Larry Jack’s Magical COVID Shows

Hey everybody,

I am going to try putting this post up and see what happens. I find it very difficult to find what shows are online, I’m hoping that maybe some of you can find some or find them easier. I thought I would put a post with the few shows I can find and hope that people will add upcoming shows in the comments. If people add shows, I will periodically update the post. It will not work if no one adds any shows, so please feel free to add any shows you are putting on or know about.

Friday 4/17

City Hotel – 8p

Roy Swindell – 7p

Lulu The Giant – 7:30p

Lyn Avenue – 8p

Ray Tomasino – 9:30p

Saturday 4/18

Sarah Poole – 6:30p

Matt Eckstine – 7:30p

Danielle Hicks & Ben Keiser – 7:30p

High Velocity – 8p

Maggie & Jackson Evans – 8p

Jason Bible – 9p

Sunday 4/19

Walter Parks – 10a

Keystone Postcard – 1p

Jason Bible – 9p

Monday 4/22

CC Witt – 8p

Tuesday 4/21

Sarah Poole – 6:30p

Seldom Sober – 8p

Wednesday 4/22

Keystone Postcard – 4p

Georgia Kyle – 8:30p

Daily shows

Sean Moloney – 5p

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires – 6p