New Music Monday – 6/11/18

This week we have new work from The Rock*A*Teens, Interpol, YOB, KEN Mode, and Car Seat Headrest — also stuff all the way around.

The Rock*A*Teens
Cabbagetown, GA
“Turn and Smile” from the album Sixth House, out June 29, 2018 on Merge Records.

Do you remember when “alternative” rock was called “college” rock? Or do you just like well constructed mid tempo indie rock? Well then, I’m talking to you…check out The Rock*A*Teens, they’re back and have a new album on the way, too. Merge Records/The Rock*A*Teens, sorta feels like 1997 all over again.

“The Rover” from Marauder, out August 24th on Matador Records.

The new Interpol song sounds like, well, Interpol to be honest, and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Solid rock and roll, Paul Banks vocals, a great hook…yep, it’s Interpol, and to be honest, that’s a little comforting.

Eugene, OR
Our Raw Heart, full album stream/visualizer.

Doom metal seems to be on the rise of late, with a new Sleep album and this one from YOB. Slow, sludgy, and somehow kind of beautiful, if you like Black Sabbath, but think they’re a little too fast at times, check this out.

KEN Mode
Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should” from Loved, out Aug 31, 2018

KEN Mode takes its name from a phrase in Henry Rollins’ book about his insane time with Black Flag…”Kill Everything Now Mode”. It certainly fits the noise rock they deliver with no mercy. Pummelling, aggressive, punishing, you can probably already guess whether you’re going to like this or not.

Car Seat Headrest
now Seattle
Live in the KEXP studio

Where to begin? It’s a newly expanded Car Seat Headrest with members of Naked Giants. Will Toledo has set aside his guitar. A fresh version of the band’s yes-it-will-be-a-classic-one-day “Fill in the Blank”. New songs. A cover of Devo and a snippet of Neil Young. Plus a little conversation focusing on the re-recorded Twin Fantasy. – bill