New Music Monday – 6/18/18

This week we have new work from LVL UP, Skeletonwitch, and The Eels. Enjoy.

Purchase, NY
“Orchard” a final stand alone single on Sub Pop.

Have you ever discovered a great band at the very end of their run? Finding out about a band after they break up sucks, but at least you’re not expecting more music from them. Return to Love, LVL UP’s 2016 release, was one of my favorites that year and I expected a long relationship with them. Nope. Here’s the final single from a great indie…hell, just a great rock band that felt like they had a lot more in them. Sigh.

Athens, OH
“When Paradise Fades” from Devouring Radiant Light out July 20.

Skeletonwitch heads a little deeper into black metal territory with the single from their upcoming Kurt Ballou produced album. While I’m not really a black metal vocal guy, these are pretty rad and the instrumentation is no joke. I’ll be there the next time they play The Jinx.

The Eels
Los Feliz, CA
“Rusty Pipes” from The Deconstruction, out now.

Remember when music videos made you feel things? Feelings, maybe? No? Well, the good ones did at one point, believe it or not. The Eels still make pretty solid videos to go along with their stellar (if a bit on the “dad” side of” indie rock compositions. The Deconstruction is highly recommended if you’re into mature, really well done rock.