Bragg Jam: photos + review

Headed down to Macon last month for Bragg Jam–this is always one of my favorite festivals of the year. Great combination of stellar music, fantastic venues, & good local restaurants.

Lakota John | Library Ballroom

This was my first time attending on a Friday. The first act I caught was the wonderful Lakota John, a ragtime duo. The pair performed by the slogan “blues doesn’t have to be sad,” and their music was a combination of upbeat rhythms and ragtimey vocals. The singer was accompanied by a buddy who shook an Altoids can to provide a beat.

Juna | Library Ballroom

Next up was Juna, an Athens-based punk pop five piece. The slightly screamy vocals were impressive in the confines of the Library Ballroom. They reminded me a lot of Mayday Parade.

 Family & Friends | The Capitol

My next stop was the historic Capitol for Family & Friends, one of the bigger bands to come out of Athens over the last few years. The indie rock group drew a big crowd and was one of the headliners of the night.

Randall Bramblett | Grant’s Lounge

It’s hard not to love Grant’s Lounge. The place is almost a literal hole in the wall and bigger acts are almost impossible to even get a spot where the stage is visible from, but I love the atmosphere, the history, and the grafitti-covered walls. I caught Jesup, GA native Randall Bramblett. While he’s perhaps best known for the greats he’s worked with, including Gregg Allman, Bonnie Raitt, and Widespread Panic, the talented multi-instrumentalist has had a great solo career as well.

8 Second Ride | Crazy Horse

I stopped by the Crazy Horse to see 8 Second Ride. It’s always a fun venue, with great acoustics and a crowd that you’re virtually guaranteed to see at least one group line dancing. The country cover band are locals to the area & immediately gained my attention with a respectable cover of a Cadillac Three song–I’m a big fan of Cadillac Three and they’re not quite famous enough that you hear bands covering them that often, so it was a welcome surprise!

Gannon Adams | Crazy Bull Parking Lot

I headed outside to the Crazy Bull’s parking lot for another country cover act, Gannon Adams. I loved his voice and would’ve really liked to hear some of his original songs!

Wild Adriatic | Capitol

Caught Wild Adriatic at the Capitol–the soulful five piece rock group from New York attracted a big crowd and lots of dancers!

Banditos | Hummingbird Lounge

Banditos put on a really fun performance at the Hummingbird! The six piece band hails from Alabama. I absolutely loved the tambourine and the mid-song vocalists changes–female singer Mary Beth Richardson possesses a magnetic, sultry voice and their whole set was mesmerizing.

Wilderado | Capitol

The next act I caught was Wilderado. Formerly known as Bird Dog, the Los Angeles-based group performed a bouncy set that drew a huge crowd. They reminded me a lot of Pearl Jam with a southern twinge.

AJ Ghent | The Rookery

I headed by The Rookery for a phenomenal set by AJ Ghent and his band. The entire act was energetic and had the whole crowd going wild!

Canaan Smith | Crazy Bull

My last act of the weekend was Canaan Smith. If you’re not a fan of country music, you may not have heard of him, but he was one of the festival headliners and had a big hit with 2015’s Love You Like That. He seamlessly blended bro country with 90s style pop–as a fan of both genres, I really enjoyed the set!