesdays –
Eric Culberson Band – McDonoughs

Thursdays –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo – New Realm Brewery (6-9p)
Tommy Holland Open Mic – Coach’s Corner

Fridays –
Swamptooth- Service Brewery (6p)

Saturdays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs (9a-1p)

Sundays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club