Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour Year-End Numbers

Hey everybody,

This is the time for the annual best-of lists again and this is yet another one.  For those of you that know me, y’all are probably aware that I have a different job this year and it really put a damper on the amount of shows I have been able to attend.  I have to go to work at 7am, and I just can’t stay out as late all that much anymore.  That, plus I’m getting old.  But mostly damn work.

For those who don’t know, I count a band as “seen” if I see one song or ten minutes.  I usually try to give everyone at least ten minutes, unless I am really not into it.  Sometimes it’s my mood, sometimes it’s just the band ain’t that good.

Previous year winners:
2016 – Hypnotics
2015 – Accomplices
2014 – Accomplices
2013 – Danielle Hicks
2012 – Train Wrecks
2011 – Georgia Kyle

My grand total this year was – 437 shows.  I guess that’s not bad, but it’s a bit of a let-down from my high total of 749 in 2014.  Damn work.

I saw the most shows this year at:
Jinx – 78
El-Rocko – 59
Barrelhouse South – 53
Molly MacPherson’s Pub – 32
Wormhole Bar – 24
Congress Street Social Club – 23

The bands seen the most times this year are:
Train Wrecks – 14 – I was glad to see this band back on top of the list.  They are one of my favorite bands to see and are one of the original winners of the “Most Seen Band” award in 2011.  I think they have been re-energized by the release of their new album “Once Again” this year and the addition of a regular bass player, Colin Motlagh.
Matt Eckstine – 11 – Matt Ecksine is another of my favorite acts to see around town.  Matt plays both solo shows around town (occasionally throwing some pretty mean looping tunes) and with his trio, consisting of Marc Chesanow and Vuk Pavlovic/Daniel Malone.  Although the Accomplices will always be one of my all-time favorite Savannah bands, Matt is another artist that I think was given another boost of energy with the demise of that band and his pursuit of other directions.  I think that many of you who were at the Holiday Hoedown would agree.
Ben Keiser – 9 – Ben Keiser is one of the artists that are consistently near the top of my list (somehow never able to hit that number one spot!).  Ben is definitely one of the best guitarists in town, as well as being one of the nicest guys you will run into.  You will find him and his trio at Bay Street Blues every Tuesday night.  You will usually get plenty of classic blues rock and, if you are lucky, a Jeff Beck cover or two.
Hypnotics – 7 – The Hypnotics are one of the most enjoyable bands around town and  were wnners of last years “Most Seen Bands”.  They play 60’s garage-rock (think Herman’s Hermits, old Beatles and Stones, etc) that is sure to get the room dancing.  They seem to be playing less shows lately, so if you get the chance to see them, be sure to catch them soon.
City Hotel – 6 – City Hotel is another band that I try to see every chance I can.  They have recently released their fine third disc, “Don’t Go To The Porch”.  I highly recommend picking up that disc and making an effort to catch this fine band.
The Mercers – 6 – One of the newer bands on this list.  They are the semi-house band at The Wormhole Open Mics.
Isaac Smith – 5 – Another newcomer to this list.  Isaac released his debut album “” this year.  He has a great voice and puts on a powerful show.
Magic Rocks – 4 – You will find these guys playing anywhere around town from the Bayou Café to Molly MacPherson’s.  This is another fun band that plays plenty of 70’s and 80’s classic rock covers.
Velvet Caravan – 4 – These guys are one of the classiest of the bands on this list.  They play gypsy-jazz music and play all over the US (and Europe).  You can see them at Rancho Allegra on Thursday nights for now.
COEDS – 4 – This is one of the rawkinest bands on the list.  Anna Chandler and company are sure to keep your butts shaking.
Damon and the Shitkickers – 4 – If you think you don’t like outlaw country music, you are wrong and this band will prove it.  You can catch them at Jinx Happy Hour every Saturday.