8th Annual A-Town Get Down w/ Chuck Leavell, Randall Bramblett, Walter Parks, Bernard Purdie, more – photos

What a beautiful day for the 8th annual A-Town Get Down Festival. Like in 2017, the festival took over the end of Indian Street — a tremendous combination of spaces for A-Town’s celebration of the visual arts, music, and community.

I got to A-Town a little after 5 p.m. last Saturday, just in time to enjoy some of Bloodkin from Athens and then great sets from Webb Wilder (who played the indoor stage at Ghost Coast Distillery); Walter Parks, Vivian Sessoms, and legendary drummer Bernard Purdie; Randall Bramblett; and Chuck Leavell, who has done some compelling solo work but is best known for his decades as the keys player for The Rolling Stones.

Along the way, I also had some stellar fried shrimp and the world’s best peach cobbler from the Platinum Pizza food truck.

Because I arrived about halfway through the event, I missed a number of bands as well as many of the day’s art happenings, so regrettably this photo gallery doesn’t capture the full breadth of the festival. Click on through for lots more.