Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/15/19 – 3/20/19

Friday 3/15
Bucky & Barry (10:30), Bounty Hunter (12nn), Jack Love Band (3p), High Velocity (6p), 8 Mile Bend (9p) –
City Market Stage
Thomas Claxton and the Myth (12:30), Liquid Ginger (3p), The New High (6p), Tokyo Joe (8:30), Beam Country (10p), DJ Race (12mn) – Wild Wing Cafe
DJ Gabe (11a), Ember City (3p), Lyn Avenue (5:30), Strange Boat (7:30) –
Eire Stage
DJ Mark (11:30), The Bill Miles Band (4:30), Bottles & Cans (7p), Liquid Ginger (9p) –
Ceol  Stage
Bobby and the Fish (4:30), Squash (6:30), Lance Stinson (9p) –
Slainte Stage
Cranford Hollow (5:30), In For a Penny (8p), Wild Planes (10p) – Craic Stage
Anders Thomsen Trio (4p), Brady (7p), Hitman (10p), DJ Basik Lee (12mn) –
City Hotel –
Service Brewing (5:30)
The Hypnotics (7p), DJ Square One –
Congress Street Social Club
Country Westerns (9p), password:password –
El Rocko

Groove Town Assault (6p), South Hill Banks – Barrelhouse South
Kyle Yardley Band –
Jazz’d (9p)
Shamrock Rager, Squash –
Molly MacPherson’s (9p)

Saturday 3/16
Twinz (10a), Bounty Hunter (12nn), 8 Mile Bend (3p), Jack Love Band (6p), High Velocity (9p) –
City Market Stage

In For a Penny (11:30), Strange Boat (3p), Brian Fuller (6p), Southern Rebellion (8:30), Lance Stinson (10:30) – Eire Stage
The Bill Miles Band (12nn), Southern Rebellion (2:30), Randy Knight and Parrot Party (5p), Thomas Claxton and the Myth (7:30), Rock the 90s (9:30) –
Ceol Stage
Anders Thomsen Trio (1:30), Johnny Octane (3:30), Damon and the Shitkickers (6p), Brady and the Bazookas (8:30), Vision Video (11p), Shehehe (12mn), Dance Party –
Ember City (12nn), Danielle Hicks and the Resistance (2:30), Chameleon Brotherhood (4:30), The Company Stores (7p), Souls Harbor (9p) –
Craic Stage
Hitman (1:30), The Eric Culberson Band (3;30), Train Wrecks (5:30), Wild Planes (7:30), Liquid Ginger (9:30) – Slainte Stage
Versatile (2p), DJ Kut Daily (7p), All the Locals (10p) –
Congress Street Social Club

Honey Hounds (3p), Whiskey Run (5:30), Orange Constant (8p), Groovetown Assault (10:30) –  Barrelhouse South

In For A Penny – Rail Pub (4-7p)
Pajahm, DOT’s (9p) –
El Rocko
Live Celtic Music, The Mercers –
Molly MacPherson’s
Bottles & Cans –
Jazz’d (9p)
In For A Penny –
World Of Beer (10p)

The Woofs, Squash – Wormhole (9p)

Sunday 3/17
Bucky & Barry (12:30), Draucker –
Wild Wing
In For A Penny –
Rail Pub (4p)
Xulu Prophet (4-6), Hitman (6:30-8:30), Lulu The Giant (9-11) –
Trail Diver –
Barrelhouse South (5p)
Live Celtic Music, Phillip Wise –
Molly MacPherson’s
Voodoo Soup –
Congress Street Social Club (10p)

Monday 3/18
Fox and Bones –
Sentient Bean (7p)
Open Mic –
Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 3/19
Jason Bible –
Jazz’d (7p)
City Hotel Solo Sessions –
Foxy Loxy Cafe  (7p)
Elizabeth Ghandour –
El Rocko
Ben Keiser Band –
Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam –
Bayou Cafe
Open Mic –
Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 3/20

Jubal Kane –
Warehouse (8p)
VuDu Shakedown –
Barrelhouse South
Ben Keiser Band –
Gustaf, Pecas, Small Talk –
El Rocko