New Music Monday – 7/6/18

Seattle, WA
“Paranoid Core” from Digital Garbage out on Sub Pop Sept. 28.

25+ years later and here’s Mudhoney, still doing the Mudhoney thing. Yeah, it’s no “Touch Me I’m Sick”, but live it’ll sound great between “I’m Now” and a Dicks cover or something, I promise.

Memphis, TN
“Cover Me” from the new album Among the Ghosts out August 3rd.

Not too many bands do whiskey soaked Americana as well as Lucero. Hopefully this means Ben Nichols and Co. will make a stop fairly close on the inevitable marathon tour (a like 2 second Google search turns up a Pour House in Charleston date, and two nights in ATL). Great, great, great live.

“Brean Down” taken from Beak’s forthcoming album 〉〉〉out September 21st on Invada Records & Temporary Residence Ltd.

Beak> is a project from Portishead mastermind Geoff Barrow, and treads in much the same neighborhood as his more famous ensemble, at least sonically. I prefer the theatrics and the fantastic Beth Gibbons vocals of Portishead, if I’m being honest, but that outfit is painfully slow on releasing new material (if it’s coming at all). Beak> is pretty damn satisfying to me, too, especially when they lock into a Krautrock groove, and hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Guided By Voices
Dayton, OH
“You Own The Night” from You Own The Night/Your Cricket is Rather Unique 7″ on Rockathon Records.
Mega prolific Guided By Voices promised to dedicate 2018 to touring, so they’re not releasing the two(!!!) albums they’ve recorded since until 2019 and 2020. One of the two albums is a double album for the love of god! This 7″ is just to tide over fans who can keep up, with a song from each upcoming album on each side. It’s totally ridiculous that the songs remain catchy and anthemic at the pace that they are put out, but the proof is in the pudding (wtf does that mean, btw??), so here you go.