Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 8/2/18 – 8/9/18

Thursday 8/2
Gypsy Jazz – Rancho Allegre (7-9p)
Brown Kid – Sentient Bean (8p)
Danielle Hicks DuoJazz’d (7-10:30)
Tail Light Rebellion – Jinx ($5)
Eric Culberson Band – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic (In For A Penny 10:30-11:30) Molly MacPherson’s

Friday 8/3
City Hotel – Service Brewing (5:30)
Waits & Co – Wyld Dock Bar (7p)
Resinated, Blu Vudu – Barrelhouse South
MYFEVER, Dustin Price, God Bless Relative – El-Rocko
Xulu Prophet – Molly MacPherson’s

Saturday 8/4
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Scott Danger Bravo – Sentient Bean (7p)
Randall Bramblett – Tybee Post Theater (8p)
Liquid Ginger – Boomy’s
The Mercers – Molly MacPherson’s
Train Wrecks, Salt & Pine – Jinx
Microwave, Can’t Swim, Drug Church, King of Summer – El-Rocko
Roshambeaux, Trail Diver – Barrelhouse South

Sunday 8/5
Savannah Songwriters Series – Sentient Bean (7p)
Honey Moonshine – Jazz’d (7p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 8/6
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln
John Bias, Rude Dude, Pageant Wave – El-Rocko
Every Time I Die, Vatican, Sins of Godless Men – Jinx

Tuesday 8/7
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 8/8
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s
VuDu Shakedown – Barrelhouse South

Thursday 8/9
Gypsy Jazz – Rancho Allegre (7-9p)
Gin Blossoms – Stage On Bay
Eric Culberson Band – Bayou Cafe

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