Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/23/21

Hey everybody,

Looks like a good weekend, especially on Saturday. If you only make it out once this weekend, Saturday would be my pick. And again, you can start early and end whenever you want. Don’t neglect the Living Color/Hobstank show at Victory North. Living Color has been playing with the same band since 1992 (?), so you know they have got it down good. That is the show I am most looking forward to this week. Sorry about the late posting, but I am trying to get every show I can find (not easy to do anymore) and lots of shows aren’t posted until today. Anyway, get your shot and come hang out with other vaccinated people. It’s fun and educational.

7/23 Friday
Ryan Taito –
Rail Pub (6p)
Baxter Elkins –
Southbound Brewery (6p)
Jason Bible-
Churchill’s (6:30-9:30)
Anders Thompson Trio-
Cockspur Grill (7-10p)
Baxter Elkins –
Southbound Brewery (6p)
The Fractions –
Coach’s Corner (7p, $5)
Eric Culberson Band-
Billy’s Place (9p)
Silver Tongue Devils –
Magnolia Moon –
Barrelhouse South
Matt Eckstine-
Sea Wolf (10p)

7/24 Saturday
Fleetwood Max –
Tybee Post
Chicago Tribute Band, Dropkick Turbo –
Coach’s Corner (7p, $20-30)
Damon and the Shitkickers-
Over Yonder (4-7p)
God…Jr? –
El Rocko (5-7p)
Kenny George Band –
Service Brewery (6p)
Phantom Wingo –
Churchill’s (7p)
Little Bird-
Congress Street Social Club (7p)
Eric Britt & The New American Hologram-
Plant Riverside (7p)
Anders Thompson Trio-
Warehouse (8p)
Okey Dokey, Chipper Bones, Persona La Ave –
El Rocko ($10)
Jon Lee & The Apparitions-
Molly MacPherson’s (9p)
Bad Cameo –
Barrelhouse South

7/25 Sunday
Danielle Hicks Band –
Starland Yard (6-9p)

7/26 Monday
Living Color, Hoobastank –
Victory North

7/28 Wednesday
The Minks, Rev Bro Diddley & The Random Fucking Randos –
Over Yonder (8p)

Tues –
Culberson Open Jam –

Wed –
Eric Culberson Band –
Open Mic –

Thursday –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo –
New Realm Brewery (6-9p)
Tommy Holland Open Mic –
Coach’s Corner

Fri –
Service Brewery (6p)

Sat –
Hitman –
2 Cracked Eggs (9a-1p)

Sun –
Hitman –
2 Cracked Eggs (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup –
Congress Street Social Club