New Music Monday – 7/9/18

Thee Oh Sees
San Francisco, CA
“C” from Smote Reverser out on Castle Face Records, August, 17th

I think they’re back to the “Oh Sees” moniker? Who can keep up? One thing I do know is they pump out as much quality psych rock as any outfit going currently. Always changing, always staying the same. This is a bouncy number, less shredding, more organ, but really fun. If you’re into King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard and not the Oh Sees, you’re not doing it right.

Joe Strummer
“London is Burning” from JOE STRUMMER 001 out Sept. 29.

Joe Strummer had some pretty amazing musical output outside the Clash, and soon it won’t be so hard to track it all down. JOE STRUMMER 101 is going to collect his early works, his post Clash stuff, soundtrack contributions, unreleased work and tons of other various ephemera. Count me in.

San Francisco, CA
“Honeycomb” from Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, a July 13, 2018 release on Anti- Records.

Tom, do you have a 12 minute long kinda black metal/post rock/post hardcore song that finishes with a pretty, spacey outro? Oh, and I don’t want to be able to understand a damn thing the “singer” says, okay? Sure, here you go, and if you like this the whole album is streaming on NPR currently.

Crooked Fingers
Red Devil Dawn Demos

I’ve really grown to appreciate Eric Bachmann’s post Archers of Loaf work, it’s generally quieter and prettier and the lyrics make a hell of a lot more sense than AoL. It’s different but equally rad, it’s almost as if his (and mine) musical taste has matured over the years. This release the demos to the 2003 Crooked Fingers release Red Devil Dawn. Worth checking out if you like his stuff.