Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/11/21

Go ahead and have some fun this weekend. Plenty of shows while the sun is still shining. As always, corrections and additions are appreciated. Feel free to share.

6/11 Friday
Charlie Fog Band –
Starland Yard (6p)
Stan Ray –
River House (6p)
Jon Lee Acoustic –
Churchill’s (7p)
Voodoo Soup-
Coach’s Corner (7p)
Andrew Gill, Kyle Yardley Band-
Warehouse (2, 8p)
Juniper IV –
Kyle Bradley Band –
Barrelhouse South
Eric Culberson Band –
Billy’s Place (upstairs at McDonoughs) (8:30p)
Ray Lundy –
Sea Wolf Tybee (10p)

6/12 Saturday
Damon & The Shitkickers- El Rocko (2:30-5p)
Natalie Goodman –
Starland Yard (4p)
Damon and the Shitkickers –
Service Brewery (6p)
Foreigner Tribute Band –
Coach’s Corner
Sun/Down Music –
Neutral Snap –
Barrelhouse South
Little Bird –
Congress Street Social
Ben Keiser Band-
Molly MacPherson’s

6/13 Sunday
Katalysst, Clair Vandiver Duo –
Starland Yard (3p, 6p)

6/18 Friday
Antagonizers, Jeff 2-Names –