Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/18/21

6/18 Friday
Josephine Johnson – River House (6p)
Jason Bible –
Rail Pub (6-9)
Mike’s Blue Rambles –
North Beach Bar & Grill (7-10p)
Ramona Quimby –
Jazz’d (7:30p)
High Velocity-
Warehouse (8p)
Antagonizers ATL, Patriot –
Wormhole ($12)

6/19 Saturday
Damon and the Shitkickers-
El Rocko (4-6p)
Ben Keiser-
Ghost Coast Distillery (4p)
Adam Nye –
Foxy Loxy Cafe (6-9p)
Matt Eckstine –
River House (6p)
Eric Culberson-
Congress Street Social Club (7p)
Anders Thompson Trio –
City Market (7-10p)
Back n Black –
Coach’s Corner
Ben Keiser Band-
Barrelhouse South

6/24 Thursday
Cracker –
The Windjammer (Isle of Palms)

Weekly shows:
Tues –

Culberson Open Jam –

Wed –
Eric Culberson Band –
Open Mic –

Thursday –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo –
New Realm Brewery (6p)

Fri –
Service Brewery

Sun –
Voodoo Soup –
Congress Street Social Club