Forest Evil, Dead Register, Toke at The Jinx

“You ever listen to stoner metal?”

“You ever listen to stoner metal, HIGH?!” – Guy at The Jinx.

Forest Evil. Photo by Tom Cartmel. Music courtesy Satan.

Rock ‘n’ roll is standing on a pentagram with a shot of Jägermeister in one hand the New Testament in the other. (True story.)

All Hail Satan.

The Jinx and traveling/local stoner metal bands are long-time friends. Sometimes, especially when Weedeater plays, Savannah’s metal bar is packed to the hilt with black-clad goons, who come mostly bearded, with a traceable history of devout Sabbath worship, and mustaches smoldering with the smell of marijuana.

On Saturday, Feb. 7, Forest Evil, Dead Register and Toke preached the metal gospel to a few stray souls willing to receive the good word of the Pentagram dogma.

Local camo-wearing Forest Evil delivered the opening eulogy with fervent devotion to the all-mighty Black Sabbath firmly established at the core of their repertoire.

“Sludge metal is just Sabbath worship slowed down.” – Some asshole at the bar.

Forest Evils’ guitarist (name unknown) has honed in on rather brash and badass metal tone with a giant stack of beautiful amps and one Big Muff pedal.

Burn the WITCH by Forest Evil

Which is remarkable to experience, since some less talented hacks need at least 1,101 pedals to find a tone they are happy with. Plug in and play, cowards. (Except Christian Lembach from Whores., who has literally 512 pedals and knows how to use them all correctly.) 

There were several PBR’s sacrificed to the heavy metal gods, as well as several frequencies of hearing from the majority of the crowd who were not wearing ear protection. 

(“What?” – Me to my girlfriend every day as I remind her that I’ve laid most of my hearing down on a Pentagram-shaped altar. Sacrifices must be made. Hail Satan.)

Forest Evil finished with the crowd in a full frenzy. One excited patron exclaimed, “Why didn’t you play Free Bird?!” To which the band replied, “You didn’t ask!” That’s definitely the first time that’s ever happened.

There was a four-person mosh pit that looked exciting as well. Tom and I did not partake.

Toke delivered the evening’s final sermon. 

Orange by Toke – STB-28

The North Carolina, heavily-tattooed trio are stoner metal demagogues built from the slow burn of the first three Sabbath albums, hints of Blue Cheer, Kyuss DNA, sprinkled with hardcore vocals mostly buried behind a wall of sound. Excellent in execution, never boring, dynamic, sludgy, stoner metal made from smoking weed and for smoking weed.

And they make no apologies for who they are, brandishing a gorgeous cannabis leaf as their primary logo.

“The first rule of rock ‘n’ roll: No apologies.” – Punk Rock Bill.

Tom got photos.

Forest Evil. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Mosh to Satan! [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Forest Evil. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Forest Evil. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
[Tom Cartmel took this photo]
[Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Toke. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Toke. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]
Toke. [Tom Cartmel took this photo]