Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – Year-End Review (2018)

Hey everybody,
It’s time for another one of those year-end lists. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m that old guy you see at all those shows you go to that always has a big smile on his face. I keep track of all the shows I go to and publish a list of them hissing lawns at the end of the year.

The grand total of shows this year was 516. That’s better than last year’s 436. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to beat 749 shows in 2014.

This year had a few surprises, probably the biggest one was that I had seen the most shows at Barrelhouse South. Second most shows was at the Jinx. El Rocko came in a close third. Molly MacPherson’s, Congress Street Social Club, and Bayou Cafe round out my most popular half-dozen venues.

1.Barrelhouse South – 87
2. Jinx – 84
3. El-Rocko Lounge – 76
4. Molly MacPherson’s – 36
5. Congress Street Social Club – 34
6. Bayou Cafe – 23

For the first time, I had a tie for the most-seen act. I saw the very talented Matt Eckstine ten times last year (and that doesn’t include last week’s excellent Accomplices reunion show). I saw him play as a solo act, a duo, and an electric band. I also saw the great guitarist/vocalist Jon Lee (Murphy) and the Apparitions ten times this year, resulting in a tie for first. You can catch this band at a variety of places, including Molly MacPherson’s, Bayou Cafe, Rail Pub, and Warehouse. The Hypnotics, one of my favorite party bands, was tied for third. Another surprise this year was Individually Twisted was in a tie for third. You can often catch this hard rock cover band at City Market or Barrel House. I did enjoy seeing two great Savannah guitarists and their bands, Eric Culberson and Ben Keiser, eight times this year. Bottles & Cans, led by one of Savannah’s most unique vocalists, Ray Lundy, was one of my most seen bands this year (7). I saw another five Savannah bands a half-dozen times this year to round out my most-seen dozen. They included my perennial favorites, The Train Wrecks, as well as newer bands Wood & Steel, The Mercers, The Ramages (who?), and Nancy Druid.

1. Matt Eckstine – 10
2. Jon Lee’s Apparitions – 10
3. Hypnotics – 9
4. Individually Twisted – 9
5. Eric Culberson Band – 8
6. Ben Keiser Band – 8
7. Bottles & Cans – 7
8. The Train Wrecks – 6
9. Wood & Steel – 6
10. The Mercers – 6
11. The Ramages – 6
12. Nancy Druid – 6

All in all, I feel it was a very good year for Savannah music. Of course, most of the shows I have listed are local bands. Don’t forget, there are plenty of touring acts that come downtown also, and they are often supported by local artists. Whenever possible, try to get downtown and support any type of music, but especially try to see some of our home-grown talent. I hope to see you around somewhere this year.